Minutes - October 18, 2006

Minutes - October 18, 2006

XLI, No. 6


October 18, 2006

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, October 18, 2006, in the Program Lounge of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Mike Cobb (Chair), Martha Zlokovich (Chair-Elect), Mary Ann DeLine, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Beth Easter, Walt Paquin (Alternate), Benjie Heu, Kathryn Farwell (Alternate), Daniel MacLeay, Jim McGill, Carolyn Rainey, Sophia Scott, Bonnie Stepenoff, Marc Strauss, Rebecca Summary, Lucinda Swatzell, Larry Underberg, Haohao Wang, Pat Willingham, and Xuesong Zhang. Also in attendance were Provost Jane Stephens (Administrative Liaison), Nelson Elliott (Student Government Liaison), and special guests Dr. John Weber and Dr. Dennis Holt.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, Janice Ward, Jayanti Ray, David Reinheimer, David Smith, and Min Zou.


Approval of minutes Vol. XLI-05 was moved by Senator Strauss and seconded by Senator Underberg. The motion carried.


Provost Stephens distributed a summary of past promotions and provided an explanation of the data as promised at the last Faculty Senate meeting.

Dr. Cobb noted that most of the “no's” fell under the University Committee and Provost's level. The Provost agreed.

Dr. Zlokovich made the comment that the table does not clarify how many different people went up for promotion. Dr. Stephens indicated that she will try to show the track without showing names or departments. She added that she will probably just bring in the charts and remove the names so that the Senate can see how the votes fell and how far the candidates got in the process.


Student Government Liaison, Nelson Elliott, reported that special elections were held Monday. Second, he reported that University Affairs has been assigned the task of organizing a community involved charity event. The hope is to get as many people from the community and from the university, including students and faculty, involved. Last, he indicated that the Student Issues Committee has been assigned the task of finding ways to improve student communication.


Chair Cobb reported that during the September 20th Senate meeting he reported on conversations he had with a committee he formed which consisted of the Senate Executive Committee and past Senate Chairs. The Provost questioned the legality of the committee within the committee structure of the University and the Senate as detailed in the Faculty Handbook. Chair Cobb indicated that a careful reading of the Senate by laws failed to show the Chair has the authority to establish such a committee except in emergency conditions. He indicated that he took immediate steps to correct the situation and he has disbanded the committee. Chair Cobb added that he will continue his conversations with faculty at large including the past Senate Chairs but will not refer to this as a committee. Chair Cobb added that he hopes his quick actions, after having found out he was in non compliance, serves as a model for others who find themselves in non compliance and hopes the enthusiasm with which this policy in the Handbook was pursued will display itself for all the other polices in the Handbook.

Chair Cobb provided the following schedule for guest speakers/events to appear before the Senate:

Oct 25 – New Faculty Reception (Johnson Faculty Centre)
Nov 1 - Kathy Mangels (VP Business & Finance)
Nov 15 - Sarah Cron (Dean Academic Information Services & Kent Library)
Dec 1 – Holiday Reception (UC Ballroom)
Dec 6 – Foundation

Chair Cobb turned the floor over to Dr. Zlokovich for the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) report. Dr. Zlokovich gave a brief report of the events and discussion that took place at the MAFS meeting. She reported that they heard from representatives of Council on Public Higher Education (COPHE), Department of Higher Education (DHE), Missouri National Education Association (MNEA), and Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE), as well as representatives from Faculty Senates at all public institutions in Missouri. Dr. Zlokovich indicated that Rolla has a new provost, a new president, and is getting rid of all deans, schools, and colleges; faculty are involved in all aspects of this restructuring. Truman is restructuring. She reported that Missouri Conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) can be used as a resource to the faculty. John Harms is the contact person for the Missouri Conference AAUP. Missouri State University has a new provost and has instituted 360 degree evaluations of administrators. They have also added sexual orientation to their nondiscrimination policy and are currently revising their Faculty Handbook. Dr. Zlokovich reported that Senator Nodler indicated that state funding is expected to go up significantly. Chair Cobb added that Dr. Nodler said that there were five traditionally underfunded institutions that they wanted to have additional “plus-ups”. Those institutions are Southeast MO State University, Missouri State University, Northwest, Missouri Southern State University, and University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL). Chair Cobb added that he had been nominated and accepted the position of Vice President for the MAFS Association.

Dr. John Weber, Assistant Vice President Information Technology (IT)
Dennis Holt, Vice President Administration and Enrollment Management

Dr. John Weber gave an overview of the replacement process for desktop computers. He indicated that desktop computers for faculty are on a four-year cycle. He added that IT is not part of the decision-making process for distribution. The decisions come from the executive staff.

Dr. Dennis Holt distributed a list of post implementation projects for Phase III of Banner. He and Dr. John Weber provided a brief description of the list and entertained questions and discussion. Both gentlemen encouraged the faculty to provide input on things that need to be improved. Martha Henckell invited the Faculty Senate to email her their suggestions at mhenckell@semo.edu. She encouraged use of the FAQ Search to see if their concerns have already been addressed.


Senator Smith, chair of the Membership Committee, was unable to attend the meeting.

Professional Affairs
Senator Althaus, chair of Professional Affairs, was unable to attend the meeting.

Academic Affairs
Senator Reinheimer, chair of Academic Affairs, was unable to attend the meeting.

Senator Ray, chair of the Documents Committee, was unable to attend the meeting.

Senator Swatzell reported that the Governance Committee had found that the majority of the Senators will be retiring at the end of Academic Year 2007. They have been working on a system that will reinstate the 1/3 cycle as stated in the Faculty Handbook.

Senator Willingham reported that the Compensation Committee is scheduled to meet with the President on November 8th.


There was no new business to consider.


There was no old business to consider.

The Senate moved to executive session.


The motion to adjourn was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be November 1, 2006, in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3:00 PM.

Approved November 1, 2006