Minutes - March 23, 2011

Minutes - March 23, 2011

XLV, No. 14


March 23, 2011

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday March 23, 2011, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Sophia Scott (Chair), Kevin Dickson (Chair-Elect), Rick Althaus, Larry Bohannon, Stephanie Chamberlain, Eric Clements, Don Jung, Charles McAllister, Rachel Morgan Theall, Phil Nacy, David Naugler, Walt Paquin, David Powell, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Claudia Ruediger, Doug Atwood, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Victor Wilburn, Diane Wood, and Chris Wubbena. Provost Ronald Rosati and Student Government Liaison Daniel Schunemeyer were also in attendance, as well as, special guests President Dobbins and Dean McGowan. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate were Senators Elaine Jackson, and Sven Svenson.


The minutes of March 2, 2011 (45.13) were approved as presented by a voice vote of the Senate after a motion by Senator Joyce Renaud and a second by Senator Larry Underberg.


Special Guest Dean McGowan was present to give an overview of the NCAA Report. He began by letting the Faculty Senate know that the University is currently involved in the recertification process for division one and this is cycle three. This is the third time this university has had to be recertified. This process started last spring with the formation of the Steering Committee and several sub committees. The steering committee was composed of people both in the university community and outside of the university community. There are faculty members, administrators, athletic representatives, board of regents representatives, the university President is on the committee, booster representatives, student athletes, etc. that are on the committee. This is a broad based source of information for information gathering and self reflection for the university.

This time around the NCAA asked very, targeted specific questions that made the process go much smoother. There has also been contact with the Liaison Officer from the NCAA throughout the whole process. The committee is currently in the process of submitting the document to various groups on campus for feedback. They have already been to Administrative Council with the document and now to the Faculty Senate. They are planning on going to the Board of Regents on Friday. They will send this document for approval on April 29, 2011. However, the process does not end then, there will still be time for feedback from the NCAA and maybe even changes in the report. The process will ultimately culminate with a site visit from a representative from the NCAA. That will take place November 9-11, 2011 and then go back to the NCAA Board for final approvals sometime in the spring for the following summer.

Focusing on the plans, there are some things that have occurred as a result of the process for improvement, for example under integrity the Athletics Advisor is now going to report to the Provost, as well as, to the Director of Athletics. There are individuals in different offices across the campus who have certification for eligibility requirements, this includes the Registrars Office, Financial Aid, the Commissions Office that the university is going to have to include language in their job descriptions to indicate that they are aware of the NCAA rule and regulations in regard to eligibility and that they will have to be evaluated on that.

The university also has to write a plan for gender equity and for minority. One of the major issues with gender equity is the strength coach, there is only one for the whole sports program, so there is some concern on the access that the student athletes have to a strength coach. One of the plans is to hire an additional strength coach, but that obviously has budget implications. All of the issues with specific team and minority student graduation rates seem to have been addressed. One of the reasons that they have been addressed is because of the meeting two years ago. Student athletes historically have graduated at a higher rate at this institution than the rest student body.

President Dobbins was also a guest and reported regarding the University of 2020 Committee. In the “Dear Colleague” letter it talked about Southeast University in the year 2020. Included you should have been able to see the Steering committee members and their sub committees. The issue of why we are having a 2020 committee is addressed in the Executive Summary of the Chronicle for Higher Education Research Service talking about the student in 2020. The younger generation of student learns differently than students today and in earlier years. This committee is designed to go over how this university is planning on administering education to the student of 2020. The universities that are at risk of losing students of 2020 are regional comprehensives and private institutions that do not have national recognition, which we fall into the group at risk. It is important for us to know that we may need to change some things. This committee is looking at what the students' needs and expectations are and how we are going to go about delivering that as far as education is concerned. Online programs have been placed in high priority for changes for students.


