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Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee
Year-End Report

Membership: Co-Chair, Donald Jung; Co-Chair, Janice Ward, Senator Chuck McAllister, Senator Carol Vaneziano, Senator Chris Wubbena, Senator Rachel Morgan Theall, Karl Suhr, Peter Chanthanakone

Faculty Senate Goals/Charges for Academic Affairs Committee 2010-2011:

1.Review items (intellectual property for online courses, SB389 & others)

2.Faculty Handbook review

3.Course redesign Task Force

Action Items Completed 2010-2011:

1.Solicited comments and reviewed intellectual property for online courses

2.Solicited comments and reviewed SB389

3.Represented Faculty Senate (Jung)on Provost Course Redesign Task Force (Summer and Fall 2010)

4.Represented Faculty Senate (McAllister) to Student Government

5.Represented Faculty Senate (Veneziano) to Graduate Council

6.Represented Faculty Senate (Jung/Ward) to Academic Council

7.Amended 5-year Calendar (through 2014-2015) incorporating additional summer sessions and winter intersession

8.Revised sections of Faculty Handbook:

a.Academic Distinction in the Department of Major
b.Jane Stephens Honor Program
c.Policy on Academic Honesty
d.Academic Fresh Start

Action Items Continuing to Next Year (2011-2012):

1.Update 5-year Calendar through 2015-2016 & 2016-2017 academic years

2.Continue working on revising sections of Faculty Handbook:

a.Graduate Faculty Status: Graduate Faculty Assignments & Graduate Faculty Responsibilities, Expectations, and Appointment Procedures
b.Teaching Classroom Practices
c.Course and Curricular Approval Process


a.Instructor Initiated Drops
b.Student Evaluation of Instruction
c.Mid-term Grade Reporting
d.Transfer hours and courses in major (issue raised this year by Julie Gruenberg)

Submitted by,
Donald Jung, Co-Chair Academic Affairs 2010-2011