Minutes - April 1, 2009

Minutes - April 1, 2009

XLIII, No. 13


April 1, 2009

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 in the Missouriana Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair), Stephanie Chamberlain (Chair-Elect), Rick Althaus, Julie Banks, David Briggs, Michael Cobb, Larry Bohannon (Alternate), Kevin Dickson, Elaine Jackson, Alan Journet, Don Jung, Daniel MacLeay, Bruce Hathaway (Alternate), David Naugler, Walt Paquin, Joyce Renaud, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, Rick Sebby, Louise Bodenheimer (representing the Art Department), Raj Somarajan, Sven Svenson, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, and Janice Ward. Provost Stephens and special guests, Laura Stock, Janet Chisman, Dave Starrett, and Ed Buis were also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by their alternates were Marc Fulgham, Willie Redmond, Seidu Sofo, and Marc Strauss.


Some of the Senators reported not receiving the third draft of minutes XLIII-12. Approval of the minutes was postponed until the next meeting.


Chair Ambery asked senators to refer to the bottom of the agenda where the University committees are listed. Chair Ambery reported that the list identifies which committees senators serve on as a faculty representative and to show where faculty voice is heard. She indicated that she would bring a list of University committees that have Faculty Senate representation at the next meeting.

Chair Ambery reported that during the Brown Bag Lunch the President announced that there would be a 2% cut to the academic side [instructional] of the budget and a 3% cut to the administrative side [non-instructional budget]. She reported that the President also indicated that there is a possibility of a community college coming to Cape Girardeau. Chair Ambery indicated that the report will be coming out tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.

Chair Ambery reported that the 43rd Faculty Senate is scheduled to have its' last meeting May 6. She indicated that the first two meetings of the 44th Senate have to be May 6 to meet the guidelines in the Faculty Handbook. Chair Ambery suggested having a special called meeting on April 29th to wrap up the 43rd Senate so that there aren't three meetings on May 6. Chair Ambery asked the Senate if they would be opposed to the additional meeting date. All but two were in favor of the schedule adjustment.

Senator Scott reported that during the Brown Bag Lunch the President indicated that the report regarding the possibility of a community college in Cape is lengthy and suggested focusing on chapters six and seven.

Senator Chamberlain asked how the President decided where the budget cuts would be and asked if he used the suggestions given at the budget forums. Senator Scott stated that the President indicated that all the suggestions given at the forums are available online. The forums will be revisited and prioritized after finding out what the budget will be. Senator Briggs asked how the President decided on 2 %and 3 % budget cuts if he doesn't know what the budget will be yet. The Provost indicated that the percentages were based on the cost-of-continuing. The part in question is the future budget cuts. She indicated that by cutting 2% for all instructional and 3 % for non-instructional, the University can enter 2010 at the cost-of-continuing level.


Provost Stephens indicated that her report was covered under Chair Ambery's report.


Student Government Liaison, Craig LaChance, was unable to attend.


Special guests, Laura Stock and Janet Chisman, attended Faculty Senate to speak on Textbook Rentals. Ms. Stock indicated that she reports to Kathy Mangles. Ms. Chisman is over Textbook Rental and the Southeast Bookstore. They distributed copies of the power point, which gives an overview of their presentation. Ms. Chisman indicated that rental fees are $18.42 per course and is charged to the student's account. Students can purchase textbooks at any time during the semester. Textbooks not returned by 4:00 PM the Monday after finals are charged to the student's account. Ninety-nine percent of the undergraduate students participate in the textbook rental program. Faculty requisition deadlines are April 15th in the fall, October 1st in the spring, and March 15th for the summer. Faculty are allowed one textbook per course and must be used two calendar years. All sections use the same textbook. Faculty are responsible for obtaining desk copies. Ms. Chisman indicated that the textbook rental program is very cyclical. There is limited space and no room for growth at their current location. She indicated that they work off of auxiliary money. There is no State funding. Ms. Chisman illustrated the added expense involved when faculty request different books for the same course and explained that there is no revenue to support that extra cost. Ms. Chisman indicated that Missouri passed a Textbook Transparency Act HB2048. Federal Legislation passed the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Both set out suggestions for textbook guidelines. She indicated that Southeast is already doing the things set out in their guidelines. Ms. Chisman indicated that Southeast promotes Textbook Rental as a “scholarship to every student”. Ms. Chisman indicated that the price set for students to buy textbooks is set using the National average which is about a 22% mark up. She indicated that there are about 40 other institutions that use a full rental program. She said it is costly to implement the program. They are seeing more pilot programs and seeing more institutions switch to textbook rental programs. Senator Chamberlain asked if it were possible for departments to have options for books for courses. She indicated that it handicaps faculty because it is difficult for all faculty to agree on one book in large departments. Ms. Chisman indicated that Textbook Services is given the parameters in which to work in. She indicated that in their current state they cannot allow faculty options because it would cause them to exceed their budget. She indicated that if faculty want to change the parameters in which Textbook Services is allowed to work it will have to be taken to a higher department. Senator Jung asked where the income to University is going. Provost Stephens indicated that it is going into the Institutional budget. It is not going into her budget. Senator Cobb asked if it was true that books that are outdated are thrown into dumpsters. Ms. Chisman indicated that they put a bid out for the books to be sold. The books that aren't sold through bids are put into a 12 for $1.00 sale. Students are made aware of the sale through the student portal. Ms. Chisman said that they also donate the books to organizations such as Bridge to Asia. Any left over, unused books are recycled. Senators recommended requiring students to buy defaced books.


