Minutes - February 15, 2006

Minutes - February 15, 2006

Vol. XL, No. 12


February 15, 2006

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, February 15, 2006, in the Indian Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present; James Champine (Chair), Michael Cobb (Chair-Elect), David Smith (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Mary Ann DeLine, Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gilliland, Priscilla Hornby, Kathy Farwell (Alternate), Daniel MacLeay, Jim McGill, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, Debbie Beard (Alternate), Jayanti Ray, David Reinheimer, Sophia Scott, Haohao Wang, David Glick (Alternate), and Min Zou. Provost Stephens and Student Government Liaison Heather Valle were also present.

Absent and not represented by their Alternates were; Mary Elizabeth Ambery, Ronald Clayton, Kim Dillivan, Arrick Jackson, Bonnie Stepenhoff, Marc Strauss, Rebecca Summary, Xuesong Zhang, and Martha Zlokovich


Approval of minutes Vol. XL-11 was moved by Senator MacLeay and seconded by Senator Scott. The motion carried.


Chair Champine reminded the Senate that Interim Grade Reporting runs March 4 through March 13, 2006.

Chair Champine reported that he attended the Administrative Council meeting on February 28, 2006. He reported that they reviewed the Student Success Initiative ideas. He indicated that the one that will impact faulty the most is the idea of creating an ad hoc or faculty advisors' forum to collect information on faculty advising activity. He indicated that he would distribute the revised Student Success Initiative ideas to the Senate electronically. The Senate held discussion on the Student Success Initiatives ideas.

Chair Champine reported that he attended the Dean's Council March 1, 2006.
He indicated that they discussed Banner Advising Training. He indicated that it is foreseeable that each faculty advisor will have to know about traditional advising by either Self Service or Internet Native Banner. Discussion was held on Banner Advising Training by the Senate.

Chair Champine reviewed the Faculty Senate's meeting schedule for informational purposes. He indicated that the March 29 meeting will be the last chance to introduce new business for completion this term.


Provost Stephens reported on the River Campus Funding. She referred to the press conference held Friday, February 24, 2006. She indicating that she and the President felt that they came to a good solution. Provost Stephens gave a special thanks to the Student Government for their interest and involvement. Discussion was held by the Senate. Chair Champine commented that the President complimented the Student Government and the faculty for their involvement and support.

Provost Stephens reported that Three Rivers is still pending. She indicated that there are more students enrolling from the Bootheel than ever before.


Student Government Liaison, Heather Valle reported that the Student Government's (SG) focus had been on the River Campus. She indicated that their new focus is MOHELA. She indicated that Nathan Cooper will be visiting the campus March 10, 2006 and invited the Faculty Senate to join the SG during his visit.

Heather reported that the SG will have new elections coming up in April and they will also be reviewing bi-laws.

Last, she reported that the SG had passed a resolution for the Safe Ride System. Chair Champine asked her to explain the Safe Ride System. Heather indicated that this program is being put into place to protect students and try to come together to resolve the drinking and driving problem. There was discussion held on the Safe Ride System by the Senate with many in support of the program.


Professional Affairs
Senator Bruce Mims yielded to Senator Althaus to present the Professional Affairs report.
Senator Althaus indicated that Faculty Handbook contains the official policy on Student Evaluation of Instruction. That policy requires the Faculty Senate to evaluate it every three years. From 2003 to 2005, the Faculty Senate Professional Affairs Committee, on behalf of the Senate, conducted a thorough study of the policy and its use. Based upon its findings, the Professional Affairs Committee prepared and recommended to the Senate a bill to revise the policy. The Senate passed the bill, but President Dobbins did not approve those changes.
Since President Dobbins did not approve those changes, the faculty is still bound by the provisions of the 1999 policy. The Professional Affairs Committee was given the charge to study this policy because of the potential misuse of student evaluations in the promotion/tenure process. Senator Althaus reported that the Professional Affairs Committee concluded that there is apparent widespread failure among faculty committees and administrators to fully comply.
For this reason, Professional Affairs prepared a memo with the intent to clarify what the policy says and to clarify the departmental promotion/tenure process.
Discussion was held by the Senate on the memo.

Senator Zlokovich was unable to attend the meeting.

Senator Beard reported that the Compensation Committee will submit the compensation proposal March 16, 2006.
Chair Champine indicated that a few items being considered are an increase in the cafeteria plan, an increase in chair stipend, and an increase in professional development.

Academic Affairs
Senator Reinheimer reported that Academic Affairs met last week. He indicated that they are close to completing the five-year calendar

Senator MacLeay reported that the Documents Committee did not meet week. He indicated that they are waiting on information from various constituencies.

Senator Smith reported that Senator Reinheimer is the new chair for Academic Affairs and Cheryl Milde is the replacement chair for Academic Affairs.


Chair Champine asked for a motion to authorize the Compensation Committee to negotiate on behalf of the Senate.
Senator Althaus made a motion to suspend the rules and was seconded by Senator Smith. The motion carried.
Senator Smith made a motion to authorize the Compensation Committee to negotiate on behalf of the Senate and was seconded by Senator Althaus.
The motion carried.

Chair Champine distributed a document, Suggested Guidelines for Effective Use of Student Evaluation of Instruction. He indicated that there was an ad hoc committee formed to generate this document. He indicated that the document is meant to be a “best practices” for those who choose to use Student Evaluation of Instruction and to serve as a tool for interpreting data.
Chair Champine asked the Senate to review the document and be prepared for discussion March 29 during the next Senate meeting.


The Senate moved to executive session to consider a bill and have a discussion.

A motion to approve Bill 06-A-02 granting emeritus status for Bert J. Kellerman was put forward by Senator Mims (Althaus seconded).


The motion to adjourn (Scott/Fulgham) was recognized and approved at 4:40 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be March 29 in the University Center Missouriana Room at 3:00 PM.