Minutes - October 5, 2005

Minutes - October 5, 2005

Vol. XL, No. 6


October 5, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, October 5, 2005, in the Party Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present; James Champine (Chair), Michael Cobb, (Chair-elect), Rick Althaus, Michelle Brune (Alternate), David Baird, Mary Ann DeLine, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Beth Easter (Alternate), Priscilla Hornby, Kathryn Kornegay (Alternate), Daniel MacLeay, Jim McGill, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, Carolyn Rainey, Jayanti Ray, David Reinheimer, Bonnie Stepenoff, Haohao Wang, Pat Willingham, Xuesong Zhang, Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou. Vice Provost Fred Janzow (Administrative Liaison) and Student Government Liaison Heather Valle were also present.

Absent and not represented by their Alternates were; Ronald Clayton, Arrick Jackson, Marc Strauss, and Rebecca Summary.


Approval of minutes Vol. XL-05 was moved by Senator Cobb and seconded by Senator Rick Althaus. The motion carried.


Dr. Champine reminded the Senators that grades are to be reported between October 8 and 17.

He also reminded them that the GRFC Grants are due October 10th.

Dr. Champine brought up a question about the Wellness Screening day. After contacting Lori Lynn, he came to understand the reason for the change from late fall to early spring is to avoid the possibility of charges to the participants. If employees had used their $150 before the Wellness Screening, they would have been charged for those services. By moving it to early spring, this possibility would have been lessened. Dr. Champine also contacted Jim Cook who promised to send an e-mail explaining the reason for the change and to remind people to take advantage of their “$150 well bucks.” Chairman Champine encouraged faculty to take advantage of this service. The information is spelled out in the benefits documents.

The second item Dr. Champine addressed was Banner. He reported there will be a letter and an e-mail outlining Faculty “unavoidable encounters” with Banner in the form of a timeline. For example, the benefits enrollment is October 10th through October 28th deadline.


Vice Provost Fred Janzow reported that the Provost is in Washington, DC, with the Dean of the College Education at the Renaissance Conference, which has to do with teacher education.

He reaffirmed the importance of getting eight-week grades in on time. The Registrar's Office has said there will be no extensions or leeway on this.

Second he asked that Senate members please be communicating to constituents and faculty about Banner. Sometimes with faculty being as busy as they are they might not have given much attention to it. He asked that members remind colleagues of deadlines and due dates so that no one is caught off guard.

Last, Dr. Janzow mentioned the North Central Accreditation process. At this time the institution is making an application to use a different process to achieve this accreditation, called AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program). AQIP takes a different approach to how we explain to the accrediting agency that we are an institution that is sound academically. It focuses more on on-going work called “Action Projects” so that it is a process worked on throughout the time period before accreditation instead of waiting until the last minute. Dr. Janzow commented that he thinks it will be a significant improvement. It will require changes in how we operate. He also stated that we will be hearing at some point relatively soon from Dr. Holt, who is chairing the AQIP accreditation process, and he may bring along Christina Frazier and David Starrett.

Chair Champine informed the Senate that the tentative plan is to have them come November 2.


Heather Valle reported that Student Organization constitutions are still being reviewed, and SG is in the final stages of reviewing the Dining Service contract negotiations. She also reported they are getting ready for Homecoming.

Liaison Valle also indicated that SG is still in need of a Faculty Senate Representative. There is a liaison between Faculty Senate and Student Government, and it involves attending Student Government meetings on Monday nights at 8:00pm on the 2nd floor of the University Center. Last year, Senator Marc Fulgham took on this responsibility. Senator Marc Fulgham stated that the students do a really good job and take it very seriously. Dr. Champine mentioned the possibility of alternates. Senator Reinheimer volunteered and received great adulation.



Chair Smith was unable to attend. In his place Senator Champine reported that two names had been put forward from the College of Business to serve on the University Athletic Committee.

Academic Affairs

Chair Baird reported they had their first meeting. Assignments were handed out to individual members to form topics, and they will be reporting back. Topics mentioned in that meeting were updating the Five Year Academic Calendar, graduation with distinction, and offering two degrees from two separate institutions (undergraduate and graduate). Chair Baird explained that when foreign exchange students coming from another institution take course work here they end up getting a degree from both institutions (not a joint degree). There's been some concern over this because of perceived unfairness. The foreign exchange student who comes to work in the United States carries two degrees for the same coursework.

Dr. Champine asked Dr. Baird about the Five Year Calendar as regards fall break and Thanksgiving.

