Minutes - November 15, 2006

Minutes - November 15, 2006

XLI, No. 8


November 15, 2006

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, November 15, 2006, in the Missouriana Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Mike Cobb (Chair), Martha Zlokovich (Chair-Elect), David Smith (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, Mary Ann DeLine, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Beth Easter, Walt Paquin (Alternate), Gabriele Eckert (Alternate), Jim McGill, David Reinheimer, Sophia Scott, Bonnie Stepenoff, Marc Strauss, Lucinda Swatzell, Larry Underberg, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Pat Willingham, Xuesong Zhang, and Min Zou. Also in attendance were Dr. Fred Janzow (Administrative Liaison), Nelson Elliott (Student Government Liaison), and special guest Dean Sara Cron.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were Benjie Heu, Elaine Jackson, Carolyn Rainey, Jayanti Ray, and Rebecca Summary.


Approval of minutes Vol. XLI-07 was moved by Senator Althaus and seconded by Senator Reinheimer. The motion carried.


Dr. Janzow reported that the Provost is in Chicago with the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) Steering Committee and the President for the AQIP Strategy Forum.

Dr. Zlokovich asked Dr. Janzow if the Provost had mentioned anything about getting in contact with the lawyer for the grievance policy. Dr. Janzow indicating that he had not heard, but he will ask the Provost when she returns.


Student Government Liaison, Nelson Elliott, reported that the Student Government (SG) formed a committee at the request of the President to choose three different new names for a hall on campus. The suggested names will be submitted to the Board of Regents.

Nelson reported that the SG is working with the Office of Student Involvement for cooperative projects. The SG is also continuing to work on previous projects mentioned.


Chair Cobb distributed last year's (fiscal year 2006) Faculty Senate budget. He indicated that he plans to ask for additional funds for the future to allow for the Chair and Chair-elect to attend National conferences.


Senator Smith reported that the Membership Committee has continued to meet electronically. He indicated that he hopes to have all committees fully staffed by Friday.

Professional Affairs
Senator Althaus distributed the minutes from the last Professional Affairs Committee meeting. The topics discussed during their meeting were emeritus faculty, the nondiscrimination statement, and promotion and tenure policies. Senator Althaus indicated that he was made aware through the Capaha Arrow that a student group is taking the issue of the nondiscrimination policy to the President. Senator Althaus also reported that the Committee is continuing to work on the survey of faculty for promotion and tenure.

Academic Affairs
Senator Reinheimer indicated no substantial progress to report.

Senator Ray, chair of the Documents Committee, was unable to attend the meeting. Chair Cobb reported that the new faculty forum is posted on the Faculty Senate webpage. He indicated that the faculty forum was part of the Senate review and all the suggestions from that review have been fulfilled.
Senator Ward reported that the Documents Committee has finished reviewing Chapters one and eight of the Faculty Handbook. They will be submitting their suggested revisions soon.

Senator Swatzell reported that the Governance Committee will be submitting a resolution under new business that will reorganize the terms of the Faculty Senate as specified by the Constitution.

Senator Willingham reported that the Compensation Committee met with the President, the Provost, and the Vice President of Business and Finance. She reported that they discussed several issues surrounding the compression analysis and will keep the Faculty Senate informed. Senator Willingham indicated that the Board of Regents will require a merit component when analyzing salary compression. Several Senators questioned the relevance of merit with salary compression. Senator Zlokovich asked that the Compensation Committee get more information from the President concerning the compression analysis the next time they meet. She advised that the Committee not accept non-explanations. Some other issues discussed were expanding the Student Health Center, how Proposition B will affect the University, and a health care savings account.

Dean Sarah Cron, Academic Information Services and Kent Library

Dean Cron thanked the Faculty Senate for the invitation. She spoke on several different areas of the library including information commons, circulation, and periodicals.

Dean Cron entertained questions from the Senators.


Senator Swatzell introduced a resolution that will reorganize the terms of the Faculty Senate as specified by the Constitution. The resolution will be considered at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


Senator Reinheimer distributed copies of the proposed bill, Definition of Plagiarism. There was a motion (Ambery/Underberg) to consider the resolution. Dr. Reinheimer briefly explained the purpose for the resolution. There was extensive discussion of issues relating to the document. The question was called by Chair Cobb. The senate voice was divided. When the house was sampled, the result was 9 in favor and 11 opposed.

The Senate moved to executive session.

Senator Althaus made a motion to approve Bill 06-A-07 seconded by Senator Reinheimer to grant Emeritus status to Samuel E. Bishop and La Vonne Huter respectively. The motion passed.


The motion to adjourn (Strauss/Paquin) was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be December 6, 2006, in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3 pm.

Approved December 6, 2006