Minutes - May 7, 2008

Minutes - May 7, 2008

XLII, No. 20


May 7, 2008

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, May 7, 2008, in the University Center Party Room.The following Senators were present: Martha Zlokovich (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair-Elect), Jim McGill (Membership Chair), Rick Althaus, Julie Banks, David Briggs, Stephanie Chamberlain, Michael Cobb, Kathy Conway, Kim Dillivan, Benjie Heu, Walt Paquin (Alternate), Elaine Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Jayanti Ray, Willie Redmond, Brad Deken (Alternate), David Smith, Seidu Sofo, Marc Strauss, Alan Journet (Alternate), Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, and Xuesong Zhang.Provost Stephens and Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, were also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by an alternate were Marc Fulgham, Albie Sautter, and Jill Young.


Approval of minutes Volume XLII-17 was moved by Senator Althaus and seconded by Senator Ambery.The minutes were approved.Approval of minutes Volume XLII-18 was moved by Senator Althaus and seconded by Senator Chamberlain.The minutes were approved.Approval of minutes Volume XLII-19 was moved by Senator Althaus and seconded by Senator Ray.The minutes were approved.


Year End Report:

The 42nd Faculty Senate

Pestilence, forest fires, and volcanic eruptions did not disrupt Faculty Senate or the campus community, although we did experience damaging ice, snow storms, record setting rainfall, floods, and earthquakes during the Spring semester. Even so, Faculty Senate managed to complete a productive year.

Two Major Bills Passed

The biggest accomplishment of the Faculty Senate this past year was unquestionably the passage of the new Tenure and Promotion bill, and the new Merit Pay Policy bill. These replace the Merit Pay Policy that was due to sunset on April 30, 2008, which would have returned policy on promotion and merit to what was in the handbook five years earlier. Faculty Senate needed to either reauthorize the sunsetting policy or pass new legislation that could be accepted by faculty, the President, and the Board of Regents.

One significant change in the Tenure and Promotion bill is combining the applications of tenure and promotion into one process, rather than two separate processes, each with its own paperwork and calendar. It is expected that newer faculty will find this change to their advantage and that it will be a positive aspect of Faculty Handbook policies when recruiting new faculty.

The Merit Pay bill continues the post professorial merit compensation as before, but adds other options besides meeting the criteria for full professor, and removes the waiting period for the next application should a professor be denied post professorial merit.

The president has signed both the Merit Pay bill and the Promotion and Tenure bill, signifying his approval of them, and will present the bills to the Board of Regents at their May 9, 2008 meeting.

Mary Elizabeth Ambery, who will be Chair of Senate by then, and Martha Zlokovich, will both attend the May Board meeting.

I would like to commend the Professional Affairs committee in particular for their many hours of hard work writing, rewriting, meeting with one another, and meeting with President Dobbins, Provost Stephens, Vice Provost Janzow, and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. Even the very first draft of the bills met with praise from faculty and administrators alike. Both administration and Faculty Senate worked hard throughout the year, and both compromised significantly in crafting these two bills.

Other Bills

Faculty Senate discussed what other campuses in Missouri are doing to comply with the SB389 requirement for posting student evaluations of instruction. Academic Affairs brought forth a bill on this topic that will be voted on at the final meeting. The Grievance Policy bill was passed in September, and a form to accompany it will be voted on at the last meeting.

Missouri Association of Faculty Senates

SE's Faculty Senate sent representatives to the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates meetings in October and February. Chair Martha Zlokovich, Chair-Elect Mary Elizabeth Ambery, and Senator Mike Cobb attended in October. Chair Martha Zlokovich, Senator Mike Cobb, and Senator Rick Althaus attended in February. Unfortunately severe winter weather cut the February meeting short. Visits to the hill in Jefferson City for all of the MAFS attendees were not planned, although Senator Althaus did find some time to talk to legislators. The ramifications of SB389 were discussed at length at both meetings. In February the discussion focused on meeting the SB389 requirement for posting student evaluations of instruction.

Faculty Senate Budget

Although Faculty Senate had requested a larger budget, after the budget review process was completed, it remained unchanged for next year. The provost did, however, commit to paying for four Senators to attend the fall and the spring MAFS meetings next year. Some costs were streamlined, such as eliminating an unneeded second phone line, when the Johnson Faculty Center budget was examined.

