Minutes - April 20, 2011

Minutes - April 20, 2011

XLV, No. 16


April 20, 2011

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday April 20, 2011, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Sophia Scott (Chair), Kevin Dickson (Chair-Elect), Rick Althaus, Larry Bohannon, Brandon Christensen, Eric Clements, Elaine Jackson, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Charles McAllister, Rachel Morgan Theall, Phil Nacy, David Naugler, Walt Paquin, Jian Peng, David Powell, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Claudia Ruediger, Doug Atwood, Seidu Sofo, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Victor Wilburn, and Diane Wood. Provost Ronald Rosati and Student Government Liaison Daniel Schunemeyer were also in attendance. Kathy Mangels was also in attendance as a guest speaker. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate were Senators Stephanie Chamberlain, Sven Svenson, Larry Underberg and Chris Wubbena.


The minutes of April 6, 2011 (45.15) were approved with the addition under Old Business stating that Bills 11-A-10 and 11-A-11 were withdrawn. A voice vote of the Senate was taken after a motion by Senator Willie Redmond and a second by Senator Jian Peng. The vote was an all in favor result, passing the minutes of April 6, 2011.


Chair Sophia Scott reported that the steering committee of The Committee of 2020 is putting together their recommendations concerning online courses. The draft recommendations will be further developed this summer with more discussions and feedback anticipated for the fall semester. The recommendations are starting points for discussion so that the university can make the best recommendations moving forward. It is expected that the larger community including faculty will be involved in the decisions. The committee work and recommendations are not final decisions they are just starting points for further discussions in the fall.

The budget was balanced and the request for a 2% merit increase was accepted in the Budget Review Process. The Board of Regents meeting is set for May 13, 2011 at 1:30 pm in the Innovations Center and more information will come May 4, 2011 regarding that meeting.


Provost Ronald Rosati reported on the status of the Deans Reviews. They have received a summary report from Idea for the reviews of the Deans. Those reports were sent to the Deans around April 19, 2011. The Provost will be meeting with the Deans sometime next week to get their feedback on the reports and a couple of weeks after that he will be sending a report to the President with his recommendations. The Provost will also be meeting with the colleges to go over the summary of the Deans Review and that will be completed sometime before the end of this semester. There has been a good response rate ranging from about 65 – 84% and the reviewers like to see 60% for validity sake.

The proposals for the department merger have gone to the President a couple of weeks ago but there is no response at this time. The issue of the Merger of the Department of Education and Science and Mathematics has not been resolved, they are still waiting on a response back. The Provost has received recommendations for the Senior Associate Provost Position from the Search Committee and believes that they will have an announcement next week regarding who was selected for that position.

There are some Federal Regulations that the University is dealing with at this time regarding International Student Enrollment. INS is looking very closely at our International students and limiting how many online classes an International Student can take. An undergraduate International Student has to take at least 9 credits face to face. They have to take at least 12 credits and at least 9 of those have to be face to face. For a graduate student they have to take at least 9 credits and 6 of those 9 have to be face to face. Provost Rosati will find out what the summer regulations are. There are two other Federal Regulations that the University is dealing with, they just met with the accrediting agency about a week ago about these issues. The United States Department of Education ruled on these two other issues March 18, 2011. One of the issues is Distance Education. If this University offers online education to students in other states we need that states permission to offer that education to those students. That requirement goes into effect July 1, 2011.

The second regulation is that for the first time in history there is a Federal definition for a credit hour. The Federal Government is saying that to be eligible for Federal Financial Aid, credit hours have to comply with the Federal Governments definition. The federal definition for a credit hour is largely equivalent to the Carnegie Unit which is roughly what we have been using. A Carnegie unit is basically face to face meeting one hour a week for 15 weeks plus two hours of homework per week outside of class. That is equal to one credit hour and an hour really means 50 minutes.

