Minutes - October 17, 2012

Minutes - October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday October 17, 2012, in the UC Redhawks Room. The following Senators were present: Don Jung, Brandon Christensen, Charles McAllister, Julie Weathers, Chris Wubbena, Stephanie Chamberlain, Jeff Luetkenhaus, Tiffany Parker, Candide Walton, Claudia Ruediger, Willie Redmond, Eric Clements, Ziping Liu, Larry Bonhannon, Sophia Scott, Diane Wood, Marcus Bond, Rick Althaus, Doug Atwood, Carol Veneziano, Susan Wehring, David Powell, Kevin Dickson, and Debra Lee-DiStefano. The Provost Ron Rosati was also in attendance. The Following alternates were present: Brooke Clubbs and Mary Elizabeth Ambery. Student Government Liaison Bethany Rosenthal was also present. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate was Janice Ward, Joyce Renaud, and Desma Reno.

Dean Dave Starrett, Chris Frazier, Caroline Kahler, and Allen Gathman were in attendance as guests.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes for October 3, 2012(47.5) were approved.


Dean David Starrett informed the Senate that the Higher Learning Commission review team completed their review at Southeast, sent their report, and it was reviewed by the institution. The comments were positive and complimentary. Dean Starrett stated we are required to have 3 action projects going at any one time. They are asking anyone who has an idea for a new action project to suggest it.

He also handed out a sample of the new SLO reporting template. Every department on campus will receive one. Instructors are to assess their students on their ability to know, apply, and interpret the information that is being taught. The instructor is to keep a count of how many students were assessed and the number of students that met the outcome. The SLO committee has developed procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency across the University, while attempting to ensure flexibility for departments and instructors.

There was a discussion with concerns on what impact the data will have, who will see the data, and what will be done with it. Dean Starrett attempted to reassure the Senate that Southeast wants to use the information for teaching improvements.

New Business

Senator Bond stated that there is some language in the University Chemical Hygiene Plan that is incorrect and need to be corrected and also University Chemical Hygiene Plan itself needs to be updated.

Old Business

SSenator McAllister moved to remove SEI procedures from the table, regarding the Bill 12-A-XX Student Evaluation Procedure and replace it with version six for reevaluation. Senator Peng seconded. The procedure has new language that states that only evaluations that fall below 30% will automatically be reported to the deans. IDEA will be done in the fall and spring semesters. There was discussion that the IDEA being done every semester would be financially negative and the Senate still isn't satisfied yet with the language and the reasoning behind this bill. Senator Lee-DiStefano moved to table the bill until the next meeting due to time constraints. Senator Atwood seconded.


Senator Lee-DiStefano reported about the MAFS meeting. She said that according to information presented at MAFS there will be 25 transferable courses between institutions, and a joint committee is creating a formula for funding on higher education. The Provost assured the Senate that we have already identified 20 transferable courses and that the formula funding is positive for Southeast.

Provost Rosati stated that the Board of Regents met on Friday. There will be a new building at the River Campus that will have housing for students and new classrooms. Academic programs are moving forward. Also, we are currently looking for a Chair for the Department of Global Cultures and Languages.

Student Government Liaison

Bethany Rosenthal stated that the Student Government has confirmed the dates and times for A.L.I.C.E. training. It will be held November 27-29. The training will be held in the Dempster Business Building, room 128. She will send an email out with the information in it.

Legislative Committee

Academic Affairs- No reports due to time constraints
Compensation- No reports due to time constraints
Documents- No reports due to time constraints
Governance- No reports due to time constraints
Professional Affairs- No reports due to time constraints
Membership- No reports due to time constraints

Executive Session

No report


Senator Lee-DiStefano motioned to adjourn. Senator Jung seconded. Senate adjourned at 5:00 pm.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held on October 31, 2012 at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room.