Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee

Year End Report

Academic Year 2002-2003

The Academic Affairs Committee's work during this academic year focused on the development of the five-year calendar and revising the protocol for adjudicating alleged violations of the academic honesty policy.

Regarding the five-year calendar, the Committee worked with Kim Brown, representative from the Clerical-Technical-Service Staff Council; Martha Henckell, Chairperson of the Professional Staff Council; Sandy Hinkle, Registrar; and Adam Schaefer, representative from Student Government, in developing the five-year calendar. After passing the Senate the first time, the five-year calendar bill was not signed by President Dobbins. He asked that the Committee reconsider the calendar in regard to shortening the break between Fall and Spring semesters, which would in turn lengthen the time students would have to work during the summer. The Committee reconsidered the calendar along these lines and proposed a consistent four-week break between the Fall and Spring semesters. The revised five-year calendar bill passed the Senate. An additional concern was raised by the Administration in regard to the designated holiday always falling on Good Friday. President Dobbins has proposed President's Day as an alternative; however, this issue will need further consideration by the next Academic Affairs Committee. With the understanding that the Committee will reconsider the designated holiday issue, the President forwarded Faculty Senate Bill 03-A-01 to the Board of Regents for approval, which occurred at the April 16, 2003, meeting.

The Committee also worked with Dr. Irene Ferguson, Dean of Students, and Laura Hockensmith, Student Representative to the Board of Regents, to revise the protocol for adjudicating alleged violations of academic honesty, which had not been updated since 1985. The Faculty Senate passed Faculty Senate Bill 03-A-04, which replaced the “Steps for Remedial Action” in the Policy on Academic Honesty (Faculty Senate Bill 85-A-07).

Near the end of the academic year, Student Government passed a resolution that six-week interim grades be changed to eight-week interim grades. Since this occurred late in the academic year, the next Academic Affairs Committee will need to reconsider interim grades in light of the Student Government Resolution.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig W. Roberts


Academic Affairs Committee