Minutes - March 3, 2004

Minutes - March 3, 2004

Approved by the Faculty Senate April 7, 2004

Vol. XXXVIII, No. 13


March 3, 2004

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, March 3, 2004, in the Missouriana Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Paul Lloyd (presiding), Susan Swartwout, Rusty Curtis, Rick Althaus, Janice Chadha, Jim Champine, Ronald Clayton, Michael Cobb, Mary Ann DeLine, Dan Dunavan, Craig Elder, Roy Farris, Kathy Gilliland, Bruce Hathaway, Linda Heitman, Ted Loso, Anne Marietta, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, Craig Roberts, Nicholas Tibbs, Mohan Tikoo, Larry Underberg, and Min Zou.

Alternate Daniel MacLeay and non-voting Senate Representative Michael Best of the Department of Agriculture were also present. Provost Jane Stephens, Student Government Liaison Ryan Kloeppel, Dr. David Starrett, Dr. Steven Hoffman and Melissa Muth of the CSTL Teaching Associates, and Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham were present.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were David Bibb, Al Hayward, Arrick Jackson, David Naugler, James Ricks, and Terry Sutton.


The minutes of February 18, 2004 (Vol. XXXVIII, No.12), were approved with editorial changes.


Senators Heitman, Marietta, Anderson and Roberts were congratulated as all received notification they were granted tenure by the Board of Regents.
Faculty Senate Chair Lloyd reported on the Board of Regents meeting.
Senate now has a regular place on the Board of Regents agenda.
Chair Lloyd invited each Regent to have lunch with the Senate Executives and to visit a Faculty Senate meeting.
In light of the Faculty Senate's modifications of the proposed Mission Statement, the President has referred the statement back to the University Planning Committee, which considered these changes as well as suggested changes from other groups and individuals. The Faculty Senate's suggestion to change the wording from “professional education” to “education in the professions” was voted down by a vote of 5 to 9. However, the Senate's suggestion to eliminate Priority #6 was accepted. Other editorial changes are still under consideration.

The Board of Regents tentatively approved the Mission Statement that was presented to the Faculty Senate on February 18, 2004, subject to changes approved by the University Planning Committee. When the Strategic Plan is completed, the Mission Statement will receive final approval from the Board.

Chair Lloyd welcomed new Senator Mary Ann DeLine from the Department of Middle and Secondary Education.


Provost Stephens said the revised Mission Statement is an improved and more clearly stated document. In regard to faculty representation on the University Planning Committee, she said more than half of the committee consists of faculty members.

Chair Lloyd stated that perhaps better communication is needed between members of the University Planning Committee and faculty within the University to insure that their views are adequately represented in the process.

Provost Stephens reported she attended the American Council of Education meeting, and the number one issue on campuses is the cost of health care and its effect on recruitment, salaries, and retirees.


Student Government Liaison Kloeppel reported that 27 SEMO students attended "Storm the Capitol" in Jefferson City. Overall, the event went very well, and students were allowed to observe and interact with their representatives. Unfortunately, SEMO students were unable to meet with Peter Kinder as he was busy in meetings for the day.

A bin has been purchased for a library drop box that will be installed in the Towers residence hall complex. Student Government also is looking into securing funding for installing an additional bin in Dempster Hall.

There are two forums next Thursday with Cape Place residents to discuss interest in periodic shuttle bus runs to pick up and drop off residents at the tennis and intramural complex.


Academic Affairs

Senator Tikoo, chair of the Committee, did not present a report.


Senator Tibbs, chair of the Committee, did not present a report.


Senator Marietta, chair of the Committee, reported that the Committee had not met recently. However, they have a subcommittee that is working on a new Faculty Senate web page and another subcommittee that is collaborating with Carol Heizer to revise the online Faculty Handbook.

Johnson Faculty Centre

Chair Elect Swartwout reported that the sub-committee chaired by Dr. Dieter Jedan to explore the possibility of having a faculty club has met twice. Dr. Jedan expressed the committee's desire to have the Senate authorize it to develop proposals of action. The request will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.


