Minutes - April 29, 2009

Minutes - April 29, 2009

XLIII, No. 15


April 29, 2009

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 in Crisp Hall, Room 125. The following Senators were present: Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair), Stephanie Chamberlain (Chair-Elect), Jim McGill (Membership Chair), Rick Althaus, Carl Pracht (Alternate), David Briggs, Michael Cobb, Kathy Conway , Kevin Dickson, Marcia Hobbs (Alternate), Alan Journet, Don Jung, Daniel MacLeay, David Naugler, David Naugler, Walt Paquin, Joyce Renaud, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, Rick Sebby, Kathy Smith, Seidu Sofo, Marc Strauss, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, and Janice Ward. Student Government Liaison, Katie Herring, was also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by their alternates were Marc Fulgham, Willie Redmond, Raj Somarajan, and Sven Svenson.


There being no objections, the Chair declared the minutes Volume XLIII-14 approved as distributed.


Student Government Liaison, Katie Herring, reported that she is serving on the Ad Hoc Committee on Sustainability. She indicated that they were scheduled to meet at 4:00 PM and would need to leave the Faculty Senate meeting early. She reported that Student Government (SG) approved the budget for next year. They increased the budget for the Wings Program and for club sports. They also approved the water filter project. Water filters will be housed in Towers and in the University Center. Elections for next years SG officers have been finalized.


Chair Ambery reported that the Provost will be retiring in January 2010. The Faculty Senate oversees the election of the search committee for provost. All full-time faculty have an opportunity to serve on the search committee. The President is putting together a list of all full-time faculty. Chair Ambery indicated that she has a meeting with Archie Sprengel in the morning to determine whether or not the voting can be managed online. The policy requires a majority vote. All faculty are on the ballot unless they choose to be excluded. The Senate held discussion on the best possible processes for overseeing the election. The following bulleted list is what was concluded:

Senator McGill will use the list server to alert faculty of the process. The email subject will read “To All Full-Time Faculty”. The email will explain that they are now on the ballot for consideration to serve on the Provost Search Committee for their college. If they wish their name to be taken off please reply to Dr. Jim McGill by 11:59 PM, May 3rd. The email will be distributed tomorrow, April 30.
Senators are to request a list of full time faculty from the dean of their college to be sent to Dr. Jim McGill by Friday.
Faculty Senate members from the Membership Committee will meet Monday to verify the ballot based on the exclusions received. They will also compare the full-time faculty list that the President provided against ones given by the deans of each college. If someone from the Membership Committee cannot attend, they should ask another member of Faculty Senate to serve in their stead.
The ballot will go out for a vote on Tuesday, May 5.
Votes will be tallied Friday, May 8.
If Archie is unable to manage the votes online, the Faculty Senate appointed the Executive Committee and the Membership Committee to oversee the pen and paper voting procedures.


Year-end reports were distributed electronically. Reports are available online at http://www.semo.edu/facultysenate/reports/index.htm.


Senator Chamberlain distributed an electronic copy of a resolution against carrying concealed weapons on campus prior to the meeting. Senator Journet motioned to suspend the rules to allow consideration of the resolution, which was seconded by Senator Cobb. The Senate unanimously voted to suspend the rules. Senator Jung made a motion, seconded by Senator Conway, to consider the resolution. Senator Journet made a motion to amend the resolution to remove all but the first and second “whereas”. The resolution as amended passed unanimously. Chair Ambery indicated that she would convey their stance to the US Senate, the local Senator, and the Governor through letters. Senator Cobb indicated that he would type the letters and forward them to Chair Ambery for signatures and distribution.

Senator Sebby indicated that summer contract have a new condition that states that classes may be canceled up to the second week of class without pay. He indicated that he intended to ask the Provost about the intent of the wording but she was unable to attend. The Senate agreed that this issue should be the first order of business for the 44th Senate.


Chair Ambery presented awards of appreciation to the retiring Senators. Chair-Elect Chamberlain presented a plaque and offered a word of appreciation to Chair Ambery for her time served as Chair of the Faculty Senate.


The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Approved September 16, 2009