The concept of the “information commons” in the Library was introduced. The introduction of the information commons concept lead to a discussion of several library-related issues of interest to the Senators. Senator Stepenoff from the History Department indicated that her constituency is very disappointed with the loss, removal, and rearrangement of Government Documents that is taking place. Senator Willingham from the Library indicated that the Library Faculty felt they did not have input to these significant changes and rearrangements, as the decisions are being made outside the library. Both indicated that they are in favor of the initiative, but worried that negative impacts are not being considered. The issue of the role of the library in research was raised by Senator McGill.


Compensation Committee Chair Willingham reported on that committee's last meeting. They met with Dr. Christina Frazier who reported a salary study she had done at the request of the Senate. The findings of the study and recommendations for the course of action resulting from the study are still being considered by the committee.

She also said that the issue of summer salaries, and how they are calculated, is being addressed by the committee.


Chair MacLeay distributed a list of changes to the Faculty Handbook that should occur as a result of the Office of Sponsored Programs having its name changed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and being moved from the Graduate School under the Provost to the purview of the Vice president for Business and Finance. These changes were requested by Theresa Wildman, the new director. One of the most significant changes involved removing the responsibility of the Office in assisting in preparing final reports. The question of whether any legislation would be required would be addressed in Old Business later in the meeting.

Chair MacLeay also indicated that his committee was looking into eliminating redundancies in the Faculty Handbook relating to committee structure and charges.

The process of updating the Faculty Handbook was discussed including the role of the Administrative Assistant. Chair MacLeay indicated his committee would like to review and streamline the procedures for updating the handbook. Vice Provost Janzow indicated that the documents are in “Frame Maker” software, and so the Administrative Assistant would need training in that software.


Chair Zlokovich indicated that the committee was meeting by electronic means to fashion a grievance procedure. Chair Champine reported on how the Senate Budget works and the possibility of using Senate dollars to have an attorney review the document. He indicated that the Provost had advised that University dollars could not be used to hire any attorney other than those retained by the University. The Senate could make a request to the President that the university attorney review the document. It was suggested by Senator Ambery and others that going to the University Attorney first would be the best course; and if the opinion did not seem balanced, then contacting another attorney would be called for. Senator Althaus suggested contacting the American Association of University Professors to see if they could provide guidance or the services of a lawyer in such a case.

Professional Affairs

Senator Mims indicated that the main topic being considered is the various possible Senate actions in response to the President's action of returning the Student Evaluation of Teaching Bill.

He also indicated that a Sabbatical Leave subcommittee has formed. It is chaired by Senator Stepenoff and met September 30. The committee plans to meet with the University Sabbatical Leave and Tenure Committee representatives Dr. Alberta Dougan (past Chair) and Dr. Bruce Domazlicky (current Chair).


The senate took up the issue of changes to the Faculty Handbook concerning the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. The suggested changes were distributed at the last meeting, and a motion was made to approve the changes (MacLeay/Reinhemier). In discussion it was suggested that the changes be drafted in the form of a resolution. The resolution was then passed.


Chair Champine discussed the upcoming role of the Faculty and the Faculty Senate in the AQIP NCA accreditation process. The Senate will meet with the Drs. Dennis Holt, Dave Starrett, and Christina Frazier on November 2. Faculty and staff will fill out a “self-examiner” survey to assess There will also be a “pre-steering” committee with faculty representation. Tentatively there will be two Senators and two non-Senators. He asked that Senators consider participating and solicit non-Senators.

Chair Champine brought up an issue related to compensation. It was indicated to him that new faculty are limited in the retirement plan vendors and brokers that they use. In speaking with Director of Human Resources Jim Cook, Chair Champine indicated that a memo requesting new brokers and a streamlined procedure for permitting additional brokers would be well-received. Dr. Champine distributed a draft of such a memo. He suggested that the memo should be forwarded with the consent of the Senate as soon as possible so that people could take advantage for the months of November and December. Without objection from the Senate, he indicated he would send the memo.

Chair Champine said that it was pointed out to him that Wednesday the 12th was on the eve of Fall break, Wednesday the 19th is scheduled for a Senate meeting, Wednesday the 26th is scheduled for the New Faculty Reception, and Wednesday, November 2, is scheduled for a Senate meeting. Therefore committees would not have a chance to meet until November 9. He stated that there is no Old Business to continue, and then made the suggestion that the Senate meeting for the 19th be cancelled. The Senators were polled and no one objected.


The motion to adjourn was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be November 2 in the University Center Party Room at 3:00 PM.

Approved November 2, 2005