Minutes - October 17 2007

Minutes - October 17 2007

XLII, No. 8


October 17, 2007

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, October 17, 2007, in the University Center Party Room. The following Senators were present: Martha Zlokovich (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair-Elect), Jim McGill (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Julie Banks, Stephanie Chamberlain, Michael Cobb, Kathy Conway, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Kathy Smith (Alternate), Priscilla Hornby, Elaine Jackson, Gabriele Eckart, Jayanti Ray, Mary Harriet Talbut (Alternate), Sophia Scott, David Smith, Seidu Sofo, Marc Strauss, Lucinda Swatzell, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Debbie Beard (Alternate), and Xuesong Zhang. Student Government Liaison Mark Wilhelm and special guest Elizabeth Shelton were also in attendance.
Due to a class schedule conflict, David Briggs was unable to attend until 3:35 PM.

Absent and not represented by his alternate was Willie Redmond.


Approval of minutes Volume XLII-07 was moved by Senator Chamberlain and seconded by Senator Althaus. The motion carried.


Chair Zlokovich addressed the Faculty Senate budget. She indicated that she spoke with Kathy Mangels about moving the telephone charges and the copier expenses to the Johnson Faculty Centre account. Chair Zlokovich reported that Mrs. Mangels indicated that as a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee she does have the authority to make changes on the accounts and it would be appropriate to transfer the charges. The transfer in telephone and copier expenses will free up the Faculty Senate budget enough to allow for refreshments during the meetings. Chair Zlokovich reported that the copier in the Johnson Faculty Centre will need to be replaced pretty soon. She also reported that she is checking on expense increases that the Faculty Senate has acquired over the past five years as well as increases in Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) registration fees and hotel costs. Chair Zlokovich indicated that she is trying to determine if the Faculty Senate budget has been increased to compensate for the increased expenses.
Chair Zlokovich reported that the names Faculty Senate approved for the University Intellectual Property Rights Committee have been forwarded to the President. She indicated that she has not yet heard who from that list he has appointed.
Chair Zlokovich reported that she, Dr. Ambery, and Dr. Cobb attended the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) meeting last week. She indicated that the coordination of senates throughout Missouri did result in influencing the CBHE final Consumer Information Regulations related to SB389. She added that all of the changes suggested by the senates who responded were incorporated in the final form. The final version gives campuses flexibility in deciding what ratings they wish to post. The deadline for posting ratings was extended to August 2009.
Chair Zlokovich reported that she has asked to be informed about Board of Regents meetings, and to be included on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting in December. She asked the Senate to let her know if there are topics, other than what the Senate is currently working on, that they would like her to take to the Board of Regents. She indicated that her intent is to report on Faculty Senate progress.
Senator Smith indicated that he would like Human Resources to come speak to the Senate about the new 2008 benefits. He indicated that he believed there were substantial changes to the benefits that would greatly affect family policies. He indicated that the role of the Faculty Senate is to work for the benefit of the faculty. He expressed his concern for being able to recruit young faculty with families. Senator Strauss indicated that he believed the Senate should take a more proactive approach for next year. Chair Zlokovich asked Senator Smith to post the topic on the forum and gather information about the new benefits. She asked Senator Dillivan to remind the committee over benefits that they are to include the Compensation Committee in their dealings through a subcommittee. She asked Senator Scott to post the Anthem website on the forum so that faculty and staff can compare this year's benefits to last year's. Chair Zlokovich indicated that she will invite Jim Cook and Alissa Vandeven to speak to the Senate about benefits if the Senate believes there is still a need.


The Provost was unable to attend due to various other scheduled meetings.

