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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Final Report on Academic Affairs Committee


1.A survey on Common Hour was developed and administered to faculty and chairs.The results were mixed, with some faculty and chairs supporting it and other opposed.The results were presented and forwarded to Dean's Council.

2.The committee met with personnel from Textbook Services to gather information about their operation to determine if changes should be made.Laura Stock and Jan Chisman subsequently gave a presentation about their current policies to Senate for their consideration.

3.The summer schedule for 2009 was altered and approved (the make-up day for the July 4th holiday on July 3rd will be on Monday June 29, 2009).

4.The bill for the implementation for SB 389 was signed and a plan was developed to pilot the student evaluation portion of the bill in Spring 2009, and is to be in place for the Fall 2009 semester.

5.The Task Force on Student Evaluation of Instruction, composed of members of Academic and Professional Affairs committees and other faculty, is still in progress.The Task Force is considering these issues very seriously.A document has been developed.After considerable discussion, we have decided to continue the work of this body during the summer.The plan is to make a report to Senate in the early fall.

6.It was decided that Academic Affairs Committee will be involved in a review process concerning the Intellectual Property policy with respect to online courses.