Dr. Buis distributed documents surrounding intellectual property rights (attached) and then opened the floor for questions. Senator Althaus distributed the “pink document” that the original Faculty Senate Task Force created. He and Dr. Buis indicated that the University ad hoc committee used the “pink document” when offering suggestions for the new intellectual property rights procedures. Senator Cobb asked if all online courses carry copyright notices. Dr. Starrett indicated that they do not have an official copyright. The material is password protected on the server. Senator Cobb pointed out that once a student has the password, they can download the material, and then it's free to anyone. Dr. Buis indicated that faculty can copyright their own material fairly easily. Senator Sebby asked why the President felt the need for a University ad hoc committee when the Faculty Senate already formed a task force. Dr. Buis indicated that the University ran into situations where faculty refused to release material. The ad hoc committee was created to suggest policy that would keep those types of situations from escalating. He added that the documents were written to encourage faculty creativity while protecting the faculty members. Senator MacLeay asked why the two consecutive semester period was chosen where material could be used. Dr. Starrett indicated that that is how long it takes to build a course from scratch. Senator MacLeay asked how long the material stays on the server. Dr. Starrett indicated that does not stay on the server. The material is kept on discs with security procedures in place indefinitely. Senator Journet asked why the committee didn't include “emergencies” in the fourth bullet. Dr. Buis indicated that it was left open because there are unforeseen circumstances that do not fall under “emergency”, and are not due to death or illness, where the material is still needed to be released. He stressed that the intent was truly to protect the faculty. The intent was never to give chairs freedom to manipulate the schedules. Senator Cobb asked for a brief explanation of the creative works policy. Dr. Buis indicated that he would get a copy of the creative works policy out to the Senators. He indicated that the policy gives 50% of the profit to the creator, 15% to the department, 10% to the college, and 25% to the Southeast University Revolving Fund (SURF). He indicated that the University does not get any part of the ownership or profits. He added that no policy in Missouri is as liberal as this policy. Senator Chamberlain asked if course material is left with the University after the faculty member leaves. Dr. Starrett indicated that currently it stays with the University forever, but that could be changed to delete the material after six months from the time the faculty member left. The Senate expressed their discontent with the fact that the policy went to the deans and the chairs for approval but never came to the Faculty Senate for approval. Provost Stephens indicated that the policy went to the deans and the chairs because she chairs those committees. She added that if the Faculty Senate would have liked it to be on their agenda they could have added it. Provost Stephens indicated that she at no time adds items to the Faculty Senate agenda. Chair Ambery apologized for not bringing the policy to the Senate. She indicated that she remembered seeing the draft policy at the Academic (sic) [Administrative] Council, but did not realize it was going up for approval. She indicated that she thought it was only a draft. Dr. Buis reiterated that the intent of the ad hoc committee was to protect faculty and give full ownership to the faculty.

Chair Ambery postponed all other business due to the lack of time.


The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be April 15, 2009, in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3:00 p.m.

Approved April 15, 2009