Minutes - February 16, 2005

Minutes - February 16, 2005

Vol. XXXIX, No. 10


February 16, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, February 16, in the Program of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Susan Swartwout (presiding), James Champine, Bruce Hathaway, Rick Althaus, David Baird, Joyce Chadha, Michael Cobb, Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gilliland, Linda Heitman, Arrick Jackson, Warren Anderson (for Daniel MacLeay), Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, David Naugler, Carolyn Rainey, David Smith, Kevin Squibb, Marc Strauss, Rebecca Summary, David Glick (for Pat Willingham), Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou. Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham was also present. Student Government Representative Heather Valle also attended.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were Mary Elizabeth Ambery, Ronald Clayton, Mary Ann DeLine, Bonnie Stepenoff, Mohan Tikoo, and Mack Wilson.

Provost Jane Stephens (Administrative Liasion) attended the concurrent Board of Regents meeting.


Vol. XXXIX No. 10 of the minutes was approved with the suggestion by Senator Althaus that the Professional Affairs Committee add their thanks to the Provost and Administration for the collegial manner in which the Phase II review of the Library was handled.


Chair Susan Swartwout reported that the chair and chair-elect visited six legislators while in Jefferson City for the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates two-day meeting: Jason Crowell, Rod Jetton, Gayle Kingery (chair of the recently reactivated Higher Education Committee), Lanie Black, Terry Swinger, and Scott Lipke. The discussions centered on what Southeast has done recently to cut costs, and to ask that the legislators not support a four-year tuition freeze, years-end fund balance absorption into general funds, nor a CPI cap on tuition raises (Pres. Dobbins suggested CPI or $500 as a cap, whichever is higher). The reports were well-received, and strong support for Southeast was stated by Crowell, Black, and Kingery.

Chair Swartwout also reported on the speech by Dr. Greg Fitch, new chair of CBHE, which was delivered the first evening of the MAFS meeting. Fitch made the following points:

His buzzword: “Social Compact” [sic] to describe what higher ed needs to do in the future (he stated that he did not mean “social contract” )
regulate ourselves and work cooperatively
affordability is key to higher ed.
faculty needs to work more for retention of students
use faculty brainpower to solve state rather than world problems right now
faculty needs to work harder to keep jobs in Missouri
higher ed is the economic engine for MO
Other remarks
faculty must market their own niches
K – 12 is protected by state constitution, but higher ed isn't
CC's are better off because they're highly organized & “make sacrifices”
higher ed's future political pull is with CCs
the reason that private colleges are excelling in recruitment is because the value of their education is publicized and recognized
state universities need to better inform the public about higher ed; there's a confrontational attitude
78% of Gallagher funds go to independent institutions rather than state. Fitch has put the inequity in Gallagher distribution back on the table

Swartwout added that Fitch said universities aren't doing enough to establish experiential learning in coursework.

As an addition to the chairs report, MAFS representative Jim Champine gave a report from the business meeting of MAFS on Feb. 8 in Jefferson City. The following items from the meeting were related:

* A motion was considered to pass a resolution to call upon the state legislature to develop “an adequate and equitable funding formula that is tied to a consistent and reliable revenue source.” An example of a similar resolution passed by the Missouri Conference of AAUP was distributed to the faculty senate. MAFS decided to draft its own version before acting.

* The MAFS Governance Committee chair, Ken Bowman from Harris Stowe, is seeking information to draw up a survey of Missouri 4 year institutions on the role of faculty senates in governance. Jim Champine indicated that Southeast Faculty Senate scored well on all measures of shared governance.

* The MAFS Committee on Faculty Status/Personnel Status Charges reported on data collected on state appropriations, fees and tuition, and percent of non-tenure track faculty. Unfortunately only 5 of 14 schools sent forward data. Senator Champine thanked Susan Swatwout, Pat Ryan from Institutional Research, and Christina Frazier from the Provost's Office for their contributions. The data was distributed to the Senate.

* MAFS Chair Craig Roberts facilitated discussion of school reports, reports on meetings with legislators, and a discussion of possible changes to the MAFS constitution.

* The next meetings are scheduled for October 6 and 7, 2005 and February 10and 11, 2006.


There was no report since the Provost attended the concurrent Board of Reagents meeting.


Student Government representative Valle commented that the Capaha Arrow will feature an article on the pending name change at Southwest Missouri State. The article urges SEMO, and students at other schools, to contact their legislators about the issue.

Representative Valle mentioned “housekeeping” actions taken at their last meeting.

Also, special elections to fill vacancies were to be held February 22.


Academic Affairs

Senator Tikoo, chair of the committee, was out with the flu, and there was no report. David Baird did relate that the committee had considered changes to the academic honesty policy. This is a matter that would be brought to the Senate in the future.


Senator Naugler, chair of the committee, had no report.


Senator MacLeay, chair of the committee, was out with the flu, and there was no report.


Senator Zlokovich, chair of the committee, reported that individual committee members have been working different areas of concern and will meet in the upcoming week to draft proposed changes to the grievance procedure.


Senator Hathaway, Membership Chair, commented that he had e-mailed faculty about the need to fill faculty senate seats for next years senate, as well as seats on several University standing committees.

Professional Affairs

Senator Althaus reported that the Professional Affairs Committee will meet with Dr. Dave Starrett of the CSTL on Feb. 23 to review the outcome of the on-line faculty survey relating to the IDEA student evaluation of teaching instrument and the attendant policy.

Senator Althaus also reviewed the Non discrimination policy, or lack thereof, relating to sexual orientation. He related that 6 of the 13 four-year institutions had such non-discrimination policies. His committee would be happy to collect information, and discuss the matter, but no action is planned at this time.

The committee will monitor progress of a recent bill introduced into the legislature that would abolish granting of tenure in Missouri. (Note: The bill was withdrawn the following week.)

The committee continues to discuss changes in the promotion and tenure timelines, including elimination of the spring tenure timeline, and making promotion and tenure timelines identical. Dr. Jim Ermatinger reported to Professional Affairs about the Chairperson's Forum reaction to the recent actions.


The letter of commendation to CSTL was sent by Chair Swartwout.


Significant discussion of financial issues at the University occurred. Senator Summary and many others discussed the proposed $2.5 million renovation at the corner of Henderson and Broadway. Many Senators expressed concern over the lack of understanding of the budgetary process, and why money seems readily available for non-educational purposes, but not for salaries and upkeep of classrooms. The possibility of asking University finance officers to attend a Senate meeting to brief the faculty was raised. Questions about the mechanism of external auditing were also discussed. As a result of the discussion it was proposed that Senators return to their constituents and solicit “wish list” items that relate to teaching environments. Senator Zlokovich cited an example of poorly operated air-conditioning units affecting learning in one Scully classroom. Chair Swartwout asked that more examples of situations that affect health, safety, and learning in academic spaces be requested from the faculty.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45.