Minutes - October 03, 2007

Minutes - October 03, 2007

XLII, No. 7


October 3, 2007

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Martha Zlokovich (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair-Elect), Jim McGill (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Julie Banks, Stephanie Chamberlain, Michael Cobb, Kathy Conway, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Benjie Heu, Priscilla Hornby, Elaine Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Jayanti Ray, Willie Redmond, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, David Smith, Seidu Sofo, Phil Nacy, Marc Strauss, Lucinda Swatzell, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Debbie Beard (Alternate), and Xuesong Zhang. Provost Stephens, Student Government Liaison Mark Wilhelm and special guests David Starrett and Cheryl McAllister were also in attendance.
Due to a class schedule conflict, David Briggs was able to attend at 3:40 PM.


Approval of minutes Volume XLII-06 was moved by Senator Strauss and seconded by Senator Ray. The motion carried.


Chair Zlokovich reported that the President is expected to respond to Resolution 07-04 within the next couple of days. Resolution 07-04 asked for the President to rescind his letter to the faculty concerning combining promotion and tenure. She added that the Senate Executive Committee expects the President's response be a compromise that will be acceptable by the Senate and the faculty.
Chair Zlokovich reported that the President has approved and signed the Grievance Policy bill. The Grievance Policy bill will now be sent to the Board of Regents for approval at their next scheduled meeting.
Chair Zlokovich reported that according to the Faculty Handbook the agenda must go out two days prior to each Faculty Senate meeting. She indicated that due to Dana's schedule Senators will need to get their agenda items to Dana by 2:30 PM the Thursday before each meeting. Chair Zlokovich indicated that she would like to see more detail on the agenda and asked Senators to comply.
Chair Zlokovich reported that the previous members of the Intellectual Property Rights Task Force had been asked to continue to serve on the University level committee's Task Force. All but two people responded to the request. Senator Althaus moved that those individuals be appointed by the Faculty Senate to serve as a Task Force to report to the Senate on issues relating to University Intellectual Property Rights policy, and their names be submitted to President Dobbins for inclusion on the Ad Hoc Committee on Intellectual Property Rights. The individuals were, Rick Althaus, Bruce Mims, Xuesong Zhang, Carol Veneziano, Karl Suhr, Lisa Speer, Ed Buis, Hamner Hill, Andy Fulkerson, and Rachel Harris. Senator Cobb indicated that he would like to continue to serve. The motion was amended to include Senator Cobb. Senator Underberg seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


The Provost deferred her report to the Senate's extensive agenda.


Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, was introduced to the Senate.


Senator McGill reported that the Membership Committee is still attempting to populate the University Standing and Faculty Senate committees. He indicated that there are three Faculty Senate Legislative Committee and two Faculty Senate Reporting Committee vacancies pending. Senator McGill thanked all of the Membership Committee members for their help with approving candidates.

Professional Affairs
Senator Althaus reported that the Professional Affairs Committee still has not heard a response from the President regarding its February 2007 memo to him concerning the nondiscrimination policy.
Senator Althaus reported that the Professional Affairs Committee is proceeding as quickly as possible with promotion and tenure issues. Senator Althaus distributed three documents, “Summary of Current Promotion & Tenure Procedures,” “Major Issues to Consider for Promotion & Tenure Guidelines,” and the promotion and tenure survey that was disseminated last spring. Senator Althaus indicated that the “Major Issues to Consider for Promotion & Tenure Guidelines” was a document that summarized the three major issues identified by Professional Affairs concerning promotion and tenure. He asked Senators to address these issues with their constituents and find out what they would like to see in legislation in regards to promotion and tenure. Senator Althaus indicated that he would like Senators to report back to the Senate in two weeks.