Senator Janice Ward reported on the role of Program Review Committee. She reported that in a normal program review process the committee would be looking at the reports that are on the regular cycle. The moderator of the committee would assign two readers, a primary reader and a secondary reader to each program report. If the report is from your department you would not be involved in it at all. Once you have been assigned a program report, you have a certain time to read it and make up notes and questions that you may have. The committee would then come back together and both the primary and the secondary reader would go through their conclusions, questions and notes and then the committee discusses the report as a whole. Sometimes they go back and ask for additional information from the program or department that wrote it and then typically the committee would make recommendations as to when that program should be reviewed again.

President Dobbins was present at the meeting to hear concerns and prospective on Senate Bill 11-A-3. Certain Senators on the Faculty Senate wanted to know why there had to be an additional step taken after the elections were completed, which gave the President the ability to choose between two elected persons. President Dobbins believes that the size of the department could cause the elections to not be fair, because a large department would have more opportunity to be represented in this kind of configuration than a small department. This is more than just racial and gender demographic balance. It is also based on small, medium and large department balances. Discussion followed.

Senate Bill 11-A-3 – Academic Program Review Procedures – a motion was made to take from the table by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Doug Atwood. A vote to take it off of the table was taken with an all in favor vote. Discussion followed regarding the proposed language being added to the document. A motion was made by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Senator Don Jung to close debate and take a vote. A vote was taken to pass the proposed language and add it to the document with 7 all in favor, 18 opposed and 2 abstentions. The language was not passed. A motion was made to discuss the current document in its original form by Senator Willie Redmond and seconded by Senator Walt Paquin. A vote was taken to discuss the current document in its original form with an all in favor. A motion for a vote on closing the debate was given by Senator Willie Redmond and seconded by Senator Victor Wilburn. A vote was taken and 20 were in favor, 4 were opposed and there was 1 abstention. The debate was closed. A vote was taken to pass Bill 11-A-3 in its original form with 22 in favor, 2 opposed and 1 abstention. Bill 11-A-3 was approved by the Senate March 23, 2011.


Chair Sophia Scott reported on her CSIS trip to Washington with 30 students. They had a great trip and the students represented Southeast Missouri State University very well. She also reported on the Course Redesign is still going on and the NCAT applications were due March 15th or so and as we progress with that process we will be hearing more information as far as what our selected course was, etc. Chair Scott reported on the University of 2020 and how important it is that we make the appropriate changes so that we can be the University of First Choice and that we are meeting our future students' needs.

There was a Budget Review Meeting on March 11th, 2011. In that meeting Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management and Student Success, Finance Administration and University Advancement all gave budget requests which totaled about $230,000.00. The Faculty Senate Bill 10-A-12 the Separation of Monies was introduced. Chair Scott felt that the Bill was very well received by the members that were on the Budget Review. The next meeting is set for March 24th, 2011 and more compensation requests will be presented at that time and at the following Budget Review meeting is when they will try to balance out the budget. Budget Review also went over a possible Faculty Merit that may be awarded this year.

The Administrative Council met on March 8th, 2011. Some of the items that were discussed included the agenda for the Board of Regents meeting which is set for March 25th, 2011. The meeting will be at 1:30 PM in the Dempster Glenn Hall Auditorium and is open for Faculty Senate to attend. The University of 2020 was also discussed. The draft of the NCAA Self Study was discussed at the meeting, as well as, paid time off procedures that were also discussed. There was also discussion on Summer Enrollment. There is a new committee that will be looking at instructor initiated drop procedure and how to complete that effectively. The university is currently still losing money with students who don't attend class and they are getting an X when it comes to financial aid. They now have new software that will make it easier for an instructor to initiate a drop if the student is not attending the class and there are procedures to follow for that. That committee meets for the first time a week from Thursday.


Provost Ronald Rosati reported that the request for feedback on Dean's review went out today. Faculty Senate members should have received it on Monday, March 21, 2011. There were requests from a number of various groups to be involved in that and they are following the process outlined in the handbook very carefully. The handbook delineates who is and who is not involved in the Dean's reviews. Provost Rosati reported that he has received requests from part-time faculty, faculty requesting to review Dean's from other colleges and from library faculty. Those groups do not participate in this process, this process is delineated specifically for full time faculty as outlined in the faculty handbook and that is the process that they are following. All of the surveys are completed off campus to help with anonymity.

