Minutes - April 6, 2005

Minutes - April 6, 2005

Vol. XXXIX, No. 14


April 6, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, April 6, in the Program of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Susan Swartwout (presiding), James Champine, Bruce Hathaway, Rick Althaus, David Baird, Janice Chadha, Michael Cobb, Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gilliland, Linda Heitman, Daniel MacLeay, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, David Naugler, Carolyn Rainey, David Smith, Bonnie Stepenoff, Marc Strauss, Rebecca Summary, Mohan Tikoo, Pat Willingham, Mack Wilson, Rick Sebby (for Martha Zlokovich), and Min Zou. Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham was absent due to illness. Student Government Representative Heather Valle and Provost Jane Stephens (Administrative Liaison) also attended.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were Mary Elizabeth Ambery, Ronald Clayton, Mary Ann DeLine, Arrick Jackson, and Kevin Squibb. Dean Irene Ferguson attended as a guest.


The motion (Chadha/MacLeay) to approve Vol. XXXIX No. 13 of the minutes was approved.


* Chair Swartwout requested draft copies of year end reports from committee chairs by April 18 in order to include them in her report to the Board of Regents on the 19th. She suggested 35 copies for distribution to senators on April 20.

* The Senate will be discussing revisions to the Academic Honesty Policy under New Business. The chair commented on common sense in using academic honesty software such as turnitin.com. The library will provide workshops upon request on use of such software. There was a discussion of the issue of plagiarism by the senators.

* The chair reminded the Senate on the upcoming election of senate officers, Chair-elect and Membership chair, on April 20. The first half of that meeting will include closing action on Old Business, reports from committees, and ceremonies for senators whose terms have expired. The second half of that meeting will be attended by the new senate who will elect the officers. Chair-elect Champine provided a list of responsibilities for distribution.

* Chair Swartwout expressed appreciation for Dr. Locke moving the April 1 meeting to March 30 so more faculty could attend. Chair-elect Champine provided a report on the meeting. He reported that President Dobbins made a presentation at the beginning of the meeting. He moderated discussion of the increase in the General Fee related to athletics. He outlined reasons, for the sake of construction scheduling and timing of the meeting of the Board of Regents, why the Budget vote was made separately from approving the cost of continuance or increases in the Incidental fees. The President also briefed the Budget Committee on the plans to teach courses on AHEC. He also pointed out that progress on the state decision will result in University budget plans most likely being finalized in mid-May. Currently appropriations are to be equal to last year. The President warned that a reduction might occur.


Dr. Stephens updated the senate on actions resulting from the Phase II review of the library. She reminded the senate that librarians will retain faculty status. She added that the University Promotion and Tenure Committee had approved the Masters as the qualifying degree for advancement. She identified issues between the professional staff and the faculty librarians with regards to scheduling, and indicated that an external reviewer was being consulted. Senator Willingham gave perspective on time commitments of the library faculty.

The Provost briefed the senate on the situation surrounding the Area Higher Education Centers. The administration is pleased with the involvement of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education and hopes for an amicable solution soon.

Dr. Stephens announced an upcoming conference on “Knowing Your Student – Traits of 21st Century Learners”. It will be held April 28 and 29 and is sponsored by the Library, the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning, and the Provost's Office.


Student Government representative Valle reported that the Student Government was pleased by the increase in General Fees they had proposed. The SG Executive Board asked that the senate address the issue of changing 6 week grade reporting to the 8 week mark. Chair Swartwout deferred discussion to New Business.


Academic Affairs

Chair Tikoo reported on the recent meeting of the Academic Council meeting. The role of the course EN 100 in curricula was discussed.

He briefly described changes to the Academic Honesty Policy as requested by Dr. Ferguson and presented as Faculty Senate Bill 03-A-04 at the April 6th meeting. The bill would create a uniform policy for On-line, ITV, and other distance learning courses. It would also create formal and informal resolution options, and would streamline the student appeal procedure. Faculty would need to notify their chairs of any appeals within 5 days of the objection to a sanction for dishonesty. The Bill was addressed in new business.


Senator Naugler reported that his committee had met with Clerical Staff and Professional Staff and successfully drawn up a common proposal with regards to salary increase and benefits. The proposal will be put forward by Dr. Locke at the April 15 Budget Review meeting. He mentioned that the President had indicated that there will likely be a limit on percentage salary increases, but alternative proposals would be considered.

Senator Althaus pointed out that salary increases have an additional impact with regards to MOSERs, and also suggested that Professional Development funds might also be increased.


Chair MacLeay had no report.


Senator Rick Sebby, on behalf of Martha Zlokovich, distributed a draft of an outline for grievance procedures. The proposed changes in policy would be discussed as New Business at the April 20th meetings. The Governance committee suggested that it would be wise to get a third party legal opinion on the merits of the proposal.


Dr. Hathaway distributed a memo that gave results of senate elections to date, and a list of unfilled seats. He urged departments to select representatives that would attend the April 20th meetings in the second hour.

Professional Affairs

Senator Althaus reported on three meetings of the Professional Affairs Committee. On March 9th the following were discussed: the non-discrimination policy with regards to sexual orientation; the sabbatical leave policy; the faculty survey regarding student evaluation of instruction and the related policy.

The committee met with the University Promotion Committee on March 28 to discuss the timeline and other aspects of the Promotion and Tenure Policies.

On March 30th the committee met and developed a draft of its review of the student evaluation of instruction and the related policy. It will include a summary of the results of the survey, the committee's findings, and recommendations for senate legislation. This will be presented at the next faculty senate meeting.


There was a motion (Baird/Tikoo) to accept Faculty Senate Bill 03-A-04 that addresses the academic honesty policy. A presentation was made by Dr. Irene Ferguson, Dean of Students, outlining the changes and the rationale. There was extensive discussion of issues relating to plagiarism and academic honesty including: suggestions for appropriate sanctions; cultural diversity; making the policy more well known through website links; and the need to balance the consistent application of the policy and reserving the autonomy of the individual faculty. Senator Althaus distributed a webpage he uses in his courses that requires students to affirm their awareness of the policies. The question was called by Senator Baird. An appeal form is to be attached, and the bill will be voted on the following meeting.


Senator David Naugler made a motion, seconded by Senator Althaus, to recognize retiring senate secretary Paula Cunningham as an honorary Senator. The motion passed. Chair Swartwout will procure an appropriate plaque.

Student Government representative Heather Valle requested an opinion of the senate regarding the 6 week grade policy, and endorsing the change to 8 week reporting. The senate deferred acting until the 3 year implementation period was complete and data, in the form of a survey by advising professional staff, was obtained.


A motion was made (Althaus/Mims) to approve Emeritus Status to two faculty members. The motion was approved.

The meeting was adjourned.