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Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee Annual Report

2004 - 2005

Submitted by Mohan Tikoo.

4 – 13 - 2005

During the academic year 2004 – 2005, the Academic Affairs Committee met on a regular basis and discussed the following items.

1. Revision to the academic calendar.

2. Revision to the Academic Honesty policy.

3. Academic Distinction in the Major Discipline.

4. Adequacy of journals in the Kent Library.

5. Technology support for on-line courses and high-tech on campus courses.

6. Six week versus eight week grade reporting.

The committee is delighted to report on these issues as follows.

(i) The committee updated the academic calendar up to Summer 2010. The updated calendar was approved by the Faculty Senate, and later approved by the Board of Regents in February, 2005.

(ii) The committee made significant revisions to the Academic Honesty Policy. The revised policy was submitted to the Faculty Senate on March 23, 2005.

(iii) The committee could not come to a conclusion regarding the storage of undergraduate thesis of distinction.

(iv) The adequacy of journals in the Kent library was discussed, but no conclusions were drawn.

(v) It was realized that the university is making good progress in providing technology support in the areas of instruction and, as such no recommendations were needed.

(vi) In view of the on going surveys on this issue by some other agencies, and the three year review of this policy, the committee decided to wait for the outcome of those reports and deliberate on these issues from there on.

Besides the above issues, there were informal discussions on the “Attendance Policy”.