Minutes - November 28, 2012

Minutes - November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday November 28, 2012, in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room. The following Senators were present: Rick Althaus, Larry Bohannon, Marcus Bond, Eric Clements, Kevin Dickson, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Zipping Liu, Jeff Luetkenhaus, Charles McAllister, Tiffany Parker, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Desma Reno, Claudia Ruediger, Carol Veneziano, Candide Walton, Janice Ward, Julie Weathers, Diane Wood, and Chris Wubbena. The Provost Ron Rosati was also in attendance. The following alternates were present: Christopher Rieger, Brooke Clubbs, and Mary Elizabeth Ambery. Student Government Liaison Bethany Rosenthal was also present. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate were Doug Atwood, Brandon Christensen, Jian Peng, David Powell, Sophia Scott, and Susan Wehring.


The minutes for November 14, 2012(47.8) were approved.


Senator McAllister reintroduced Bill 12-A-XX Grades Appeal Policy. It was passed last spring by the Senate and then returned unsigned by the President with a request to change the language. There was discussion on how the language could be changed. The bill is returning to committee for further revision.

Senator McAllister also introduced Bill 12-A-XX Five-Year Academic Calendar 2014-2018. Senator McAllister moved to suspend the rules to vote on the bill. Senator Dickson seconded. All were in favor, and the rules were suspended. Senator Jung moved to pass the bill. Senator Wood seconded. Bill 12-A-35 Five-Year Academic Calendar 2014-2018 passed.


Chair Ward had no report.

The Provost informed the Senate that the Board of Regents will be meeting on December 14th to discuss the River Campus Convocation Center, the Senate bill 12-A-35 on Student Evaluation of Instruction, and the Space Utilization study.

He also informed the Senate that the College of Health & Human Services Dean interviews are beginning and that the RFP for university strategic planning has been awarded to Bill Weary.

Southeast Missouri State University is considering a response to Mineral Area College proposal, to develop a partnership for upper division academic programming in Park Hills.


Bethany Rosenthal reported that ALICE training was in process. They have had a really good turn out so far. There have been faculty and staff requesting more training.

Bethany also informed the Senate that she and the Student Government President, Patrick Vining, have been discussing faculty expectations as this relates to our colleges and Student Government as a whole. She stated they will be having a meeting with Chair Ward and Senator McAllister to discuss some concerns they have and will bring those back to the Senate.


Academic Affairs- Senator McAllister reported that the committee will be meeting with Dean Starrett next week to discuss the use of SLO data. They will be continuing their discussions of Master Faculty Advisor, teaching and classroom practices, the course and curricular approval process, and repeating courses.
Compensation- No report
Documents- Senator Wubbena reported that the committee is wrapping up the review on the Faculty Senate Constitution and ByLaws.
Governance- Senator Jung reported that the committee is close to finishing new language for two sections of the Faculty Handbook.
Professional Affairs- Senator Althaus reported that the committee met with President Dobbins, Dr. Eddleman, Chair Ward, and Vice President Kathy Mangels. They discussed the RNTT/Tenure Track ratios in the Faculty Handbook. There was good a exchange and he will report back at a later date with more information.
Membership- No report.


No Report


Senator Wood moved to adjourn. Senator Dickson seconded. The Senate adjourned at 3:55pm.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held on January 30, 2013 at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room.