Minutes - March 2, 2005

Minutes - March 2, 2005

Vol. XXXIX, No. 12


March 2, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, March 2, in the Program of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Susan Swartwout (presiding), James Champine, Bruce Hathaway, Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, Michael Cobb, Mary Ann DeLine, Kathy Gilliland, Linda Heitman, Arrick Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, David Naugler, David Smith, Bonnie Stepenoff, Marc Strauss, Rebecca Summary, Mohan Tikoo, Pat Willingham, Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou. Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham was also present. Student Government Representative Heather Valle and Provost Jane Stephens (Administrative Liaison) also attended.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were David Baird, Janice Chadha, Ronald Clayton, Marc Fulgham, Carolyn Rainey, Kevin Squibb, and Mack Wilson.


The motion (Strauss/Zlokovich) to approve Vol. XXXIX No. 11 of the minutes was approved.


* Chair Swartwout congratulated Senator Gilliland and 10 other faculty on receiving tenure.

* Requests for suggestions for maintenance and upkeep relating to educational function and health and safety should be directed to Dr. Swartwout. The Provost reminded the senate that the Deans have prioritized lists from the Chairs.

* In preparation for the April 1 Budget Review Committee, the Chair informed the senate that President Dobbins said state employees are expecting only a 1% increase. She distributed data about past and expected raises from a few schools in Missouri, and has asked for data from the remaining institutions.

* There are 3 remaining senate meetings. The Chair prompted committees to bring any final draft measures forward so they could be voted on with a full deliberation cycle. End of the year committee reports, including those from reporting committees, should be ready by April 6, and a new Chair-elect will be chosen on April 20.

* Preliminary results of the Faculty Survey on the Student Evaluation of Teaching were distributed and reviewed. Complete results, including written comments, are to be available soon. Thanks were given to Senator Althaus, David Starrett of CSTL, and the Professional Affairs Committee.

* The chair's final comment was about the actions taken in regards to the Area Higher Education Centers (AHECs). She asked the Provost to provide additional information.


Dr. Stephens detailed the history of Southeast's charge to develop the centers, and the relationship with Three Rivers Community College (TRCC). She cited a number of ways in which TRCC failed in meeting the terms of the agreement. By using the centers to teach Southeast classes, it is estimated that University could save $800,000 in losses. Commissioner Fitch of the Missouri CBHE is to meet with Dr. Dobbins and representatives from TRCC on March 7 to review the matter.

The Provost entertained questions about the new arrangements from several senators. In response, the following items were addressed by the Provost:

* The “area of emphasis” in the BGS degree is defined by any group of 4 courses, but is not transcripted. There were 98 BGS majors in 2004.

* The normal vetting process for faculty at the AHECs will carried out under the Emergency Employee Hiring Policy. Vitae and transcripts for summer and fall will not be required. All will be assumed to have “Masters plus 18” status until verified . Faculty for Spring will be approved by Department.

* Summer courses will require no 6 week grades, and will use Departmental level evaluation. Beginning in Fall, 6-week grades and normal requirements for student level of evaluation will be required. Departments will be expected to send faculty for peer evaluation of instruction. Those instructors that switch from TRCC will experience pay increases up to the regular Southeast salary for part time.

* Summer hires will be paid as part-time, fall hires will be part-time or full-time term, non-tenure track. All their salaries will be separate from Southeast Departmental salary budgets. The hires will have no impact on Southeast's raises and salaries.

* Overload and summer teaching opportunities may occur, but forced overloads will not occur. The Provost stressed in no uncertain terms that “5-5” loads will never be expected of tenure/tenure-track faculty at Southeast. Promotion and tenure will still be based on a statewide model of “4-4” course loads.

* CBHE will be working with both presidents for a resolution but the issue is a Board matter.

* The equipment needed to teach the courses currently belongs to TRCC and will be replaced. The Provost cited $500,000 in funds earmarked for equipment money that was raised by Dr. Nitzschke which may be used. Departmental budgets will not be tapped.

* The Provost ended by encouraging all faculty to send her questions and comments, and to avoid the temptation to pay attention to rumor.


Student Government representative Valle described a plan to request a $2 per year increase in the general fee, for 5 consecutive years, with the final increase at $10. The funds would be used to construct an “aquatic center” ($0.75), increase the general athletic fund ($0.75), support evening and weekend programs ($0.40), and support SG administration ($0.10). The “aquatic center” would be similar to the ones at Murray State and Kent State, be considered the third stage of Recreational Center development, and employ more than 50 student workers.

She distributed a flyer promoting April general elections.


Academic Affairs

The committee failed to reach a quorum, but informally discussed changes to the academic honesty policy.


Senator Naugler, chair of the committee, distributed notes from their March 3 meeting. Senator Willingham was elected representative to the Benefits Review Committee. A wide variety of ideas and issues were realized from the meeting. Senator Naugler commented that an increase of 2% (including merit) was the upper limit to expected pay increases.

Nominations for members of an ad hoc committee to formulate a salary survey included Christina Frazier, David Naugler, Skip Smith, and Shelly Branscom.

A motion was made (Naugler/Althaus) to authorize the compensation committee to act on the senate's behalf in the April 1 and 15 Budget Review Committee meeting. The motion will be voted on at the March 23 Senate meeting.


Senator MacLeay, chair of the committee, had no report.


Senator Zlokovich, chair of the committee, reported that a 6-page document outlining changes related to the grievance policy and the tenure and promotion appeals process is forthcoming. It will include flow charts to better explain those processes. It was pointed out that the matter had no particular deadline or sunset date.


Senator Hathaway, Membership Chair, commented that he received only one nomination to fill faculty senate seats for next year's senate, and asked Senators to prompt their departments to forward names.

Professional Affairs

Senator Althaus reported on the Professional Affairs Committee meeting with Dr. Dave Starrett of the CSTL on Feb. 23 to review the outcome of the online faculty survey relating to the IDEA student evaluation of teaching instrument and the attendant policy. He pointed out that 321 responses were collected. He summarized trends from the survey. Dr. Craig Elder of the committee is organizing and analyzing written comments.

Dr. Starrett and Dr. Brian Smentkowski have offered to meet with departments regarding the new version of the IDEA evaluation to be administered this semester. They will describe how to make use of the discipline-specific data to be collected for the first time.

Dr. Starrett will make specific suggestions for changes in the policy.


There was no old business.


The senate has been solicited for 3 volunteers to act as ushers at the May 1 awards banquet. Rick Althaus will coordinate the request; the ushers could come from the departments of the awardees.

Possible name changes to University of Southern or Eastern Missouri were mentioned.

Chair Swartwout distributed an informational item about the requirements of CL001-CL003 that have been put in place without review by the senate, particularly, a graduation requirement to post a resume with a state agency called greathires.org. A clarification of the requirements and the process will be requested of Leon Book. The possibility of a resolution on the matter was raised.