Faculty Senate Website updates

The Faculty Senate Website was moved to the new application promoted by the University, Red Dot. Although the program makes updating the website regularly a little cumbersome, new pictures and organization make it easier to navigate. If anyone has ideas for improving the website, please contact Faculty Senate Chair Mary Elizabeth Ambery, or Administrative Assistant Dana Glass. http://www.semo.edu/facultysenate/

Personnel Changes

Paula Cunningham retired in June of 2007 after serving the Faculty Senate, the Johnson Faculty Center, and the University for many years. Dana Glass, who had been hired in Fall of 2005 to work as Faculty Senate's Administrative Assistant, took on some of the duties of overseeing the needs of the Johnson Faculty Center, while other duties related to the JFC were transferred to central scheduling.


Provost Stephens thanked the Faculty Senate for a very productive year.


Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, reported that the Student Government is closed and looks forward to next year.


Chair Zlokovich indicated that President Dobbins received a suggestion for a small revision to the Tenure and Promotion Policy from the University attorney.The current version on appeals reads, “Embedded within the preceding process is the provision for a faculty member to include in the dossier a written response to any evaluation at any level (i.e. department, college, university) with which he or she disagrees.Appeals regarding the misapplication of policy and/or procedure will be handled according to the Grievance Policy.”The attorney suggested replacing the verbiage with, “Embedded within the preceding process is the provision providing a faculty member with the opportunity to challenge any evaluation at any level (i.e. department, college, university) with which he or she disagrees by including in the dossier a written response.The written response then becomes part of the dossier reviewed and considered at the next level.In addition, appeals regarding claims that a policy or procedure has been misapplied or violated will be handed in accordance with the Grievance Policy.”Senator Althaus moved, with Senator Journet seconding, toamend the bill by adding the following language: "Embedded within the preceding process is the provision providing a faculty member with the opportunity to challenge any evaluation at any level (i.e., department, college, university) with which he or she disagrees by including in the dossier a written response. The written response then becomes part of the dossier reviewed and considered at the next level. In addition, appeals regarding claims that a policy or procedure has been misapplied or violated will be handled in accordance with the Grievance Policy." The motion passed.

Senator Wang indicated that she did not receive any revisions or suggested changes to the Grievance Form.Senator Wang moved to accept the revised Form, which was seconded by Senator Strauss.The Senate held discussion and offered minor revisions.The motion passed with the suggested revisions.

Senator Cobb moved to accept the Consumer Information Bill, which was seconded by Senator Strauss.The Senate held discussion and offered suggested revisions.The motion passed with the suggested revisions.Provost Stephens encouraged bringing someone in from IT to discuss implementation before posting.



Faculty Senate Membership Committee AY 2008 Year-End Report

Submitted Wednesday May 7, 2008

The 2007-2008 Faculty Senate Membership Committee consisted of Willie Redmond (HCB), Jan Ward (CoE), Priscilla Hornby (HHS), Marc Fulgham (CLA), Jim McGill (chairperson, CoSM), Julie Banks (KL), and Sophia Scott (SPS).

Committee Appointment Recommendations

The Membership Committee conducted the normal business of making recommendations to fill vacancies on Faculty Senate and University Standing Committees.Numerous committee vacancies were filled during the fall 2007 semester, and several vacancies remain to be filled at the close of the spring 2008 semester.These committees and the current status of the solicitation process will be itemized below.

As University Standing Committee vacancies arose during the year, blanket solicitations were sent out to all eligible faculty members by e-mail using the Faculty Senate News list.A separate solicitation was sent out for each committee and included a) the college(s) for which vacancies existed; b) the term length of the committee appointment; c) the charge to the committee; d) a brief description of the recommendation and selection process; and e) two evaluative questions:

1. Briefly, why are you interested in serving on this particular committee?

2. Do you have any experience or expertise that makes you a particularly suitable candidate to serve on this committee?

Respondents were then ranked by a vote of all members of the Membership Committee, and the names of the top two candidates by rank were forwarded to the appropriate administrator for selection.

Vacancies were filled on the following University Standing Committees: AQIP Steering Committee [1], the University Research Involving Human Subjects Committee [1], the University Commencement Committee [9], the University Athletic Committee [1].Three appointments were also made to the Ad Hoc Committee on Smoking Policies and Procedures.

In addition to making recommendations for the population of all Faculty Senate Committees for the academic year, vacancies were also filled on the following Faculty Senate Legislative and Reporting Committees: Academic Affairs Committee [1]; Documents Committee [1]; Faculty Compensation Committee [1]; Governance Committee [1], Johnson Faculty Centre Governing Committee [1]

Approximately thirty vacancies on University Standing Committees remain to be filled and are detailed in a table at the end of this report.A rotation schedule for the University Equity Issues Committee was devised by the Membership Committee at the request of the administration.

