Minutes - April 24, 2013

Minutes - April 24, 2013

XLVII No. 16
Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
April 24, 2013

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday April 24, 2013, in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room. The following Senators were present: Rick Althaus, Doug Atwood, Marcus Bond, Stephanie Chamberlain, Brandon Christensen, Eric Clements, Kevin Dickson, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Ziping Liu, Jeff Luetkenhaus, Charles McAllister, Tiffany Parker, Jian Peng, David Powell, Joyce Renaud, Desma Reno, Claudia Ruediger, Carol Veneziano, Janice Ward, Julie Weathers, Victor Wilburn, Diane Wood, Chris Wubbena. The Provost Ron Rosati was also present. The following alternates were present: Brooke Clubbs, Henry Clark, and Shonta Smith. Student Government Liaison Amanda Graven was also present. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate were Sophia Scott and Susan Wehring.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for April 10, 2013 were approved.

Old Business

Senator Wood moved the adoption of the resolution pertaining to the Department Chairs' vacancy. Senator Peng seconded. Senator Peng moved to amend line 7 by adding “the Provost.” Senator Atwood seconded. A vote was taken and the amendment carried. Senator Atwood moved to amend line 8 by changing the word “external” to “national.” Senator Clements seconded. A vote was taken and the amendment carried. A vote was taken to pass the resolution, and Resolution 13-2 Department Chair Vacancy was passed.

Senator McAllister moved to adopt the bill Online Course and Program Approval Procedures. Senator Ruediger moved to amend line 65 by adding “and merit.” Senator Dickson seconded. A vote was taken and the amendment carried. Senator Christensen moved to amend the bill by changing “Master Online Faculty” to “certified online faculty.” A vote was taken and the amendment carried. A vote for Bill 13-A-24 Online Course and Program Approval Procedures was taken and passed.


Chair Ward had no report.The Senate Executive Committee presented a gift to Provost Ronald Rosati from the Faculty Senate to thank him for his participation in the Faculty Senate. Senator Jung introduced and moved to adopt a resolution that recognizes Provost Rosati's contributions to Faculty Senate. Senator Dickson seconded. The Senate suspended the voting rules and the resolution passed.

Provost Rosati reported that Leslee Pollina was appointed as interim chair for the Department of Global Cultures and Languages for the fall of 2013. Ruth Ann Roberts was appointed as interim chair for Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling for the fall of 2013. Captain Michael Holt was appointed as chair of the Department of Aerospace Studies for the spring of 2014. Dr. Gerry McDougall was appointed as interim Provost for the fall of 2013.

The Provost also reported that the Mission of Mercy will be May 3 & 4 at the Show Me Center. The Board of Regents will meet on May 11.

Student Government Liaison

Amanda reported that the Student Government passed a document regarding student retention rates that contained recommendations for the administration.

Legislative Committee Reports

Academic Affairs – Senator McAllister thanked Senate for their feedback. He stated that the committee will continue to work on the development of a Master Faculty Program and also the use of the SLO data.
Compensation – Senator Renaud reported that the committee is meeting with the University Budget Committee again. They are requesting a 3% merit increase.
Documents – Senator Wubbena thanked the committee for their review of the Constitution and By-Laws. He suggested further review of section 6.60 in the By-Laws because it refers to a position that doesn't exist. He recommended that the By-Laws be reviewed again to ensure that they are accurate.
Governance – Senator Jung reported that he is satisfied with how all the bills moved forward. He thanked his committee for their contribution.
Professional Affairs – Senator Christensen reported that the committee had a large agenda for the year, and that they had completed most of it. He thanked his committee members, particularly Senator Althaus and Senator Dickson, for their help throughout the year.
Membership – Senator Wood reported that it had been busy over the past year. They had 68 openings to fill, including the Provost Search committee. She thanked the Membership committee for all their help.


The Faculty Senate Session 47 adjourned at 3:55 pm.