Minutes - November 4, 2009

Minutes - November 4, 2009

XLIV, No. 6


November 4, 2009

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Stephanie Chamberlain (Chair), Sophia Scott (Chair-Elect), Janice Ward (Membership Chair), Rick Althaus, David Briggs, Brandon Christensen, Mike Cobb, Kathy Conway, Kevin Dickson, Bruce Hathaway, Elaine Jackson, Alan Journet, Don Jung, Phil Nacy, David Naugler, Walt Paquin, David Powell, Carl Pracht (Alternate),Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Rick Sebby, Kathy Smith, Seidu Sofo, Raj Somarajan, Sven Svenson, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, and Victor Wilburn. Provost Jane Stephens and Student Government Liaison Daniel Schuenemeyer were in attendance.

Absent and not represented by their alternates were Daniel MacLeay and Larry Underberg.


The minutes of 44.5 were approved with minor revisions after a brief discussion.


Chair Chamberlain began her report by welcoming Jill Haas as the new administrative assistant to the Faculty Senate. She then reported on her meeting on November 4, 2009, with the Administrative Council. She distributed to the Senators a copy of the Administrative Council Compact for their information. With the exception of the Administrative Council Compact, the only item on the agenda was the draft of the Faculty Senate Resolution on Collegiality. She was asked to report on the resolution. She gave a timetable (the resolution was introduced on October 21; senators were asked to discuss the resolution with their constituents; the resolution will not come back to Senate until November 18). She told Administrative Council that it was inappropriate for her to discuss the draft with them before the faculty had had a chance to review the document and a vote had been taken. She requested that out of respect for Faculty Senate procedure that the discussion be tabled. Administrative Council did not honor that request. The President and others pointed out inaccuracies in the specific examples section of the document. She asked that any inaccuracies be sent to her by email. The President declined to do this, saying he was not going to do Faculty Senate's research. She told Administrative Council that Faculty Senate would be happy to discuss the resolution with them once the resolution passed.

Later that afternoon, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the legislative committee chairs met with the President and the Provost. They spent the next two and one half hours discussing committee goals for the year. The President also reiterated his concerns about the draft Resolution on Collegiality. Both he and the Provost expressed concern that there is confusion as to what the term means. Chair Chamberlain agreed. She therefore developed a guide, which entitled "Defining Collegiality." She distributed this to the Senate for their use in discussing the resolution with their departments.

Chair Chamberlain reported on her attendance at Deans' Council on November 4. She reported to the deans on the success of the New Faculty Reception the Senate sponsored. She also reported that the Compensation Committee is working (with Professional Affairs) on an amendment to the Tenure and Promotion policy that would separate promotion monies from the annual increase and make promotion a line item on the cost of continuing budget. She also reported that the Student Ratings of Instruction Task Force is preparing guidelines concerning the reporting of student ratings data in tenure and promotion papers.

Chair Chamberlain also reported that the Senate Bill (Missouri) 389, Students Ratings of Instruction data is now available under the faculty tab in the Portal. The link may be found under "Enter Attendance." She also reported that Benefits is sponsoring its open enrollment period from November 2 through November 13.

Chair Chamberlain recognized Senator Sebby, who gave a report on the President's Common Hour meeting regarding the community college partnership. Senator Sebby related many significant details about the partnership, including a potential loss of considerable funds if Southeast does not participate in the three-year pilot program. Senator Sebby also reported that an attempt to identify measurable outcomes for the assessment of the success of the pilot program will be made before the program begins in Fall 2010.


Provost Stephens was recognized and offered additional insights into the community college partnership pilot program, which included possible funding from the state and a potential taxing district for the program. In reference to the proposed resolution on collegiality, she suggested that a committee from the Senate might discuss the issue with a committee from the Administrative Council.


Student Government Liaison Daniel Schuenemeyer reported that Student Government had received feedback from various student forums and was now compiling the results. He said the two main areas of concern were access to the Portal and student safety.


A. Academic Affairs reported that they have completed the academic calendars through AY 2014-15, and would present it to the Senate at the next meeting. They are also working with Professional Affairs on the Student Ratings of Instruction recommendations from the task force, and on pandemic planning.

B. Professional Affairs reported they have worked on several emeritus bills. They also reported that the Provost's Office has shared tenure and promotion data from the past year (all who went up for tenure and/or promotion were successful). The committee also reviewed the draft of the recommendations regarding the use of student ratings of instruction in tenure and promotion papers, and is supportive and optimistic about these recommendations. The draft will go back to the task force for further review.

C. Governance reported that they had not met, but Chair Conway encouraged senators to discuss the collegiality issue with their constituents. Specifically, she asked them to talk with their departments as to whether or not there was a problem of collegiality on campus at any level (department, college, or other administration) and whether the departments agreed or disagreed with the resolution or would agree but with changes.

D. Compensation reported on recommendations regarding summer compensation. Senator Sebby distributed a list of recommendations that the committee is considering.

E. Documents reported that they have two documents to present under New Business, and that they will have another meeting on Wednesday November 11 to continue work on updating the Faculty Handbook.

F. Membership reported that a vacancy on the Professional Affairs committee from the College of Business remains unfilled.


There was no old business to consider.


Documents introduced two proposed changes. One is a change to the Faculty Senate Handbook, Chapter Five under Academic Policy Academic Honesty. As requested by the Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct, the “Office of Judicial Affairs” would become the “Office of Student Conduct.” In conjunction with that change, “Judicial Coordinator” would become “Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct.” A motion was made and seconded to approve those changes (Journet/Jung). The other proposed change is an addition to Section 6 of the Grants and Research Funding Committee Guidelines, Appendix 1, Section 6, Title Page. The requested addition from Dr. Walt Lilly includes two additional items to checklist indicating hazardous materials “Radiological Materials” and “Instrumentation generating X-rays, ultraviolet radiation and laser radiation.” After some discussion the Senate agreed to table this item until the next meeting, to allow Senator Renaud to obtain more information from Dr. Lilly.

Senator Sebby then introduced a document containing concerns regarding the community college partnership program and its effects on Southeast faculty in terms of salary, number of classes, and input from faculty on these issues. After some discussion it was suggested that Senator Sebby might take his concerns to the Professional Affairs Committee, the Compensation Committee and/or the Academic Affairs Committee.


Due to the late hour, the Executive Session was deferred until the November 18 meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m. per a motion made by Senator Conway and seconded by Senator Somarajan.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held on November 18, 2009, at 3:00 p.m. in the UC Missouriana Room.

Approved November 18, 2009