Academic Affairs
Senator Cobb reported that Academic Affairs met Wednesday, September 26, in the Johnson Faculty Center. Student Government (SG) President, George Gasser, attended the meeting by invitation. Senator Cobb reported that they reviewed the SG recommendations of including IDEA questions 1, 10, and 41 to meet the requirements of SB389. Senator Cobb indicated that Mr. Gasser admitted that many students want to shop for professors who offer the easiest courses and highest grades but many sincerely want to maximize their academic experience. Senator Cobb indicated that Senator Strauss shared a top 20 list of things students should do to maximize their academic experience based on the book, Once Upon a Campus: Tantalizing Truths about College from Students Who've Already Messed Up.
Senator Cobb reported that Academic Affairs discussed student academic freedom. Senator Cobb reported that Mr. Gasser indicated that he had not heard of any complaints from students about being persecuted for their opinions in the classroom. The Committee discussed the kinds of treatments and actions that students should expect in the classroom. The Committee decided to work to develop a list of “rights” that students should have.
Senator Cobb reported that Academic Affairs also discussed grade inflation. Senator Cobb indicated review measures show an upward trend in the average grade awarded to students across all colleges and departments except for the University of Graduate Studies. Senator Cobb indicated that since 25 percent of entering freshmen do not meet the entrance requirements it is doubtful that better students explain the higher grades. The Committee agreed that there is not sufficient institutional research data available to untangle the possible effects. Therefore, the Committee decided to drop the issue from the agenda unless the Committee is requested to seek a better understanding by the Senate. Senator Fulgham indicated that the Music Department has seen a rise in ACT scores. Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, indicated that ACT scores have increased 2-3 points from last year.
Senator Cobb reported that Common Hour was also discussed. He indicated that Mr. Gasser indicated that students report enjoying the free time associated with Common Hour but that it is of a social and not an academic nature. Several instructors report adverse scheduling issues with Common Hour. Provost Stephens suggested considering reducing Common Hour from 12:00–1:15 to 12:00–1:00. By reducing Common Hour by fifteen minutes it will only disrupt one hour instead of two. The Senate asked Mr. Wilhelm to ask the Student Government about the time change and report back to the Senate.

Senator Ward reported that the Documents Committee has addressed Theresa Wildman's request to remove the language about the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs from the Handbook. The Committee has unanimously agreed that the language should be removed. Senator Ward indicated that the Committee would like to see a link added to the Handbook referring readers to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs's website.
Senator Ward reported that the Documents Committee has been reviewing the Faculty Forum. The Committee has identified a few items that could make the forum more user-friendly. She indicated that there were too many discussion areas. Senator MacLeay indicated that he will look into reorganizing the discussion areas. Chair Zlokovich suggested having only one or two discussion topics that relate to the more pressing issues at hand.
Senator Ward reported that the Documents Committee has also been reviewing Chapter 1 in the Faculty Handbook. The reporting lines need to be updated in the sections referring to the President's, the Provost's, and the Vice Provost's responsibilities. During this review the Committee has identified several other errors that will need to be addressed.

Senator Swatzell reported that the Governance Committee is continuing to work on the Faculty Senate self-survey. Senator Swatzell distributed the questions in the survey and asked the Senators for feedback. The Governance Committee would like to know if the Senate is comfortable with the nature of the questions and the content. She asked that the Senate report back in two weeks. Senator Swatzell reminded the Senate of the purpose of the survey. She indicated that it is to survey the Senate and faculty to unveil how well they believe the Faculty Senate represent the faculty and if they believe the Faculty Senate is effective.

Senator Dillivan reported that the Compensation Committee met by email. They have been identifying issues that need to be addressed. The Committee is scheduled to meet either October 10 or October 31.
Senator Dillivan indicated that he would meet with the Governance and Professional Affairs Committee Chairs to try to resolve the Compensation membership vacancy.

Special Guests: Dr. David Starrett and Dr. Cheryl McAllister

Dr. Starrett indicated that he and Dr. McAllister scheduled a meeting with the Faculty Senate to discuss the General Education Program internal review. He indicated that Dr. Cheryl McAllister is chairing the review. Dr. McAllister indicated that she came to Faculty Senate to seek input and to take a look at the specifics of the review. Dr. McAllister distributed a document that gave an overview, outcome, and timeline of the review. There are three subcommittees involved in the review. One subcommittee is reviewing the archives of the General Education Program and the previous review, the second subcommittee is doing qualitative research, and the third subcommittee is identifying special concerns relating to UI-courses. Dr. Starrett indicated that the review is to make sure that the General Education Program continues to meet its vision and objectives. Senator Cobb asked to see a copy of the survey that is due to be distributed for the review. Dr. McAllister indicated that the survey is still under construction. She indicated that there is little time for input and revisions to the survey. The Review Council wants to be sure the survey is submitted by the end of October. There are three Senators on the Review Council, Senator Dillivan, Senator Sautter, and Senator _______. Dr. McAllister indicated that the Senate could refer their questions and concerns through their Senate members. Senator Cobb recommended Senator Kim Dillivan to be their “focal point” to take recommendations back to the Review Council. Senator Dillivan agreed to the task.


Senator Zlokovich made a motion to approve a resolution regarding SB389 (Addendum A). The motion was seconded by Senator Cobb. The resolution was displayed on an overhead projector for edits and revisions. The edited resolution passed unanimously.


Old Business was postponed until the next Faculty Senate meeting with no objections.


The motion to adjourn (Althaus/Redmond) was recognized and approved at 5:10 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be October 17, 2007, in the University Center Party Room at 3:00 p.m.

Approved October 17, 2007