Two vacancies on the Faculty Senate Documents Committee remain to be filled.These two vacancies need not be Senators.

Faculty Senate Department Unit Representative Elections

In addition to making various committee membership recommendations, the Membership Committee also initiated, oversaw, and confirmed the outcome of elections of Senate representatives and alternates for eleven departmental units during the spring 2008 semester.The results of these elections are reported in a table at the end of this report.

Agriculture. Senator: Kim Dillivan; Alternate: none elected

Communication Disorders.Senator: Joyce Renaud; Alternate: Jayanti Ray

Computer Science. Senator: David Naugler; Alternate: none elected

Elementary, Early, and Special Education. Senator: Kathy Conway; Alternate: Larry Bohannon

English. Senator: Stephanie Chamberlain; Alternate: none elected

Management and Marketing. Senator: none reported yet; Alternate: none reported yet

Nursing. Senator: Elaine Jackson; Alternate: Marcie Hobbs

Psychology. Senator: Rick Sebby; Alternate: Leslee Pollina

Social Work. Senator: Walt Paquin; Alternate: Tiffany Parker

Mathematics. Senator: Haohao Wang; Alternate: Candide Walton

Chemistry. Senator: Jim McGill; Alternate: none elected

Resolution of Handbook Issues

Finally, the Membership Committee pursued resolution of a couple of issues that arose in the course of the normal conduct of business.

First, the issue of whether Faculty Handbook policy prohibiting self-succession for faculty members serving full terms on University Standing Committees (page 66 in current handbook) should be amended to allow exceptions for committees which are difficult to populate and for which an outgoing faculty member wishes to continue serving (e.g. University Commencement Committee).The administration rejected this proposal stating 1) that it is preferable to have a vacant seat on a committee rather than to have a faculty member succeed him or herself as a member of that committee; and 2) that it is not acceptable for a faculty member to rotate back onto such a committee even after the position has been left vacant for a year or more.

Second, addressing an issue of confusion the administration was asked to define a University Standing Committee.No precise definition was available except that any University-level committee that is directly or indirectly appointed by and reports directly or indirectly to the President is a University Standing Committee.This definition is consistent with the one provided on page 66 of the Faculty Handbook.By this definition, there are apparent conflicts between Faculty Handbook policy and practice, since some of these committees are not appointed by the process defined on page 66 of the Faculty Handbook.It is recommended that this issue be revisited by the new Faculty Senate and Membership Committee and brought to the Senate for resolution of any real or apparent conflicts between policy and practice.

Remaining University Committee Vacancies (2 names needed for each vacancy)


College/School/Library (# of vacancies)

# of names

AQIP Steering Committee

At-large faculty member (1)*


Campus Planning and Beautification Committee

College of Health and Human Services (1)*


Strategic Enrollment Management Task Force

At-large faculty member (1)


University Athletic Committee

Kent Library (1)#


University Commencement Committee

Harrison College of Business (2)

College of Education (2)

College of Health and Human Services (3)

College of Liberal Arts (3)

College of Science and Mathematics (3)

School of Polytechnic Studies (1)







University Equity Issues Committee

Harrison College of Business (1)

College of Education (1)

College of Health and Human Services (1)

College of Liberal Arts (1)

College of Science and Mathematics (1)

Kent Library (1)#

School of Polytechnic Studies (1)








University Student Affairs Committee

Harrison College of Business (1)

College of Liberal Arts (1)



University Planning Committee

Harrison College of Business (1)

Kent Library (1)#



University Promotion and Sabbatical Leave Committee

Harrison College of Business (1); moot?