Elizabeth Shelton, Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing

Ms. Shelton introduced herself and indicated that she asked to come speak to the Senate so that she could inform the Senators of the new marketing campaign and ask Senators to be involved in the Marketing Council. She indicated that the Marketing Council meets every second and fourth Wednesday from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Chair Zlokovich indicated that those times will overlap with Faculty Senate committees meeting times. Ms. Shelton indicated that volunteers from the Senate alternates or other faculty from various departments would also be helpful. She indicated that her main goal is to try to get more faculty involved in the Marketing Council. Ms. Shelton discussed various aspects of the campaign including external and internal research and the goals of the Marketing Council. She spoke about research and satisfaction levels. She indicated that Southeast MO State University measures significantly lower than other universities when it comes to satisfaction levels. She indicated that she would like to start a “success library”. Success stories should be forwarded to Dianne Sides. She indicated that the Marketing Council hopes to distribute the survey by the Higher Education Research Council Institute in November. She asked the Senators if November was an agreeable timeframe. The majority of the Senate agreed. She asked Senators to review the questions and insert their input. Senator Cobb made a motion to have Senator Veneziano review the questions and forward her input to Ms. Shelton. The motion was seconded by Senator Ambery. Senator Veneziano agreed to the task. The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Shelton asked Senators to encourage their constituents to participate in the survey in November.


Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, reported that he is still trying to locate the resolution regarding Common Hour. He indicated that he surveyed students on their perceptions of Common Hour as requested by the Faculty Senate. Mr. Wilhelm reported that students count on Common Hour being a time they can relax. Students agreed that their various organizations can still meet and work with or without Common Hour.
Mr. Wilhelm surveyed students' perceptions of IDEA evaluations. He reported that 70% said they took the evaluations seriously, 14% said they didn't take it seriously, and 16% use it as a tool to “get back” at faculty. Mr. Wilhelm indicated that he personally takes the evaluation very seriously and sees little other ways to effectively evaluate faculty on their teaching. Chair Zlokovich asked Mr. Wilhelm to ask various students what would be helpful for them to know when it came to finding out information about faculty. Mr. Wilhelm agreed to the task.

Chair Zlokovich moved to old business because the time did not allow for it at the previous meeting.

Senator Cobb withdrew his resolution regarding investigating collective bargaining. He made a motion instead to ask the Governance Committee to research collective bargaining. The motion was seconded by Senator Scott. The motion was amended to include investigation by the Compensation Committee as well. Senator Swatzell indicated that by investigating collective bargaining the Committee is simply looking for ways to improve communication with administration. She indicated that she does not want anyone to view this as an “anti-administrative” act. The motion passed with 25 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention.
Senator Cobb withdrew his resolution regarding nominations for University committees. He made a motion for the Chair and the Professional Affairs Committee to work together to investigate ways to remind Faculty Senate appointed University committee members that they represent the faculty. The motion was seconded by Senator Althaus and it passed unanimously.


Senator McGill reported that there still had been no interest in the AQIP Steering Committee. He asked for permission to seek nominees outside of the Senate. Senator Ambery submitted her name.

Professional Affairs
Senator Althaus reported that the Professional Affairs Committee still has not heard a response from the President regarding its February 2007 memo to him concerning the nondiscrimination policy.
Senator Althaus reported that the Committee is still working on issues surrounding promotion and tenure. Senator Althaus collected the survey results.

Academic Affairs
Senator Cobb reported that he had hopes that the General Education Program would be reviewed just like every other program on campus and would undergo a “program review” instead of an internal review. Senator Cobb reported that Academic Affairs was split equally on the issue therefore would not pursue it further at this time.

Senator Ward reported that the Documents Committee met last week. They are currently constructing a bill to remove the obsolete language in the Faculty Handbook. Senator Ward indicated that the Committee discovered that the Organizational Chart link is not current in the Handbook and asked that it be updated.

Senator Swatzell reported that the Governance Committee is continuing to work on the Faculty Senate self-survey. The Committee has removed potential “problem” questions and they are cleaning up the grammatical errors and typos. She indicated that she would email the revised survey to Dana so that it could be forwarded to the Senate.

Senator Dillivan reported that the Compensation Committee is scheduled to meet October 31.


There was no new business to consider.

Chair Zlokovich reminded the Senate that the New Faculty Reception will be held next Wednesday, October 24, in the Johnson Faculty Centre from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.


The motion to adjourn (Cobb/Ambery) was recognized and approved at 5:05 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be November 7, 2007, in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3:00 p.m.