There is a little catch to that, if you say that you are going to offer a 3 credit hour class in one week that equals 3 credit hours times 15 weeks which equals 45 hours per week. However for the federal definition of a credit hour that would mean 45 hours face to face plus 90 hours of homework and the Federal Government could argue that the student cannot complete 45 hours of instruction plus 90 hours of homework into one week. So, therefore, you cannot offer a 3 credit hour course in one week. It essentially comes down to what this university has been following, which is one credit per week for face to face courses or 3 one hour lectures per week, which is what we do so we have been largely in compliance with those regulations. We also have to develop definitions for labs, practicum, student teaching, clinicals, etc. which we do not have formal definitions for at this time and this institution has to develop those. In the next year or so we have to have a rule in place that says two hours of lab is equivalent to one hour of face time or one hour of lecture, something like that. There will be a lot of discussion with the Faculty Senate next year regarding this issue. For online courses they need to be essentially equivalent to face to face courses, we have to have student learning outcomes and have to measure them.

Provost Rosati reported on the status report on summer enrollment, and said that this university is about 4,000 credit hours ahead of last summer. For this summer about 69% of the credit hours are online.


Chair Sophia Scott introduced Kathy Mangels as a guest at the Faculty Senate Meeting. Kathy came to talk about how Faculty Senate had sent forth a bill trying to separate the monies because currently 25% comes out of Faculty Merit Increase to fund Promotions and Post Professorial. That bill was not passed by Budget Review because of budget constraints in the budget meeting. However, the reason why it wasn't approved was because the concept was good but the monies were just not there. Chair Scott let the Faculty Senate know that the Executive Committee and the Compensation Committee Chair met with the President, the Provost and Kathy Mangels and that is what they would like for Kathy Mangels to discuss and share what was talked about in their meeting. Kathy Mangels started with an overview and some background information regarding prior years.

Prior to October 2002 there was a 25% pool and the money from that pool went to each department for Merit Increases. That department decided through their own criteria how to distribute that merit increase to the faculty in their department. Every department did their own thing and there were no established criteria for how the merit increases were distributed. 25% is still taken out to create a merit pool but there was criteria established as to what you had to do to get your merit increase. There was a time limit established to indicate what you had to do to go from Assistant to Associate Professor and the Post Professorial merit was established as well. The promotion amounts were also significantly increased at that time.

In May of 2008 the dollar amount for Post Professorial Merit was increased from $4,000 to $5,000. The 25% that is put into a pool today funds the promotion, which is going from Associate Professor to full Professor and merit, which is the Post Professorial Merit. To go to Associate Professor there is $6,400 base increase, plus a one time $1,000 Professional Development account. There is $7,900 increase to go to Full Professor, plus the one time $1,000 Professional Development account and the Post Professorial merit increase merit increases is $5,000. So, that 25% funds promotion and merit increase and over time the Faculty Member is having that 25% taken out, so therefore, they are only receiving 75% of what the full raise amount is and in years where the Faculty Member is up for a promotion they get these additional dollars added to their salary. The proposal made by Faculty Senate to the Budget Review came down to dollars because the proposal would, instead of creating the dollars out of the 25% pooled amount, it would actually take that amount out of the cost of continuing. So, for this year for the 2% merit raises, it would be about $670,000 to fund that 2% merit based raise. Plus, the estimate for promotion and merit would add another $282,000 to that. So the University would have to be able to fund another $282,000 in the budget this year to implement that change and then that would be an ongoing change to the budget. As far as where they are for the budget this year, the university did not have the extra $282,000 to be able to fund that raises for this year.

