Minutes - October 1, 2008

Minutes - October 1, 2008

XLIII, No. 04


October 1, 2008

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, October 1, 2008, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair), Stephanie Chamberlain (Chair-Elect), Jim McGill (Membership Chair), Rick Althaus, Julie Banks, David Briggs, Michael Cobb, Kathy Conway, Kevin Dickson, Marc Fulgham, Elaine Jackson, Alan Journet, Gabriele Eckert (Alternate), David Naugler, Walt Paquin, Joyce Renaud, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, Rick Sebby, Kathy Smith, Daniel Beard (Alternate), Marc Strauss, Sven Svenson, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, and Debbie Beard (Alternate). Provost Stephens and Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm were also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by his department was Willie Redmond.


Approval of minutes Volume XLII-03 was moved by Senator Journet and seconded by Senator Strauss. The minutes were approved.


Chair Ambery reported that funding has been approved for the Autism Center.

Chair Ambery reported that Athletics have been added to Strategic Planning.

Chair Ambery reported that she and Senator Chamberlain met with the Finance Committee and Human Resources concerning health insurance. She indicated that the health insurance premiums are going to go up in 2009. Open enrollment begins October 20 and continues through October 31. She indicated that the plan features will not change.

Chair Ambery distributed a document, “Faculty Senate Working Together,” for informational purposed (attachment A).


Provost Stephens indicated that she did not have a report.

Senator Journet indicated that he was informed that the McNair Coordinator had been terminated. He asked if the Provost knew when and if he will be replaced. Provost Stephens indicated that she was not aware of his termination. She assured the Senate that the grant funds are available to continue the McNair program and the coordinator will be replaced. Senator Paquin indicated that he was informed that Trent Ball will serve as interim.


Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, apologized for not being in attendance at the last Faculty Senate meeting. He indicated that he was just reinstated as Student Government (SG) Liaison last Friday. He reported that the President of SG is Sarah Snyder, the Vice-President is Jesse Venable, and the Treasurer is now George Gasser.

Mr. Wilhelm reported that SG is continuing to support the “Frequent Flyer” card. Students present their card for a hole-punch at SAQ events, sport games, SG sponsored events, and River Campus events. Once the card is full the student can be entered into a drawing for a $500 Best Buy gift card. Senator Strauss indicated that he would like to see the “Frequent Flyer” events be expanded to include more events such as the Anthenaeum series.

Mr. Wilhelm reported that SG is looking into a GPS tracking system for the campus buses. The GPS system will allow students, faculty, and staff to view where the buses are located en route. The system will have a one time cost of $45,000 and about $1000-$2000 in yearly maintenance fees.

Senator Conway indicated that the student copy card is no longer available since printing and duplicating had been outsourced to Concord Printing. Mr. Wilhelm indicated that he would bring the issue to the SG.

Mr. Wilhelm reported that the SG is still in need of a faculty representative. Chair Ambery reported that Senator Smith and Senator Paquin have volunteered to serve. The two Senators will alternate attending SG meetings.


Professional Affairs

Senator Scott, Chair of Professional Affairs, reported that the Committee reviewed the Tenure and Promotion Recommendation Form. The Committee agreed that it should include language that is present in the current Tenure and Promotion Bill. The Committee also looked at the issues concerning tenured, not promoted and promoted, not tenured faculty. The Committee provided a document with suggested wording that was presented to the Senate (Attachment B). The Committee will bring a resolution with the suggested wording to the next Senate meeting.

Senator Scott reported that there are multiple searches for chairs positions on campus. She indicated that a concern was brought to her that policy was not being followed in the search process. Provost Stephens indicated that she was not aware of policy not being followed and asked that specific instances be brought to her. Senator Althaus indicated that on page 45 of the pdf version of the Handbook it states that the Search Committee and the Dean will identify a chairperson. Several Senators indicated that the Search Committee was not getting a vote in the selection of the chairperson. The Provost indicated that the Search Committee has veto power. She added that if the Search Committee and the Dean are not in agreement they should bring it the Provost. Provost Stephens indicated that she will review the policy and have a conversation with the Deans.

