Minutes - February 16, 2011

Minutes - February 16, 2011

XLV, No. 12


February 16, 2011

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday February 16, 2011, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Sophia Scott (Chair), Kevin Dickson (Chair-Elect), Rick Althaus, Phil Nacy, Claudia Ruediger, Walt Paquin, Brandon Christensen, Larry Bohannon, Stephanie Chamberlain, Eric Clements, Don Jung, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Charles McAllister, David Naugler, Jian Peng, David Powell, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Doug Atwood, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Victor Wilburn, Diane Wood, Chris Wubbena and alternates Daniel Beard, Julie Weathers, Brooke Clubbs, Marcus Bond and Shawn Guiling. Provost Ronald Rosati and Student Government Liaison Patrick Vining were also in attendance. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate was Senator Elaine Jackson.


The minutes of February 2, 2011 (45.11) were approved with minor changes, by a voice vote of the Senate after a motion by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Walt Paquin.


Chair Sophia Scott reported that hopefully the Faculty Senate would be voting on the Procedures from the Handbook, Bills 11-A-1 and 11-A-2. Once they are voted on and approved they will be posted on the Faculty Senate Website and the Provost Website for feedback for 15 days.

Chair Scott reported that the course Redesign Team would be going to Columbia Friday, February 18, 2011 with a group of 27. Chair Scott reported that they had a very good meeting with Legislators at the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) meeting in Jefferson City. They heard from the Commissioner for Higher Education. The state is looking at a 7% cut on higher education but it is still going through the legislative process. One outcome from Program Review is that just because you have fewer than 10 graduates in a department does not mean that the program should be eliminated.

Chair Scott reported that she and Senator Kevin Dickson had a very interesting meeting with Representative Wayne Wallingford and Senator Jason Crowell on Tuesday at the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) Meeting. Representative Wallingford is new and is the Vice Chair of the Higher Education Committee. Representative Wallingford taught at Southeast Missouri State University for a while. He will be a great advocate for Southeast Missouri State University. One of Southeast Missouri State University's students was an intern for Representative Wallingford. Chair Scott recognized Senator Chamberlain, who commented on a statement that was made by Commissioner Russell about the importance of public perception. Higher Education needs to affirm that it is part of the solution and has always been involved in the process of course redesign. Senator Kevin Dickson thanked Stephanie for her DVD Presentation at MAFS and all of her hard work to make a difference.

Chair Scott reported concerning her meeting with Senator Crowell regarding Senate Bill 200 on Bonding Issues. Chair Scott believes this bill will make it harder for Higher Education Institutions to get bond. There is also a Non Partisan Commission going through which basically says the governing boards of higher education should be elected and not selected based on political assignments. Chair Scott reported on the Fair Tax that is being looked at. She asked Senators to take a look at these issues and let our representatives know that these are not good for Higher Education. The Budget Review Committee will be meeting Friday, February 18, 2011.


Student Government Liaison Patrick Vining reported that the Student Government is currently working on Southeast Gives Back Campaign. This is a Campus driven community work day. It is going to take place April 15th and 16th. On April 15th they will be working on campus cleanup where they will be planting flowers and picking up trash, etc. On April 16th they will be focusing on cleaning up Broadway, painting sidewalks, working closely with Tim Arbeiter. They are also incorporating Make a Wish so there will be a Wish Day Carnival on the 16th as well. They are currently looking for Senators and Student Organizations to set up booths to represent their colleges to give the children things to do. He reported that next week they will be taking their annual trip to Jefferson City as the Executive Board. End report.


Membership reported that there are several senate terms that are expiring this May and they need to be filled by election or reappointment this April. Some of these terms are Senators Paquin, Wang, Young, Jackson, McAllister, Theall, Renaud, Naugler, Jung, Svenson, Bohannon and Chamberlain. Additional terms to fill include: University Planning, need two names from the College of Business and two names from Kent Library, University Student Affairs, need two names from Health and Human Service, also two names from Business and two from Liberal Arts.

Professional Affairs, Chair Rick Althuas reported that the committee met last week and are continuing to work on their sections of the Handbook. They could still use some assistance from the Provost regarding some factual matters.

Academic Affairs, Chair Don Jung, reported that the committee will be meeting next week.

Documents, Chair Joyce Renaud reported that the committee is continuing to look at the Johnson Faculty Center (JFC) Handbook revisions and she will be meeting with the Johnson Faculty Center (JFC) Governing Committee on March 3rd to see if there are any additional revisions needed. They are hoping to be able to bring that section to the Senate sometime in March.

Governance, Chair Walt Paquin reported that the there was a link sent out to all Senate members to the HERI Survey. They did not add any institutional specific questions to the survey. Still encouraging Senate members to have their faculty members fill out their HERI Survey Questionnaire.

Compensation, Chair Willie Redmond reported that the committee has not met yet but are planning on getting together very soon to discuss changing the language in the faculty handbook as it refers to faculty only being able to teach two classes in the summer.


Senate Bill 11-A-1- Retrenchment Procedures- A motion to vote on this bill was given by Senator Willie Redmond and seconded by Senator Rick Althaus. Discussion followed. A vote of all in favor with one abstention was taken.

Senate Bill 11-A-2 – Academic Restructuring Procedures – A motion to vote on this bill was given by Senator Joyce Renaud and seconded by Senator Diane Wood. Discussion Followed. A vote of all in favor with one abstention was taken.

Senate Bill 11-A-3 – Academic Program Review Procedures – A motion to open for discussion was given by Senator Janice Ward and seconded by Senator Claudia Ruediger. Discussion opened and followed. Chair Scott made a recommendation for Senators to send suggestions for the wording of the section, “Membership on the Faculty Advisory Committee for Program Review”, to read correctly and to get all of the discussed points into this section. Changes are too extensive to make viable in a large group session. Chair Scott will bring suggestions to the next Faculty Senate Meeting to discuss further for that section.

