Minutes - March 23, 2005

Minutes - March 23, 2005

Vol. XXXIX, No. 13


March 23, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, March 23, in the Program of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Susan Swartwout (presiding), James Champine, Bruce Hathaway, Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, David Baird, Janice Chadha, Mary Montavon (for Mary Ann DeLine), Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gilliland, Linda Heitman, Arrick Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Cheryl Milde, Larry Underberg (for Bruce Mims), David Naugler, Carolyn Rainey, David Smith, Kevin Squibb, Marc Strauss, Mohan Tikoo, Pat Willingham, Mack Wilson, Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou. Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham was also present. Student Government Representative Heather Valle and Provost Jane Stephens (Administrative Liaison) also attended.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were Ronald Clayton, Michael Cobb, Bonnie Stepenoff, and Rebecca Summary.

Guests included Dr. Dave Starrett, from the center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning, Dr. Fred Janzow, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, and Dr. Leon Book from the Office of Student Transitions.


The motion (Tikoo/Zlokovich) to approve Vol. XXXIX No. 12 of the minutes was approved.


A presentation was made by Drs. Book and Janzow. A flyer describing “Career Transitions Requirements” was distributed. In addition the Provost Stephens distributed a copy of an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education titled “College Graduates Aren't Ready for the Real World.”

Dr. Janzow began the presentation by recounting the history of the relationship between the Missouri Workforce state agency and the Career Placements services that resulted in the new Office of Student Transitions. A goal of the Office was to assure a “system of proficiencies” that would help students “making successful transitions.”

Dr. Book then described several aspects as to the development of the set of career proficiency checks. He said that one of the first concerns was that students would have complete control over the information to be placed in the GreatHires.org registry. The first requirement CL001 would require students to complete a FOCUS interest inventory survey in UI100 courses. He pointed out that this would be a minimum addition to the faculty work load, since many instructors already include this in their course requirements.

Various senators praised the benefits of the program, but also expressed concerns related to the requirements and their implementation. They included:

* Who was to actually grant that the requirements for CL002-CL004 had been met? In particular how would transfer students be handled and how would alternate satisfaction of the requirements be dealt with? The representatives pointed out the program were being developed and these issues would be addressed as the first group of first-year students moved through the process.

* The issue of relevancy to students matriculating to professional and graduate schools was raised, and the possibility of alternate forms of satisfying the requirements. The representatives related that help with applications is available from 651-2583 (651-CLUE). Senator Jackson pointed out that Law Enforcement Officers make a distinct type of application as well.

* The issue of privacy of student information, including the safety of student information was raised. The possibility of providing anonymous materials that demonstrate the same proficiency was raised.

* Student representative Valle commented on what a great educational opportunity the program it is, and that most students would not mind the extra requirements.

* Senator Baird praised the program and pointed out that he currently requires similar activities in his courses. The issue of crediting future students for completion of requirements for activities already embedded in coursework was raised. Drs. Book and Janzow also pointed out that mock interviews, an option in the CL004 requirements, are already available from the Office of Career Linkages.

* There was a general sentiment that the faculty should have had greater input and awareness of such extensive increase in degree requirements. Dean Janzow pointed out that the course had been approved by, or were presented to, the Deans Council, the Chairs Forum, Academic Council, and Administrative Council. Provost Stephens also indicated that if Senate were to vote on every change in degree requirements, the process would become too onerous for both the Senate and Academic Council.


Dr. Dave Starrett discussed changes in the upcoming IDEA evaluations where the report will look different and for the first time include discipline specific scoring. He suggested that presentation of how to interpret the reports should be saved for fall, when everyone has had a chance to look at the new report format. The Senate agreed. He will ask Brian Smentkowsk, a representative of IDEA, to come along to that presentation. Dr. Starrett presented several suggestions for implementing the evaluations:

* Make sure to use the long form. He also listed several types of courses which would not require evaluations.

* He suggested keeping essential objectives down to one or two, and important objectives to additional 3 or four. He encouraged faculty to communicate these objectives to the students.

* He suggested giving evaluations at the beginning of class so students would not rush through it, never to give evaluations in the very last day of class, and not to give it on a test day.


* Chair Swartwout reported that Academic Hall will celebrate its 100th anniversary of construction in May 2006.

* Newest consideration for a new name for the University suggested by Ken Stilson is Eastern Missouri State University

* She updated the Senate on the Budget Review process. The Committee was thanked for rescheduling its April 1st meeting to March 30th so that more faculty members could attend. She advised that the April 15th meeting may be postponed until the State Budget process is completed, and the University allocation is known.

* She distributed a document titled “Experiential Learning Survey Report” from the Office of Institutional Research that indicated that satisfaction was very high among students.

* The Chair announced that the faculty handbook was now available on line in PDF format and suggested using the “find again” function of Adobe Acrobat as a convenient way of searching the document. Several changes have yet to be made, and the Handbook's upkeep has not yet been turned over to the Senate.


Dr. Stephens reported that because of the court action by Three Rivers Community College she could not comment on the case. Senators suggested that despite the problems with public relations created by the situation they were in support of the administration and wished they could publicly come to the support of the administration. The Provost said that this was best left to President Dobbins.

The second issue discussed by the Provost was a sentiment expressed by the Compensation Committee that there should be an alteration in the 25% withholding of faculty salary increases to pay for raises and post-professorial merit increases. She pointed out that returning to the old system would greatly reduce future promotion increases and eliminate post-professorial merit increases. Currently there is deficit in the amount taken in by the withholding and those monies going to approved increases. This has been exacerbated by the low percentage of overall increases.


Student Government representative Valle deferred her report because of a time shortage.


Academic Affairs

Chair Tikoo distributed a memo from Dean Ferguson asking his committee to address aspects of the Academic Honesty policy. He also distributed the original Faculty Senate Bill 03-A-04 that addressed the matter along with a draft of a new bill. He asked that it be considered as new business so it could be voted on at the next meeting.


Senator Naugler distributed a Compensation Committee Report to the Senate. He addressed two particular items. The first is the dissatisfaction of the committee members with the 25% withholdings for raises, and the sentiment that future increases go into salary and not additional Medical Reimbursements. He reported that the Committee will seek a 3% increase at the Budget Review Committee meeting.


A motion to authorize the Compensation Committee representatives to Budget Review to negotiate on the Senate's behalf was approved.

Other committee reports were deferred to the April 6 meeting, and the Chair called the meeting to executive session


A motion (Althaus/Champine) to grant Emeritus Status upon retirement to a faculty member was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.