Minutes - September 1, 2004

Minutes - September 1, 2004

Vol. XXXIX, No. 3


September 1, 2004

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday in Room 125 of the Crisp Building.. The following Senators were present: Susan Swartwout (presiding), James Champine, Bruce Hathaway, Rick Althaus, Mary Ambery, Janice Chadha, Michael Cobb, Mary Ann DeLine, Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gillliland, Linda Heitman, Daniel MacLeay, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, David Naugler, Carolyn Rainey, David Smith, Bonnie Stepenoff, Marc Strauss, Mohan Tikoo, Pat Willingham, Mack Wilson, Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou. Alternates Stanley Grand and Ted Loso were present. Also present were President Dobbins, Art Wallhausen, Pauline Fox, Jane Stephens, Dennis Holt, Ivy Locke, and Dennis Roedemeier; Deans Sarah Cron, Fred Janzow, Martin Jones, Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Loretta Prater, David Starrett, and Associate Dean Jai Dahija; Chairs Crawford, Ermatinger, Gummersheimer, Hart, Jedan, King, Miller, Mueller, Michael Parker, Probst, Reagan, Scates, and Stilson. Also present were Debbie Below, John Campbell, David Glick, Ann Hayes, Timothy Miller, Debra Mitchell-Braxton, Melissa Muth, Craig Roberts, Judy St. John, Alissa Vandeven, John Weber, Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham and Heather Valle, Student Government Liaison..


The Vol. XXXIX Minutes No. 3 Minutes were approved as printed. (Althaus/Chadha).


Chairperson Swartwout welcomed everyone. Following the introduction of guests, Chair Swartwout invited President Dobbins to address the Senate. President Dobbins thanked everyone for his/her hard work especially Senator Heitman and the tri-chairs for representing all university employees' interests on health benefit issues. He distributed copies of the Board of Regents Motion Consideration Form stating the Board approved a contract award for group medical insurance plan for calendar year 2005 to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri. He discussed the tables that were in the handout outlining our current and proposed premium rates and Blue Cross' proposed benefits for calendar year 2005. The Committee will recommend to the President a formula for subsidizing retiree medical rates based on the number of years of service at Southeast.

President Dobbins also discussed the Board's rescinding the financial emergency, the success of Phase II and Phase II Program Reviews, the restabilization of our Rainy Day Fund, the base-budget Medical reimbursement accounts for employees, and other steps taken to amend the deficiency caused by state cutbacks in appropriations. He emphasized the need to minimize the amount of increases that we give students.
The President stated that the University will keep the Wellness Program.

The Indian nicknames will be retired at a special ceremony on Friday, October 22. The costs for the new logo are being funded by the Booster Club.

President thanked the Faculty Senate for working with the Athletics Director on the Success in Scholarship/Success in Sports Program. He also thanked Faculty Senate for being very positive and pro-active.


Chair Swartwout attended three retreats during the summer – Chairs, Chairs & Deans and the Administration.
The Faculty Satisfaction survey will be distributed to all faculty in October. She asked the Senators to please advise their faculty members of the importance of completing and returning the forms. The additional ten questions are the same questions we had on the last survey for consistency sake.
Some statistics about what occurred in Phase II: Swartwout was on the Faculty Advisory Committee. We adopted the target of 120 hours minimum hours required for a B.A. or B.S. Twenty-one minors were eliminated, 130 credit hours were reduced across 17 majors, 39 low enrollment courses and 335 other courses were reduced or merged, 49 other courses were more efficiently scheduled. Phase II included the establishment of regular review schedule for all programs of 3, 2, or 1 years.
SE Keys: If you have any faculty members who cannot make copies in the Kent Library and need to make copies in the Library, you can as a faculty member get an SE key. Contact computer services or Archie Sprengel.
Operations Money - $300,000 will be distributed across campus as needed.
The Southeast image is going to be enhanced as an experiential learning institution. There will be heavy recruitment and marketing in the St. Louis area.
Two action items we will be talking about in the future: Revised grievance procedures and whether the School of Visual Arts should have a representative on the University Promotion Committee. Their justifiable argument is that their credentials, vitas, curriculum are very different from most departments', and they would like a representative who would understand their genres of work.


Provost Stephens two agenda items:

(1). Kent Library is under going its Phase II review. The Provost met with the Library faculty and staff last week. They will have a committee gather information and look at pros and cons of library faculty status vs. non-tenure track status vs. professional staff status. They will also look at professional staff in terms of current duties and whether some of those duties need to be reorganized. They will send a report forward and the faculty advisory committee, which reviewed Phase I and Phase II programs will also review the library report. At the same time the President, Vice Provost and Provost will review the material. We may then use outside consultants as well since it is a highly complex issue. Dean Loretta Prater is chairing a committee with 5 other people who work in Kent Library.
(2) Career Services is also up for Phase II review. In the meantime, Jerry Westbrook, who has been the long-term director, is going back into the classroom and then in fact retiring.


Heather Valle reported that the Student Government's first meeting is September 13th. During the summer the Executive Board met. One of their decision was to discontinue the idea of Southeast's own Online Teacher Evaluations.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm with the reminder that Committee Reports, Emeritus recommendations, and Old and New Business would be postponed until the next meeting on September 15th in the Missouriana Room.