After the Bill was not passed at the Budget meeting the Executive Team and Compensation Committee Chair met again with Kathy Mangels to discuss further and Kathy heard that other institutions do not require their faculty to fund their own promotions, however they also do not have Post Professorial raises. Once you get to full Professor you hit the top salary scale and there is not another step for you to receive a raise. Kathy then shared that with the President and discussed further options. The President then proposed an alternative looking at Post Professorial. Post Professorial raises are funded out of the 25% pool, which is around 12.5% of the 25%. The President then proposed to take out promotion costs from the faculty 25% pool which is around 12.5% and the institution would then fund the promotion. Then only 12.5% would be taken from Faculty to fund the Post Professorial. So, if the raises are at 2% instead of taking 25% of that, there would only be 12.5% out of it. So instead of receiving 1.5% plus having the opportunity for your promotion, the faculty would get 1.875% and still have those opportunities for promotion.


There was a new bill presented to the Faculty Senate regarding an Amendment to Faculty Merit Pay Policy and Faculty Tenure and Promotion Policy. There was discussion on this bill and it will be presented at the next Faculty Senate Meeting for a vote.


Student Government Liaison reported that the student government is winding down for the year. They did have their elections so next week they will install their new executive board. Right now they are having a very large discussion on the speaker series and how to use that money. There are surveys up on the portal trying to get students to give their input on the speaker series. They did pass their budget and it will stay the same for the next year.


Senate Bill 11-A-20 – Revision of the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Policy – A motion was made by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Chair-Elect Kevin Dickson to pass Senate Bill 11-A-20. Discussion followed.

A motion was made by Senator David Powell to amend Bill 11-A-20 to add an additional sentence between number 2 and 3 that says “That the fourth sentence of the subsection entitled, “College Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee” be amended by deleting the period and appending the following phrase: “in the same college or school.” That motion was seconded by Senator Willie Redmond. A vote was taken to pass that amendment with an all in favor. Further discussion followed.

A vote was then taken to pass Bill 11-A-20 with the amended language with an all in favor of the Senate. Bill 11-A-20 passed at the Faculty Senate Meeting on April 20, 2011.

Senate Bill 11-A-21 – Revision of Chapter 4 “Professional Development Opportunities Policy” – A motion was made by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Senator Debra Lee-DiStefano to pass bill 11-A-21. Discussion followed. A vote was taken the pass Bill 11-A-21 with an all in favor result.

Senate Bill 11-A-22 – College Level Professional Development Procedures – A motion was made by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Senator Brandon Christenson to pass Bill 11-A-22. Discussion followed. A vote was taken to pass Bill 11-A-22 with an all in favor result.

Bill 11-A-23 – Sabbatical Leave Procedures – A motion was made to pass Bill 11-A-23 by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Senator Janice Ward. Discussion followed. A vote was taken with an all in favor result.

Bill 11-A-24 – Other Faculty Leave Procedures – A motion was made to pass Bill 11-A-24 by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Senator Janice Ward. Discussion followed. A vote was taken with an all in favor result. Bill 11-A-24 passed at the April 20, 2011 Faculty Senate Meeting.

Bill 11-A-27 – Revisions to the Johnson Faculty Centre Bylaws – A motion was made by Senator Diane Wood and seconded by Chair-Elect Kevin Dickson to pass bill 11-A-27. Discussion followed. A vote was taken with an all in favor result and Bill 11-A-27 was passed by the Faculty Senate.


Resolution for Policy and Procedure – 11-01 – a motion was made by Senator Diane Wood and seconded by Senator Willie Redmond to pass Resolution 11-01. Discussion followed. A vote was taken with an all in favor result. Resolution 11-01 passed in the April 20, 2011 Faculty Senate meeting.

Resolution for Summer Compensation Pilot – 11-02 – There was discussion on Resolution 11-02 and Provost Rosati asked to change the increased base salary from 24.75% to 33%. Also, Chair Elect Kevin Dickson asked to move the whereas clause data into the Therefore be it Resolved section.


There were no Legislative Committee Reports.


Faculty Senate entered into Executive Session. The Senate passed Bill 11-A-26 recommending that Emeritus Status be conferred upon Ben H. Lents upon his retirement.



The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be held May 4, 2011, at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana Room.

Approved May 4, 2011