The university has had a number of very good group visits, such as the CSIS group. Another group that went to Washington, DC was a group of faculty. The faculty group met with a number of program officers at a number of different agencies in DC to talk about Grant Funding and those were outstanding visits. Other than grant funding that was pursued there was private sector funding that was pursued in terms of donations and that went very well. There was another group of students and faculty that went to South Texas to work with a professional organization which went very well, the students had a very good visit and there were some important spinoffs that we are going to see later down the line.

The university is trying a new system for summer enrollment which means that we are going to see a significant increase for this summers' enrollment, both residential and online. However, most of the summer enrollment will be online, probably double online enrollment. The university sent four courses forward as part of the NCAT Course Redesign and three of the courses are being considered and of those three there will be one selected as Southeast Missouri State University's Course. It will be another couple of weeks before we know which one has been identified.

The calls for proposals for SoTL Fellowships are due next week, so the timeline is short. Earthquake preparation is going to be going on in Cape Girardeau and the surrounding areas on April 28th, 2011. The Earthquake sirens are going to be going off at 10:15 am on the 28th of April. The university is being encouraged to prepare the campus for earthquakes.


Student Government Liaison reported that they are working on a “Shake Out” Project and will be doing several projects leading up to that and they are trying to get students involved in that project. They are still considering reformations for how Student Government performs elections. They are also still gearing up for the Southeast Gives Back Campaign and the Make a Wish Project. They are also looking at their funding and the way that they are spending their money.


A.Membership, Chair Janice Ward reported that membership needs nominations for several different committees by April 29th. University Planning needs two names from the College of Business, University Student Affairs needs two names from the College of Business and two names from the College of Health and Human Services, and finally, the University Commencement Committee needs two names from the College of Health and Human Services. There are twelve senate terms that are ending at the end of this semester and membership has heard back from three of those Senators and the elections need to be completed soon. Membership still needs to hear back from Accounting, Agriculture, Chemistry, Computer Science, Early Elementary and Special Education, English, Math, Nursing and Social Work on the final outcomes of elections for next years terms.

B.Professional Affairs, Chair Rick Althaus reported that the committee met on March 9th and that Provost Rosati attended the meeting. The committee and the Provost went over the drafts of handbook revisions. There are several parts that they believe will be no trouble. The Provost took some of the revisions to the Dean's Council today. They are waiting on the comments from the Dean's Council and hope to have the documents prepared for the next Senate Meeting. There is no emeritus recommendation for today but there will be one at the next meeting.

C.Academic Affairs, Chair Don Jung, reported that the committee met on March 9th and Provost Rosati attended the meeting. The committee has a number of bills pending including the Amended Five Year Calendar.

D.Documents, Chair Joyce Renaud reported that the Senators will be receiving a draft of the revised Johnson Faculty Center (JFC) portion of the handbook and hopefully will have that on the agenda for the next Faculty Senate Meeting.

E.Governance reported that the committee is continuing their work on the College Council definition week and discussed the whole section of Chapter 6 regarding college council. They want to come up with one unified definition of what college council is and what they do. They also want to discuss the subject of the college council membership and how it applies to all colleges.

F.Compensation, Chair Willie Redmond reported that the committee presented Bill 10-A-12 to the Budget Review Committee. After the meeting with Kathy Mangels they are going to propose a 2% Merit Based Raise for the Faculty. They also proposed that the monies for Promotion and Tenure are put into a cause of continuing. The committee has a meeting tomorrow, March 24, 2011 and at the meeting they will be discussing those issues.


There was no new business to present.


There were no items to present in Executive Session.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Senator Willie Redmond and seconded by Senator Larry Bohannon at 5:01 p.m. ***

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be held April 6, 2011, at 3:00 pm in the UC Missouriana Room.

Approved April 6, 2011