A motion to amend section 1-C under “Membership on the Faculty Advisory Committee for Program Review” from “student credit hours generated per faculty member” to “student credit hours generated per average faculty full-time equivalent” was made by Senator Doug Atwood and seconded by Senator Diane Wood. A vote was taken and an all in favor with one abstention was given.


Provost Ronald Rosati passed out background documents. He reported that the Missouri Department of Higher Education is about to submit the Program Review Report to the Governor. They have finished up just this past week. They took all programs and put them into 3 groups. One group said that everything was okay, another group stated that there was further review needed in 2 years and the third group said that they reserve judgment on what will happen to this group of programs. The report has gone forward and they are not recommending anything beyond a list of about 7 programs that they want to come back in a couple of years to see how they look. Provost reported on the budget cut that is about 7% which is a 3.2 Million dollar cut in our appropriation next year. The House of Representatives are holding their hearings right now and the Senate process is expected to be completed sometime in May. There is speculation that the cut could grow some from 7 – 10% but that is uncertain at this point. An update on the Grievance that was previously filed about a College Council Membership was given and the grievance is currently in the final appeal process. The college campus can add 5 questions at Deans' review and we have until the end of this month to do that. One college has submitted questions and we have some questions in process from some of the other colleges but they don't have the list of 5 questions yet.

Provost Rosati discussed his handouts which were relating to information on upcoming campus renovations. Magill Hall is going to get some additions and other building enhancements. The Power Plant will be converted to gas. There is going to be a lot of deferred maintenance being completed on campus. There was a report on the moving of departments and where they were moving to given by Provost Rosati. All of this information was included in the report that Angela gave at the Brown Bag Luncheon. Some questions were asked and answered regarding these issues.

Provost Rosati reported regarding summer school dates, low enrollment, salary issues, etc. He is currently working on these issues and discussing with Executive Senate regarding the concerns of combining classes and other things with summer sessions. Provost Rosati is hoping to see significant growth for summer session.

Provost Rosati discussed the changes that were going on in Academic Affairs as it relates to Graduate School. Some of the changes include: Fred Janzow retiring at the end of this semester and his position is being filled with an internal search. The new title of his position will be Senior Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School. Randy Shaw also has a title of Associate Provost. As of right now Fred Janzow has the title of Vice Provost and Vice Provost is considered a step up from Associate Provost so there will be ability for promotion within that position. The position has been advertised and applications are due by March 1st 2011.

Provost Rosati reported about a search committee that is being formed. The search committee will be chaired by a representative from the Deans Council. There will be a representative from the Chairs Forum, Faculty Senate and the Senate will identify five additional senate members for nomination and those names will go forward and Deans Council and the Provost will pick two out of the five nominations and that will be the composition of the committee. The new person will be moving into the position in June.

In the graduate school they are making some changes and splitting up duties. There are two staff positions in the graduate school right now and those staff positions are going to be eliminated. There is an additional staff position being created in Admissions for the Graduate School. Dean of the Graduate School Position is moving back to the Associate Provost and there are more responsibilities being shifted to the colleges. Staff in the Provosts office is being reduced by an additional person.

Provost reported on the merger proposals that have been working their way through departments. One involves the College of Science and Mathematics and is a merger of Computer Science and Physics and Engineering Physics. The Academic Council concurred with the recommendation of College Council and the recommendation of the Dean to maintain two separate departments with one common chair. The next step is for the Provost to make a recommendation to the President which is due April 1st.

Provost Rosati discussed the College of Education proposal to merge the Departments of Elementary Early and Special Education with the Department of Middle and Secondary Education. The academic council voted to not recommend the adoption of that proposal.
There are college meetings coming up and the dates have changed. At the meetings there will be discussion about intersession, summer session, Deans' review and budget. There will be a chance for dialogue with faculty in various colleges and schools at those meetings.

Provost Rosati gave an update on the Winter Intersession Assessment. There was a minor adjustment on the amount of credits that undergraduate students who completed an intersession course are taking this semester. The status of where they are heading with winter intersession is that they are probably going to do it again and grow it some next year. The Deans are having that discussion now on how much they want to grow and which sections they want to grow.

Provost Rosati reported on large classroom assessments and they are analyzing that data right now. They want to make sure that learning is not changing due to, too large of classrooms. Accreditation review has been completed. They send in the profile and they visit campuses to look at all of the data collected and tell the college how they are doing. A Regional accreditation list of strengths and opportunities for improvement was given to the college. The full report will be published onto the website. When they come back in a couple of years they look at what the college has done about the opportunities for improvement. This report is the response of the review of the system portfolio. The college is going to have a meeting in May to go over how they are going to address the opportunities for improvement. There will be more information coming out on this report. End Report.


Senate Bill 11-A-4 – Addition of Advisory Committee – A motion to open up for discussion was given by Senator Rick Althaus and seconded by Senator Janice Ward. Discussion followed. Senate will vote on this bill at the next Faculty Senate Meeting.

A report on Nominations for the Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate School was given by Senator Janice Ward. The Membership Committee was just notified of the need for nominations. Senator Ward asked if any Senators would like to put their name forward for a vote. Senator Ward let the Faculty Senate know that if anyone wished to send a name forward that was not their own name, to please email that to Senator Janice Ward or someone on the Membership Committee. These names need to be to the Provost by the end of next week.


There was no executive session business to discuss.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 4:57 p.m. by Senator Diane Wood and was seconded by Senator Willie Redmond. ***

Approved March 2, 2011