Minutes - August 31, 2005

Minutes - August 31, 2005

Vol. XL, No. 3


August 31, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday August 31, 2005, in the Program Lounge of the University Center.The following Senators were present; James Champine (Chair), Michael Cobb (Chair Elect), David Smith (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, David Baird, Mary Ann DeLine, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gilliland, Priscilla Hornby, Arrick Jackson, Elaine Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Jim McGill, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, Carolyn Rainey, David Reinheimer, Jayanti Ray, Bonnie Stepenoff, Rebecca Summary, Haohao Wang, Pat Willingham, Xuesong Zhang, Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou.

Also in attendance were President Kenneth Dobbins, Provost Jane Stephens (Administrative Liaison), Ivy Locke (Vice President Finance), Cynthia Paul (HR), Alissa Vandeven (HR), Wayne Smith (University Advancement), Art Wallhausen (Assistant to the President).

Absent and not represented by his Alternate; Marc Strauss.


The motion (Althaus/Baird) to approve Vol. XL-02 of the minutes was passed.


President Dobbins addressed the Senate during this meeting as he would be attending a joint higher education meeting in Jefferson City at the time of the September 7 Senate meeting.The President reemphasized several topics presented during the joint faculty/staff convocation from the previous day including:

* Southeast was listed in the U. S. News and World Report as being in the top 25% of Midwest institutions as a good value.

*Enrollment management is everybody's responsibility and retention will have an added focus this year.Enrollments are up, especially with web-based courses which have 325 students (web only) of which 115 students are working on their B.S. in G.S. degree.There are now 250 web-based courses, with 150 or so offered any given semester.

* International programs have had recent success with the “1+2+1 program” with two universities from China.The president will take a 5 person team to a China expose where 30,000 students and faculty attend looking for overseas experiences.

* First time minority enrollments are up 30% making it the largest group in Southeast history.

* Tuition stabilization has become a statewide topic and is a concern, because it would cause costs to be front-loaded on new freshmen to cover future cost increases.The President thinks that set fees for entering freshmen are bad, but the topic will be discussed by the Board of Regents.The plan might require a 25% increase first year and is contrary to federal aid programs which allow higher loan amounts as a student progresses.Predicting future costs sounds great, but discussion needs to be held perhaps to put options out like limits on yearly increases.He suggested cap-options of two times CPI or $400-450 per year would better help parents plan for all the costs.

* The President sees the Area Higher Education Centers (AHECs) becoming regional campuses much like the West Plains model at Missouri State University.Students continue to be loyal to the AHECs, and SEMO has three times more enrollees than Three Rivers CC from the Centers. The students are coming for the Centers and Southeast credit and quality education.A visit to the Centers found equipment for the sciences to be in horrible condition, and the equipment has been replaced. The goal is to have the same course quality at all campuses.Southeast was losing $800k/year, and the goal is to break even which should stop the money drain from the main campusThe lawsuit with Three Rivers CC is still active and will take a long time to be resolved.Summer and Fall Semester 2005 and Spring 2006 AHEC faculty have been hired under emergency hires procedures, but for Fall 2006 departments will make the decisions.

* Southeast wants to participate in a new North Central Accrediting option called AQIP to replace the self-assessment study which takes two years and produces a lot of unnecessary work and effort.The new option reviews at least three new initiatives which will be selected from some programs already underway.Of the three programs, at least one must deal with student learning.Dr. Holt will chair a steering committee.

The President then asked for questions concerning issues from the faculty.

Senator Champine reported that the new science equipment was well received by the AHEC directors, although he remained wary of diverting departmental resources to the AHECS.The issue of the quality of our on-campus equipment was raised.The President responded that recently the Communications Department had equipment updated from “the 1930s to the 2000s.”He suggested College Councils need to decide what needs to be done in prioritizing their equipment needs.Clearly, entering freshmen students should see equipment as good of as they had in high school.The Provost and the Deans will bring forth a list of improvements.Deans should ask for equipment lists, and Faculty requests will go through Chairs.Monies exist for University level equipment improvements only in a small amount in the Provost's office.

The President then introduced the administrative guests.

Senator Zlokovich asked about extending the dependent tuition break to other state Universities.The President responded that it would not be feasible because it would represent real dollars leaving the institution.

Senator Skip Smith asked who the decision makers were and what criteria existed regarding tuition freeze.The President responded that the pros and cons of the issue will be discussed with the Board tomorrow regarding the pros and cons.The issue will also be discussed in open campus forums then get back to the Board in October to make plans.The President wants to give input before legislators pass bills.The President reported that Student government also is not supportive of the tuition freeze.The President suggested the Senate might want to get involved at the state level through the state-wide faculty senate.

Senator Ambery reported that the ITV equipment was not working very well.The Provost responded that was the first she heard about problems but will contact Randy Shaw. Senator Ambery asked if other technology like “blackboard” and other solutions might work better.The Administration reported that since we now have more direct control of the AHECs better equipment coordination should be possible.Facilities are paid for by extended learning funds.We will still have to use, and be limited by, Morenet.

Senator Milde reported course offering problems with extended learning and the AHECs on decisions to offer various courses needed for particular degrees.The Provost has met with the Graduate Dean of Extended Learning, who reports that courses are offered on a cost-effectiveness basis; that is a class will not be offered if AHECs cannot break even in its offerings.The issue of compensation for teaching courses at the AHECs was discussed.Previous contracts allowed a stipend for “windshield time” to compensate for hours behind the wheel in addition to mileage.If faculty travel a fewer number of times to teach longer sessions, then they won't get the same stipend for windshield time.

The President commented on converting over to the Banner system saying it was required because the older software could no longer be supported by many vendors.He asked that we take training with a smile.

Senator Skip Smith asked about the number of computers on campus and the amount of service help available.

The President asked if a name change was a pressing issue with the Senators.He also said we had a lot of initiatives to work on and that a name change would not be high on that list.


The Provost had no report.


Senate Membership Committee Chair Skip Smith moved (seconded by Senator Summary) to approve Legislative Committee nominations after describing minor some changes in the handouts.The motion passed.

Senate Membership Committee Chair Skip Smith moved (seconded by Senator Milde) to approve Reporting Committee nominations and Chairs.The motion passed.


Alissa Vandeven from HR then gave an overview of the new cafeteria plan for benefits spending.She highlighted how benefits enrollment will be conducted in October.It will be done using the Banner Self-service module.She informed Senators as to when training and open labs would be available.


There were no items of old business.


Professional Affairs Chair Bruce Mims distributed a Bill to grant Emeritus Status to four Faculty members.The matter was to be acted on at the following meeting.


The motion to Adjourn (Mims/Dillivan) was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

Approved September 21, 2005