Minutes - April 10, 2013

Minutes - April 10, 2013

XLVII No. 15
April 10, 2013

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday April 10, 2013, in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room. The following Senators were present: Rick Althaus, Doug Atwood, Larry Bohannon, Stephanie Chamberlain, Brandon Christensen, Kevin Dickson, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Ziping Liu, Charles McAllister, Jian Peng, David Powell, Joyce Renaud, Desma Reno, Sophia Scott, Carol Veneziano, Janice Ward, Diane Wood, and Chris Wubbena. The Provost Ron Rosati was also present. The following alternates were present: Brooke Clubbs, Joel Rhodes, Jack Stokes, Karl Suhr, and Peter Oman. Patrick Vining represented the Student Government Liaison in place of Amanda Graven. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate was Marcus Bond, Jeff Luetkenhaus, Julie Weathers, Susan Wehring, and Victor Wilburn.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for March 13, 2013 and March 27, 2013 were approved.

New Business

Senator Wood introduced a resolution for the procedure to fill department chair position. A discussion took place and the resolution will be brought back to the next Faculty Meeting.

Old Business

Senator McAllister moved to adopt bill 13-A-XX Online Course and Program Approval procedures. Senator Jung seconded. Senator McAllister moved to amend line 23 by adding a period at the end and removing lines 24 and 25. Senator Dickson seconded. The Senate voted and the amendment carried. Senator Dickson moved to amend line 39 by adding “be an online instructor or”. Senator Powell seconded. A vote was taken and amendment carried. Senator Atwood moved to amend line 36 by adding “version of an existing”. Senator Dickson seconded. A vote was taken and the amendment carried. Senator Chamberlain moved to amend line 37 by adding “and the department chair”. Senator Jung seconded. A vote was taken. With four opposed and one abstention the amendment carried. The bill was tabled due to time.


Chair Ward reported that the Benefits Sub Committee is writing a final report for the Budget Review. There is a proposal to put additional supplements toward family, spouse, and children insurance policies. Monies for a wellness initiative were also discussed. There was also discussion about possible increase of verified and unverified leave for employees.

Senator Lee-DiStefano reported that she will be sending out a form to all senators to request committee preferences. She also reported that the next Faculty Social Hour will be held on April 26th.

The Provost reported that the Student Learning Outcome Assessment reports for the fall of 2012 are out. He also reported that the Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been formed.

The Provost handed out a copy of the budget review worksheet. He asked Chair Ward to discuss the details on the worksheet. He also reported that the Board of Regents approved the outsourcing of the University bookstore.

Student Government Liaison

Patrick Vining reported that the Student Government elections had a great turn out. Most of the seats have been filled but there are still openings in a couple of departments. He reported that they are swearing in three new officers on April 15th. The budget for Student Government has been approved for next year.

Legislative Committee Reports

Academic Affairs – Senator McAllister reported that the committee prepared amendments for the bills that he introduced at the last meeting.
Compensation – Senator Renaud reported that the committee met with President Dobbins and Kathy Mangels about a Merit increase.
Documents – Senator Wubbena reported that the committee has completed their final report.
Governance – Senator Jung Reported that the committee is working on their year-end report.
Professional Affairs – Senator Christensen reported that they are putting together their final report.
Membership – Senator Wood reported that the run-off elections for the Provost Search Committee will be closing at midnight on April 12th. She stated that they should have the results by Monday and a list of new Senators will be done by the end of the week.

Executive Session

Senator Christensen had no report.


Senator Wood moved to adjourn. Senator Christensen seconded.

The Faculty Senate adjourned at 5:05pm. The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held on April 24, 2013 at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room.