* denotes committees for which Membership Committee is ready to select names of candidates to send forward to the appropriate administrator for final selection

# due to the low number of Kent Library faculty members, only one candidate name was submitted for these vacancies

Professional Affairs:

Professional Affairs Committee

2007-08 Year-End Report

May 7, 2008

Members: Althaus, Chamberlain, Conway, Journet, Mims, Scott, Smith, Sofo, Speer, Zhang

The Professional Affairs Committee met ten times during the year, beginning on August 22 and concluding on April 9.Additionally, the Committee constituted a drafting subcommittee to develop draft versions of the legislation on the Promotion and Tenure policy and the Merit Pay policy.That group met approximately ten times, including Semester Break, Spring Break, a Saturday, and multiple Friday afternoons.Throughout the year, the Committee worked on these issues:

1.Promotion and Tenure Policy:The Committee developed and refined multiple draft versions of an Omnibus Tenure and Promotion Bill, combining the previous Handbook policies on Promotion and on Tenure.Revision and improvements to those polices were added, based upon the research conducted by the committee over the three previous years.The new bill combines tenure and promotion, revises the process for approving departmental criteria and for consideration of faculty member dossiers, and changes the makeup and selection process of the University Tenure, Promotion, and Sabbatical Appeals Advisory Committee.In addition, the bill incorporates the Post-Professorial Merit provisions from the previous Merit Pay Policy.The President has indicated his support for the final version of the bill, and it is anticipated that it will be approved by the Board.

2.Merit Pay Policy:The Committee was charged with making recommendations regarding the existing Handbook policy on Merit Pay, as that policy was due to sunset at the end of the Spring 2008 semester.The Committee developed a bill that essentially maintained the existing policy regarding the annual merit program for all faculty, and the separate merit pay program for non-tenure-track faculty.The provisions dealing with Post-Professorial Merit were removed from this policy and added to the new Tenure and Promotion policy.The bill created a process for establishing departmental criteria for non-tenure-track merit, and defined the process for consideration of non-tenure-track faculty dossiers. The President has indicated his support for the final version of the bill, and it is anticipated that it will be approved by the Board.

3.Intellectual Property Rights:Two members of the Committee were asked to serve on a Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Intellectual Property Rights policy, chaired by Kent Library Director Ed Buis.That Committee met throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, addressing the issues raised by the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Intellectual Property Rights Task Force in its report to the Senate at the end of the Spring 2007 semester.The Buis Committee is developing recommendations that will be reported publicly at a later date, and that will be considered through various appropriate policy recommending bodies.

4.Emeritus Faculty: The Committee recommended to the Senate nine bills containing the names of eleven retiring faculty members eligible for conferral of Emeritus status.The Senate approved those bills unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Althaus, Chair


Faculty Senate Professional Affairs Committee

Recommended Agenda Items


  • To prepare recommendations to the Senate for implementation of the new Tenure and Promotion Policy, and to volunteer to inform various faculty groups about the new provisions.

  • As a part of the above, to constitute a working group, including various faculty from CSTL and elsewhere, to clarify what constitutes “best practices” and “sound statistical principles” for the voluntary reporting of Student Evaluation of Instruction data.

  • To study and make recommendations regarding possible changes to existing Faculty Development Policy.

  • To continue to monitor and advocate regarding the Senate's positions on the issues of Student Evaluation of Instruction and Nondiscrimination regarding Sexual Orientation

  • To continue the routine processing of recommendations concerning Emeritus status for retiring faculty.


Academic Affairs:

Academic Affairs

Year End Report 5/7/2008

Academic affairs met a number of times during the year and considered a range of issues including: 1) the status of common hour, 2) student free speech (academic diversity), 3) intellectual property, 4) grade inflation, 5) minimum requirements for annual “Good” merit evaluations, and 6) policies regarding the posting of student evaluations as part of the consumer information section of SB389.

The committee concluded it did not have enough information to address grade inflation and decided that no action was needed on the common hour issue.Common hour currently only exists as a resolution from Student Government expressing support and there is no official academic policy or body that manages the effort.The Intellectual property issue was given to a special ad hoc university committee.The committee could not come to a consensus regarding the minimum requirements for a good rating for annual merit.

The committee brought forward legislation regarding student free speech to preempt the Emily Brooker bill (HB1315) which was being considered in the legislature but both efforts were tabled and died from lack of action.The committee also brought forward legislation regarding the policies associated with the posting of student evaluations as part of the consumer information section of SB389 and final approval will be considered during the Senate's last session.


Documents Committee

Year End Report for 2007-2008

  • The Documents Committee addressed Theresa Wildman's request to remove the language about the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs from the Handbook.The Committee unanimously agreed that the language should be removed.A bill was subsequently introduced and passed by the Senate removing the language and adding a link to the Handbook referring readers to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs's website.

  • The Documents Committee reviewed the Faculty Forum. The Committee identified a few items that could make the forum more user-friendly. The discussion areas were reorganized and the number of topics was reduced.

