Minutes - April 16, 2008

Minutes - April 16, 2008

XLII, No. 17


April 16, 2008

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, April 16, 2008, in the University Center Party Room. The following Senators were present: Martha Zlokovich (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair-Elect), Jim McGill (Membership Chair), Rick Althaus, Julie Banks, David Briggs, Stephanie Chamberlain, Michael Cobb, Larry Bohannon (Alternate), Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Benjie Heu, Priscilla Hornby, Elaine Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Jayanti Ray, Willie Redmond, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, David Smith, Seidu Sofo, Marc Strauss, Alan Journet (Alternate), Don Jung (Alternate), Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Debbie Beard (Alternate), and Xuesong Zhang. The Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, was also in attendance.


Approval of minutes Volume XLII-16 was moved by Senator Journet and seconded by Senator Althaus. The minutes were approved.


Chair Zlokovich reported that Program Review is still underway. She indicated that the review is to make sure programs are on track and are in no way for program cuts.

Chair Zlokovich reported that the President met with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Professional Affairs yesterday concerning the Tenure and Promotion bill. Dr. Althaus was the only person that could attend from Professional Affairs due to scheduling conflicts. The President asked to meet with them to offer the administrative point of view on the Tenure and Promotion bill since there would not be an administrative liaison at the Senate meeting today. Chair Zlokovich indicated that the administrative points would be shared during Old Business. Chair Zlokovich indicated that the President said that he was very impressed with the quality of the bill.


Provost Stephens and Dr. Janzow were both traveling and unable to attend the meeting.


Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, reported that the Student Government (SG) voted to reallocate funding; 4.7% of student funds will be put into a “special projects” fund.

Mr. Wilhelm indicated that many students are in support of SB389. He indicated that many students use rateyourprofessor.com and he believes SB389 will provide a more professional way for students to evaluate their professors.

Mr. Wilhelm reported that the SG had a meeting with Troy Vaughn, Director of the Recreation Center. Mr. Vaughn gave a tour of the new student aquatic center and the new track that is currently being installed.



Senator McGill, Chair of the Membership Committee, deferred his report to allow more time for discussion of the Tenure and Promotion bill.

Professional Affairs

The Faculty Tenure and Promotion Bill was discussed under old business.

Academic Affairs

Senator Cobb, Chair of Academic Affairs, distributed a copy of the bill, “Policies for the Posting of Consumer Information Regarding Student Evaluations” for the first reading (attached). Chair Cobb indicated that he would like the Senate to vote on the bill April 30. The Senate held discussion. Chair Zlokovich asked that suggestions for the bill be sent to Senator Cobb via email. The Senate requested an electronic copy of the bill be sent out electronically.


Senator Ward, Chair of the Documents Committee, deferred her report to allow more time for discussion of the Tenure and Promotion bill.


Senator Wang handed out a form to be used for a grievance. There was a suggestion that "appeal" be removed so that the last paragraph reads: ..."resolved using the existing tenure or promotion process" because there technically is not an appeal in the new bills. Faculty may request a review of a higher decision maker. She asked that suggestions for revisions be emailed to her. Chair Zlokovich recommended waiting until the Tenure and Promotion Policy is finalized before continuing with the Grievance Form, as the Policy can affect wording in the Form.


The Compensation Committee did not have a report.


Senator Althaus, Chair of Professional Affairs, distributed copies of notes taken during the meeting with President. The notes expressed the administrator's point of view. Senator Althaus also distributed copies of the revised Tenure and Promotion bill that was passed by Professional Affairs. The Senate held discussion on each administrative point and considered revisions. A motion was made (Cobb, Chamberlain) to change the waiting period between applications for post professorial merit from 5 years to 4 years. Motion failed 3 to 16. The reason discussed for voting against it was not disagreement with the principle, but a belief the president wouldn't sign the bill with that change anyway. The Professional Affairs Committee was asked to complete the changes as discussed so the bill could be sent to the President. The question was called to accept the revised bill. The motion passed.


There was no new business considered.

The Senate moved to Executive Session.

Motion to approve emeritus status for Robert Keller (Journet, Smith) passed unanimously.


The motion to adjourn (Journet/Heu) was recognized and approved at 5:15 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be April 23, 2008, in the Crisp Auditorium at 3:00 p.m.

Approved May 7, 2008



Approved by the Faculty Senate


WHEREAS: the state legislature mandated that higher education institutions post certain consumer information including student evaluations in SB-389, and

WHEREAS: the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education has adopted specific regulations concerning these requirements through rule CSR 10-9.010, and

WHEREAS: the Senate has expressed it preferences for complying through Resolution 07-05.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: that the following policies will be used concerning the use of student evaluations in support of SB-389

1.A separate survey will be developed to satisfy the requirement.
2.Results of this survey may not be used for personnel actions like promotion and tenure or program review.
3.The University will not keep a permanent record of the surveys except as needed to comply with these policies or as part of routine server backups.
4.Only individuals with a valid SE Key may access the information.
5.Only one faculty's ratings may be viewed at one time.
6.Only raw 5 point Likert scale results will be reported. No means, T-scores or other statistics will be compiled or reported. The rating scale shall be 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree.
7.Only the most recent two year's worth of results will be posted for each course taught.
8.The questions on the survey may be reviewed by the Senate each year and can be changed by a simple majority vote.
9.Students may submit evaluations between the last day to drop a course and the beginning of finals week.
10.The Senate recommends that a separate link be provided through the Portal under the student's “my courses” tab for each course which is grayed out except during the reporting period as a way to submit evaluations.
11.The two initial questions for the survey will be: 1) The Faculty member cared about student learning and 2) My Faculty instructor successfully contributed to my better understanding of the material.