Senator Althaus reported that the Tenure and Promotion briefing session on September 30 was well attended. He indicated that there will be additional meetings October 2, October 7, and October 9. There has been discussion to add a Monday/Wednesday/Friday session as some faculty have expressed a desire to come to the sessions but have Tuesday/Thursday classes that interfere. Senator Althaus indicated that the Committee is putting together a FAQ from the questions that come up in the briefing sessions.

Academic Affairs

Senator Veneziano, Chair of Academic Affairs, reported that she has spoken to Dr. Dave Starrett about the feasibility Bill 08-A-08 concerning SB389 as it relates to CSTL. Dr. Starrett indicated that all the items in Bill 08-A-08 are feasible except #5. The Committee plans to meet with CSTL concerning #5. Senator Cobb expressed an interest in attending the meeting with CSTL.

Senator Veneziano reported that the Committee has been asked to reevaluate textbook rentals. Discussion was held by the Senate on the pros and cons of students being able to rent textbooks. There was some concern expressed about students leaving the University without a professional library. Issues were also brought up about the cost savings of textbook rentals.


Senator Ward, Chair of the Documents Committee, reported that the Committee would like feedback from the Senate on language in Chapter One of the Faculty Handbook concerning the reporting chain. Senator Ward indicated that the Committee had decided to place a link to the organizational chart in the place of listing the reporting chain during the last Senate session. Last year, Dr. Zlokovich had asked the Committee to continue listing the reporting chain. Senator Ward indicated that the Committee was close to completing the update and then the organizational chart was changed again. She indicated that the Committee is concerned that the reporting chain changes too often and would like to once again recommend placing a link to the organizational chart instead. Chair Ambery asked the Senators to email their comments concerning the issue to Senator Ward and asked that the Committee bring their decision back to the Senate October 15.


Senator Sautter, Chair of the Governance Committee, queried the Senate as to how many of them were on their consecutive second term or consecutive third term and also how many were non tenured.


The Membership Committee did not have a report.


Senator Naugler, Chair of Compensation, reported that the Committee did not have anything new to report as they are still in the information gathering stage.


Senator Sebby distributed a document outlining an additional issue he would like the Senate to consider concerning the policy guiding Promotion and Tenure Committees at the College and University levels that specifies that members of those committees remove themselves when their own papers are being considered and rejoin the committee for deliberations of all other candidates. He indicated that his concern is that simply stepping out for their own deliberations does not remove the unfairness. He recommended a one-year replacement be named for any committee member who is standing for promotion or tenure. Senator Althaus indicated that the Professional Affairs Committee is compiling a list of adjustments that have been coming from the briefing sessions for possible amendments. He indicated that he would add Senator Sebby's suggestion to the list. Senator Sebby agreed.


Senator Sebby moved that the issues outlined in the document he distributed at the previous Senate meeting be considered by particular committees of the Senate. Senator Sebby indicated that he would like a charge from the Faculty Senate to the committees after identifying which committees would be appropriate.

Senator Sebby moved and was seconded by Senator Althaus, that the Chair of the Faculty Senate invite the University Promotion and Sabbatical Leave Committee and the Provost to discuss and review activities of the Committee during the past year. The Provost indicated that if any committee asked another committee to “report to” them she will not support it and she will take it to the President as it is not in the spirit of collegiality.

Discussion was held by the Senate. Senator Sebby withdrew his motion. Chair Ambery asked that the committees of the Faculty Senate look through the issues outlined by Senator Sebby and agree to examine whichever issues they believe are appropriate for their committee.


The motion to adjourn (Naugler/Journet) was recognized and approved at 5:10 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be October 15, 2008, in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3:00 p.m.

Approved October 15, 2008

Attachment A

Faculty Senate Working Together
October 1, 2008
Faculty Senate committees should meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month (the alternate Wednesdays of Senate meetings).
Senators, please remember to keep your alternate informed.
Senators and Alternates should have all Wednesday afternoons off between 3 pm – 5 pm.
Committee Chairs, please remember to have your agenda items to Dana no later than the Friday before each Senate meeting.
Committee Chairs should have their meeting minutes to Dana the Friday after each committee meeting.