  • Dr. Ward contacted Archie Sprengel concerning the IT benefits for emeritus faculty.Mr. Sprengel confirmed that emeritus faculty will still be able to access help desk support. A bill was presented and passed by the Senate that removed language referring to internet access being provided by Computer Services.

  • The Documents Committee also reviewed Chapter 1 in the Faculty Handbook.The reporting lines need to be updated in the sections referring to the President's, the Provost's, and the Vice Provost's responsibilities.During this review the Committee has identified several other errors that need to be addressed. The Committee also received a request from Dr. Starrett to look at some additional sections on pages 20, 21, 22, and 62.Dr. Ward will present the proposed changes to the Senate as soon as the recommendations are compiled. Proposed changes for two pages have not yet been submitted. These updates will be accomplished through the use of change forms rather than bills.


Governance Committee
2007-8 Year-End Report

May 2, 2008

The Governance Committee addressed the following agenda items this year:

A Faculty Senate Self-Survey

The Governance Committee completed a survey during the Fall 2007 and administered the survey in Spring 2008.Survey data has been collected and analyzed. A draft report is nearing completion and is expected to be submitted to Faculty Senate early in Fall 2008.

Official Grievance Form

A revised Official Grievance Form has been prepared and is ready for Faculty Senate consideration.

Collective Bargaining

The Committee also had several discussions and gathered information relating to collective bargaining.The initial report is under construction.


Faculty Compensation Committee

Year End Committee Report

May 2008

Base Merit Pay

We developed a merit pay proposal for presentation at the spring Budget Review Committee meeting.Our committee deliberations considered the extent to which historic salary increases have kept pace with inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. According to DOL, CPI for urban St. Louis consumers increased slightly more than 23% from 2000.However, faculty base pay has increased approximately 20% during the same period (this includes 25% funding promotion and post-prof merit).Considering this and a DOL February projected CPI of 4%, we proposed a faculty base merit increase of 4% ($1,273,768). (Any base salary increase is contingent upon available funding from state appropriations plus student fees.) After negotiations and compromise during the budget review process, our proposal was reduced to 3%.President Dobbins has since indicated his support of a 3.25% base merit pay increase made possible by additional state appropriations and some one-time monies.

Equity Pay Adjustments

In the past, a small number of salary equity adjustments were made for professors in departments where market conditions dedicated a substantially higher starting salary for new faculty.These are called Position Equity adjustments.We proposed $22,000 at Budget Review for funding these adjustments.

Equation Equity adjustments are made for those individuals identified by regression analysis to be substantially below the national average for their discipline.We proposed $11,000 at Budget Review to fund these adjustments.Assuming a continuation of these inequities, the Faculty Compensation Committee should anticipate participating in future compensation studies and supporting recommendations aimed at alleviating salary inequities.

Promotion and Post-Professorial Merit Equity Adjustments

In 2003, post-professorial merit was created by Faculty Senate bill 96-A-05.Faculty became eligible to apply five years after attaining the rank of full professor.Approximately 40 faculty members were awarded post-professorial merit in 2004-2007.Because these individuals were unable to benefit from the new increase in merit pay when advancing from associate to full, a post-professional merit adjustment was proposed and partially funded last year.Faculty Compensation Committee should revisit this issue for the spring 2010 Budget Review process.

Faculty Compensation Committee should also consider proposals that address inequities in base pay increase for assistants promoted to associate professors, and associates promoted to full professors.

Note that in the recent past, Faculty Compensation Committee has prioritized compensation proposals by placing merit base pay requests first, followed by individual equity adjustment requests, then promotion and post-prof adjustment requests.Given scarce financial resources and the competitive nature of the budget review process, adjustments to promotion and post-prof merit rewards might be limited.

However, funding for promotion and post-prof merit comes from a pool of funds consisting of 25% of the increase of faculty base merit.The amount of base merit increase, the number of faculty successfully promoted, and the number of professors receiving post-prof merit influence the size of this pool.Although the pool has historically run a deficit, a surplus is quite possible which could very well fund proposed promotion and post-prof merit increases.


The Grievance Committee Chair was unable to attend.

Johnson Faculty Center Board of Directors:

No Report.

Grants and Research Funding Committee (GRFC):

The GRFC Chair was unable to attend.


Chair Zlokovich presented awards of appreciation to the retiring Senators.Chair-Elect Ambery presented a plaque and offered a word of appreciation to Chair Zlokovich for her time served as Chair of the Faculty Senate.


The motion to adjourn (Althaus/Ray) was recognized and approved at 4:00 p.m.

Approved September 17, 2008