Minutes - February 18, 2009

Minutes - February 18, 2009

XLIII, No. 10


February 18, 2009

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 in the Program Lounge of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Mary Elizabeth Ambery (Chair), Stephanie Chamberlain (Chair-Elect), Rick Althaus, Carl Pracht (Alternate), David Briggs, Michael Cobb, Kathy Conway, Kevin Dickson, Marc Fulgham, Alan Journet, Don Jung, Daniel MacLeay, Bruce Hathaway (Alternate), David Naugler, Walt Paquin, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, Rick Sebby, Kathy Smith, Seidu Sofo, Marc Strauss, Sven Svenson, Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, and Janice Ward. Administrative Liaison, Provost Stephens was also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by their alternates were Elaine Jackson and James Stapleton.


Approval of minutes Volume XLIII-09 was moved and approved.


Chair Ambery reported that the University Benefits Committee met and discussed the budget. They are in the process of looking at the process of itemizing the benefits items, categorizing them, and getting dollar amounts for each of the items.

Chair Ambery turned the floor over to Senator Chamberlain to give the MAFS (Missouri Association of Faculty Senates) report. Senator Chamberlain reported that the topics of discussion at MAFS were the budget issues in the State and the Federal stimulus package. The Federal stimulus package is one-time dollars that has to be spent within two years. Assistant Commissioner of Higher Education, Dr. Tim Gallimore spoke to the MAFS group on the state of the budget, emphasizing that no one really knows at this point what the budget might look like for next year. He did talk about the possible impact of the federal stimulus package on higher education funding. He talked about the CBHE's role in gathering the 10, 15 and 25% impact statements from public institutions around the state. He indicated that these impact reports had been requested by the legislature. He also reminded everyone that while the governor may propose a flat budget next year, it was the legislature's responsibility to draft the budget. While in Jefferson City, she also met with members of the legislature, including Clint Tracy, Scott Lipke, Gayle Kingery, and Jason Crowell. There was little consensus among the four as to how the budget might look next year. Jason Crowell did indicate that we could expect a 3% withholding in this year's budget appropriations. While at MAFS, she also heard reports from MNEA (on collective bargaining), AAUP (membership is on the rise), and with COPHE, who indicated that COPHE was “cautiously optimistic” following Governor Nixon's promise of a flat budget.

Chair Ambery requested that the Senators take a look at the collective ideas from the budget forums and send any recommendations or ideas to Kathy Mangels. She added that if any Senators have ideas that they'd like to discuss in a Faculty Senate meeting to let her or Dana know and time will be designated for that discussion on the agenda.


Provost Stephens reported that President Dobbins is in Jefferson City today along with Robert Stine and presidents from other four-year institutes making a request to legislators.

Senator Journet asked Provost Stephens if it was reasonable to not hand out a hard copy of the syllabus to students if one was available on the web. Provost Stephens said that in her opinion it does not have to be on paper if it is available online. She added that it must be frozen and dated. Senator Journet requested that she circulate that stance because there is a lot of confusion among faculty concerning the issue.

Senator Paquin asked the Provost for her definition of “examination”. He indicated that there has been some confusion among faculty about whether or not an examination has to be a T/F, multiple choice type exam or if it can be a written paper. Provost Stephens indicated that it was at the faculty's discretion as long as the exam took place or was due on the date set by the finals schedule.

Senator Chamberlain asked Provost Stephens for the minimum number of seats for graduate and undergraduate classes for the summer semester. Provost Stephens indicated that the minimum for graduate classes is 10 and the minimum for undergraduate classes is 12. Provost Stephens explained that the minimum numbers were set to try to be more efficient.


Student Government Liaison, Craig LaChance, was unable to attend.


Professional Affairs
Senator Scott, Chair of Professional Affairs, reported that the Committee met to discuss prioritizing the agenda items and how the Committee will achieve the agenda items. The agenda items were listed as follows:
1.To prepare recommendations to the Senate for implementation of the new Tenure and Promotion Policy and to volunteer to inform various faculty groups about the new provisions.
2.As part of the above, to constitute a task force in collaboration with Academic Affairs, to explore and evaluate the use of voluntary reporting of Student Evaluation of Instruction data for tenure and promotion.
3.To study and make recommendations regarding possible changes to existing Faculty Development Policy.
4.To continue to monitor and advocate regarding the Senate's positions on the issues of Student Evaluation of Instruction and Nondiscrimination regarding sexual orientation.
5.Continue the routine process of recommendations concerning emeritus status for retiring faculty.
6.To study and make recommendations regarding possible changes to the new Tenure and Promotion policy regarding promoted but not tenured and tenured but not promoted faculty.
7.To study and make recommendations regarding possible changes to existing Faculty Sabbatical Leave Policy.
8.To study the procedure of hiring intermediate and/or temporary chairs and deans.

Senator Cobb pointed out that non-tenure faculty are unable to take part in the tenure and promotion process with the new Policy. He indicated that he was concerned that junior faculty are at a disadvantage by not seeing the process. Chair Ambery indicated that she believed the issue could be monitored and may be a push for departments to put forth extra effort in fostering junior faculty's understanding of the process.

Academic Affairs
Senator Veneziano, Chair of Academic Affairs, reported that the Task Force constituted by Professional Affairs and Academic Affairs to explore and evaluate the use of voluntary reporting of Student Evaluation of Instruction data for tenure and promotion is an ongoing process.

Senator Veneziano reported that Textbook Services will be attending a Faculty Senate meeting April 1.

Senator Ward, Chair of the Documents Committee, distributed proposed changes to Chapter 1 of the Faculty Handbook. She indicated that the majority of the changes were recommended by Dr. Starrett in an effort to update position and department titles. The changes to not involve policy and therefore will be changed through the process of a “Change Form”.

Senator Scott asked for clarification on what items are put in the Faculty Handbook versus the University Policy and Procedure Manual. Provost Stephens explained that University policy goes in the University Policy and Procedures Manual, whereas items regarding academic policy go in the Faculty Handbook.

Senator Sautter, Chair of the Governance Committee, distributed the Faculty Senate Performance Self-Survey summary report and recommendations (attached). Discussion was held by the Senate concerning the results and the Governance Committee's recommendations.

Senator Conway reported that the results from the HERI survey were distributed electronically with the agenda. The results are posted also on the Faculty Senate webpage. Results from the survey were discussed.

Senator McGill, Chair of the Membership Committee, was unable to attend.

Senator Naugler indicated that Compensation did not have a formal report. They are waiting to see how the budget comes out and assured the Senate that they are holding firm to medical coverage.


Senator Veneziano moved to amend Bill 08-A-11, “Recommendation to Change Summer 2009 Schedule of Classes”, to change the make-up date from July 6 to June 29. The change was recommended by Administrative Council to give students a four-day weekend. The motion was seconded by Senator Journet. The motion passed.


There was no new business to consider.

The Senate moved to executive session.

Senator Scott made a motion to approve a bill seconded by Senator Dickson to grant emeritus status to David K Smith. The motion passed unanimously.


The motion to adjourn was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be March 4, 2009, in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3:00 p.m.

Approved March 4, 2009