Minutes - September 21, 2011

Minutes - September 21, 2011

XLVI, No. 4


September 21, 2011

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, in the UC Indian Room. The following Senators were present: Kevin Dickson (Chair), Janice Ward (Chair-Elect), Diane Wood (Membership Chair) Rick Althaus, Stephanie Chamberlain, Brandon Christensen, Eric Clements, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Charles McAllister, Phil Nacy, Rebecca Masur, Jian Peng, David Powell, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Claudia Ruediger, Doug Atwood, Seidu Sofo, Marcus Bond, Carol Veneziano, Alternate Brooke Clubb, Victor Wilburn, Candide Walton, Tiffany Parker, Ziping Lui, Julie Weathers, Sophia Scott, and Chris Wubbena. Dave Starrett, Bill Eddleman, Provost Ronald Rosati, and President Dobbins were also in attendance.


The minutes of Sept 7, 2011 (46.3) were held for the October 5th meeting.


Dave Starrett passed out 2 handouts on the AQIP program. It is a 7 yr accreditation program and has been in place since 2006. His report updated the senate on the current status of AQIP. One handout was the AQIP time line. An important factor is every 4 yrs we have to submit a portfolio that shows what we are improving and what needs improvement. The second handout was on the AQIP Steering Committee action project plan.

President Dobbins wanted to thank the Faculty Senate for all the updates on policy and procedures for the Faculty Handbook that were passed last session. He also thanked those who worked during the summer. He covered the 2020 committee for the University, the budget, and performance funding. The 2020 steering and sub committees are focusing on academic issues. Committees are looking at technology, academic curriculum and programs, the role of faculty, student services, and student demographics.

He stated our budget is doing well. The university is looking at ways that online programs can increase our revenue. Dave Starrett is now the director for the library. He also reported on performance funding. The goal is accountability and transparency. The governor is recommending that new funds for higher education come from performance-based funding. The proposal is for state-wide indicators that all 4 year institutions will be graded on. The proposal also includes indicators selected by each institution. Affordability continues to be an issue related to SB389.

The campus needs to work together on these issues. He wanted to thank everyone for all the hard work they do on campus. President Dobbins opened the floor for questions and a lot of questions were concerning Kent Library.


Senator Althaus passed out a sheet on the Robert's Rules of Order for Senators (Parliamentary procedure in brief) and The Duties/Responsibilities of Senators (from the Faculty Senate by-laws). He went over these and gave examples of each one.


Resolution concerning Membership of the College Council for the College of Education was opened for discussion. Senator Atwood's question was after this semester what will the structure be? Senator Nacy explained that the governance committee is in the process of looking at the broader issues to set a longer positive structure. A motion was made to further amend the resolution by Senator Don Jung and seconded by Senator Powell to read academic year 2011-2012, instead of fall semester 2011. A vote on the amendment was taken with all in favor. The resolution passed with a majority vote with one opposed.


Chair Dickson stated that our guests had updated us on much of what is going on on-campus. He added that another AQIP committee is being formed to evaluated the learning management system at the University. The Faculty Senate has been asked to present 6 names from the faculty-at-large from which 4 names will be selected to serve on the committee. This request will go out on the list serve to all faculty members at the same time. If you are aware of people that might be interested, be sure to highlight the request to them.

Chair Dickson reported that the final three procedures passed last session will be posted online for their 15-day review. Last year's executive committee did not want to post these for review during the summer. There will be a listserve notice to all faculty when these are posted and the Provost office will also send out an announcement to deans and chairs. Work continues on updating the Faculty Handbook and the faculty senate website.


Provost Rosati started with the handout that was e-mailed before the meeting. He reported on the items included in the handouts.


Student Government Liaison Rebecca Masur reported that student government has finalized their goals and they are being presented to the executive staff. They will go on to the administrative counsel. They held special elections and have filled most vacant positions.


Professional Affairs – Senator Althaus reported that in their meeting last week they divided up the sections of the handbook assigned them and created sub-committees to increase the rate of progress. One of the areas they have been assigned was the categories of faculty which is an important campus-wide issue.

Academic Affairs – Senator Jung reported that they met last week and divided the sections of the handbook they had up as well. He is waiting on pending communications before going any further.

Compensation – Senator Lee-Distefano reported that they divided their sections of the handbook into sub committees and should have some information by the end of the semester. She also stated that they added sick leave which wasn't in the sections.

Documents – Senator Wilburn reported that the documents committee met and there are around 22 areas that need to be linked to from the Faculty Handbook and they are in the process of accomplishing this task.

Governance – Senator Nacy reported that they are reviewing the process and makeup of the definitions of various committees and councils around the university. This is their biggest focus for this semester.

Membership – Diane Wood reported that the faculty has been great and that she has had a good turn around in the timing to fill the membership committee spots. She stated that the nominees that didn't get selected have been emailed and encouraged to apply for other committees.


The meeting adjourned at 4:53 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be held October 5, at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana/Redhawks Room.