Minutes - September 18, 2013

Minutes - September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday September 18, 2013, in the UC Ballroom A. The following Senator were present: Rick Althaus, Doug Atwood, Larry Bohannon, Marcus Bond, Stephanie Chamberlain, Eric Clements, Brooke Clubbs, Kevin Dickson, Deepak Gupta, Joni Hand, Roberta Humphrey, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Ziping Liu, Tiffany Parker, Jian Peng, David Powell, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Desma Reno, Claudia Ruediger, Seidu Sofo, Carol Veneziano, Candide Walton, Janice Ward, Julie Weathers, Victor Wilburn, and Diane Wood. President Dobbins and Interim Provost McDougall were also present. The following alternates were present: Tim Schmidt and Bart Williams. Student Government Liaison Hayley Bonhert was also present.

Kathy Hagedorn, President of the Hagedorn Institute and Susan Scully, Vice President of Human Resources Consulting for JW Terrill were in attendance as guests.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for April 24, 3013 (47.16), April 24, 2013 (48.1), and September 4, 2013 (48.2) were approved.


President Dobbins stated that the result of the salary analysis is exciting but there won't be talk about money. There are two purposes for this meeting. The first is to move faculty to market median by CIP codes. The second is to make sure that the University doesn't create further compression issues and inequities. President Dobbins informed the Senate that not everyone will be happy but to remember that the University did give 3% merit raises and has allocated $1.2 million to address compensation issues.

Kathy Mangels introduced Kathy Hagedorn and Susan Scully to the Senate.

Susan and Kathy presented to the Faculty Senate the detailed results of the salary analysis. They reported that it has been a process, in that they had to look through volumes of data to get the results.

After the presentation, the floor was open to questions from the Faculty Senate and to faculty that attended the meeting. Chair Lee-DiStefano informed the Senate that there will be a link on the Faculty Senate webpage where faculty can view the Powerpoint that was presented. She encouraged the Senators to have their faculty look at the link and prepare questions for one of the open forums that the Compensation Committee has scheduled.


Chair Lee-DiStefano had no report but did remind the Senate of the Faculty Social Hour/New Faculty Reception on Friday, September 20, from 5:00-7:00 pm in the Johnson Faculty Centre.

The Interim Provost McDougall reported that there are two programs available to the faculty. The Summer Research Grants program will pay $5000 to faculty who are selected. It will be a competitive program and one faculty member from each college will be chosen. The Summer Grants Workshop is a program where faculty can get assistance in developing grant proposals that eventually will be submitted. They will receive Professional Development funds upon completion of the program. He also informed the Senate that the University is offering a one course release to one faculty member from each department to complete research each semester.

The Interim Provost then discussed briefly future items he will address: SLO protocols, external program review, faculty qualifications and system portfolio. Relating to this, he informed the Senate how the University is involved in the Missouri Completion Academy which looks at strategies for increasing student success, especially through their first year.

He also explained the Visionary. Interim Provost McDougall also informed the Senate of a Chairperson Workshop that will be held October 8-9. There will be speaker and he is encouraging all chairs and the deans to attend the workshop.

Senator Althaus asked the Interim Provost to look into two matters that had been brought to his attention. One involved a college where it appeared that the dean might be intending to change the college Faculty Development procedures without the requisite vote of the college faculty. Interim Provost McDougall said that it was his understanding that the Faculty Handbook did require a faculty vote. The second matter involved one or possibly two deans who apparently had indicated that they might use the Student Evaluation of Instruction reports required under Faculty Senate Bill 12-A-34 as part of the annual “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” determination of faculty base merit adjustments. Senator Althaus stated that such a use would be a violation of the relevant Handbook provisions. Interim Provost McDougall agreed to look into it.

Legislative Committee

Academic Affairs- Senator Althaus reported that the committee met last Wednesday. He stated that the committee went through the list of goals the previous Chair passed on from last year, and that the committee has also added a few things to the list.
Compensation- Senator Dickson reported that the committee is offering three dates to hold an Open Forum. They will be held on September 26, September 27, and October 1. He requested that the Senators encourage their faculty to come to at least one of the open forums.
Documents- Senator Clubbs reported that the committee will be meeting for the first time next week. The committee will be working with Chair Lee-DiStefano to clarify what they want to archive and what the vision is for the updates on the Faculty Senate website to make it more user-friendly.
Governance- Senator Peng reported that the committee met last Wednesday and discussed the tasks they will be completing for the semester. The committee agreed that they will be working on two bills new bills and four bills that were returned to the Senate last year.
Professional Affairs- Senator Parker reported that the committee has already met twice. The committee has two bills ready to be introduced to the Senate. They have also started review on the bills for faculty appointments and Faculty Tenure and Promotion Policy. Two Emeritus bills will be ready for the next Faculty Senate meeting as well.
Membership- Senator Redmond reported that the committee has almost all of the committees populated. There are still some committees that they are working to fill.


Senator Peng moved to adjourn. Senator Redmond seconded. The Faculty Senate adjourned at 5:12 pm.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held on October 9, 2013 at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room.