Senator Roberts, chair of the Committee, reported that the Committee met three weeks ago and discussed inserting the statement “No institutional review committee or individual may impose criteria upon a candidate in excess of those itemized in the departmental criteria” between the first and second sentences of item #4 in the section Evaluation and Tenure Procedures of the Tenure Policy.

He also reported that the Committee suggests that the same instrument to survey faculty morale as was used approximately ten years ago be used to allow for comparisons of the data.


Senator Curtis, chair of the Committee, reported that communications with the Committee members indicate we should announce the vacancies for the Senate via electronic means, and he is in the process of checking to make sure he has all the departments. He hopes to complete this by Thursday morning. There will be two avenues of communication:
1.Faculty Senate news that should get to every faculty member at the University.
2.A message to the chairs of each department that will have a Faculty Senate vacancy reminding them of the seven-day time frame within which faculty must formally declare their candidacy for election within the department.
The hope is that we will have the elections conducted just before or after spring break, so we can get the results and move forward with requests for committee assignments before the end of the semester.

Professional Affairs

Senator Althaus, chair of the Committee, reported on the February 25 meeting.
Travel Policy Concerns: Further discussion took place regarding unanswered travel policy questions. The Committee agreed to ask the Provost for the name of someone who could speak for the Administration authoritatively about the issue. It was agreed that having someone provide authoritative answers to the remaining questions would ameliorate any need for the Committee to bring forward a resolution on the matter.
Non-Tenure Cap: Brief discussion took place about the issue of the numerical cap on non-tenure track faculty. Senator Naugler agreed to prepare some materials for the Committee.
Student Evaluations of Instruction: The Faculty Handbook policy on student evaluation of instruction calls for both the policy and the instrument to be evaluated during this academic year. The Committee discussed how to best conduct such a review. The Committee agreed to solicit input from the various Promotion and Tenure Committees, department chairs, deans, teaching associates, faculty at large, and Student Government. The chair agreed to ask the members of the Senate to begin gathering input from their constituents. Representatives of Student Government have been invited to participate in the next Committee meeting. The Committee wishes to examine the expense, the usefulness of the instrument, and any instances of abuse in the use of the results.
Faculty Applicant Background Search: This issue was discussed at length. It was pointed out that the Administration refuses to point to the person(s) who decided that such a policy was needed. The policy fails to require background checks from federal or non-US authorities. The Committee appears to agree that the form itself is flawed and fails to provide opportunity for an applicant to disclose any criminal background and/or explain it. The policy fails to give an applicant notice that failing the background check was the reason for not being hired and to give a subsequent opportunity to rebut the findings of such a report, and therefore may be flawed from a due process standpoint. Does the policy permit the Provost alone to make the decision about whether an applicant is excluded?
Follow-Up to January 28 meeting with the Governance Committee: The Committee approved the Report of the minutes of that meeting and discussed actions to be taken pursuant to that meeting. Senator Journet agreed to prepare an “executive summary” of the promotion policy, akin to the one prepared by Senator Al Hayward of the Governance Committee about the tenure policy. The Committee intends to hold open meetings with the members of the promotion and tenure committees of the various levels, as well as the administrative actors at those levels, to solicit suggestions for clarification and improvement of the policies.

Healthcare Committee

Senator Heitman, one of the Committee's tri-chairs, reported that the Committee has chosen C-BIZ as the consultant for the healthcare insurance proposals.
Teacher-Scholar Model

Drs. Steve Hoffman and David Starrett discussed the Teacher-Scholar Model at Southeast. After discussion about whether service was indeed explicitly defined in the document, the Faculty Senate approved a sense of the Senate resolution that the Teacher-Scholar Model at Southeast is a document that informs the work of faculty members. Senator Curtis moved and Senator Farris seconded a motion that the Faculty Senate accept the Teacher-Scholar Model. The motion passed with two abstentions.

Emeritus Faculty (Executive Session)

A motion by Dr. Althaus and seconded by Dr. Farris to approve emeritus status for a retiring faculty member was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be Wednesday, April 21, 2004, in the University Center Missouriana Room