Minutes - February 2, 2011

Minutes - February 2, 2011

XLV, No. 11


February 2, 2011

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday February 2, 2011, in the University Center Missouriana Room. The following Senators were present: Sophia Scott (Chair), Kevin Dickson (Chair-Elect), Rick Althaus, Jian Peng, Diane Wood, Phil Nacy, Claudia Ruediger, Don Jung, Charles McAllister, Rachel Morgan Theall, Walt Paquin, Debra Lee-DiStefano, David Powell, Larry Bohannon, Haohao Wang, Carol Veneziano, Brandon Christensen, Elaine Jackson, Larry, Underberg, Stephanie Chamberlain, Eric Clements, David Naugler, Willie Redmond, Doug Atwood and alternates Julie Weathers and Emily Denlinger. Provost Ronald Rosati and Student Government Liaison Daniel Schuenemeyer were also in attendance. Not in attendance or represented by an alternate were: Joyce Renaud, Seidu Sofo, Janice Ward and Victor Wilburn.


The minutes of December 1 (45.10) were approved as distributed, by a voice vote of the Senate after a motion by Senator Elaine Jackson which was seconded by Senator Willie Redmond.


Chair Sophia Scott reported on her meeting on December 8, 2010, with the Board of Regents. Chair Scott reported that the Board of Regents approved the recommended additions and policy revisions to the Faculty Handbook. One policy that was approved was Bill 10-A-13 – Separation of Policies & Procedures. That bill will go as a preamble at the beginning of the Faculty Handbook. The Board of Regents made a change to that to include the President with comments from campus community. Bill 10-A-13 is updated in the email that was sent to the Senators. Other Bills that were approved were Bills 10-A-14 – Retrenchment Policy, 10-A-15 – Academic Restructuring Policy, and Bill 10-A-16 – Academic Program Review. Chair Scott reported that these bills are the first steps in bringing the alignment of the handbook with the current Board of Regents' policies and directives. Other motions passed by the board were included in the January 14, 2011 Presidents letter. The documents from that letter were posted online.

Chair Scott reported that the Faculty Handbook is going to be set up similar to the staff handbook. Examples were passed out. Chair Scott then went on to explain the changes that were going to be made to the set up of the Handbook. She then reported on how to get approval of Policies and Procedures, stating that the Board of Regents will approve the Policy Statement and the Faculty Senate and President will approve the procedures. She went over how they wanted to start including the President and Provost early on in the development of the procedures. They want to work together to make sure Policies and Procedures are accurate. Once Faculty Senate and the President agree on procedures, the procedure will go to campus community for a minimum of 15 days for comments. If there are no comments or changes then the procedures will be implemented. If there are concerns the Faculty Senate and President will get together and try to come up with recommendations. Chair Scott then asked if there were any questions. Discussion followed.

Chair Scott reported on the Course Redesign Conference that happened that Wednesday, February 2, 2011. She reported that Course Redesign is also an AQIP Project and more information will be coming forth on that. February 14 and 15 Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) will be meeting. Senators will be meeting with State Legislators to discuss the future of Higher Education. Chair Scott recognized Senator Chamberlain, who gave a report that at the dinner meeting on February 14, 2011 they are going to be meeting with Dr. David Russell, who is the new Commissioner of Higher Education, and that MAFS is going to set up a table space in the rotunda to distribute DVD's on what they see is the future of higher education.

Chair Scott reported concerning the budget. The Budget Review will start meeting on where Southeast Missouri State University is at concerning the budget. In Administrative Council the President has appointed a new steering committee called the University of 2020. The Chair will be Bill Eddleman. The purpose of the committee is to position the University for what Higher Education will look like in 2015. The committee is meant to make sure that as an institution we are making the changes that are appropriate to stay up to speed on being ready to educate the student of 2020.

The Program Review, as soon as procedures pass, will begin meeting after the procedures are approved. They don't want to meet until there are procedures to be guidelines. The new Senators from Psychology are, Doug Atwood and Alternate Shawn Guiling. End Report.


Student Government Liaison Daniel Schuenemeyer reported that the Student Government has been working on student fee increase which was passed by the Board of Regents. They have been working on a goal setting process for the spring semester because they have had a lot of special elections and have a lot of new senators. End report.


Membership reported that membership has the list for fall of 2011 and membership is working to populate the different committees at this time.

Professional Affairs, Chair Rick Althuas reported that the committee met last week and have emeritus recommendations for the end of the meeting today. Professional Affairs reviewed 3 sections of the handbook and have them in good condition as far as what would be policies versus procedures. They have some factual questions that they think would be best answered by the Provost regarding sabbatical leave and faculty classifications. They have invited the Provost to attend their next meeting and have not heard back yet.

Academic Affairs, Chair Don Jung, reported that the committee has not yet met. The committee has some sections of the handbook to look over, Graduate Faculty and Honors Program, there has been no feedback on those sections. The committee is going to look at Course and Curricular Approval Process and Teaching and Classroom Practices. There is an update on Graduate Faculty which they are going to look at as a committee and research later on.

Documents, Chair Joyce Renaud was out sick, therefore, Faculty Senate Chair Sophia Scott reported that the committee is working on the handbook looking at the constitution. They are looking specifically at the role of the Johnson Faculty Center (JFC) and they will be bringing forth some things to the Senate concerning those items. The committee is also in the process of researching the number of Senators per department that there will be.

Governance, Chair Walt Paquin reported that the committee has not met face to face this semester; however, they have had email discussions. He wanted to bring the Senates' attention to the HERI Survey that is conducted every 4 years. The survey will be administered electronically. It compares us to other universities as far as how happy faculty is regarding salaries and academic freedoms, etc. the survey will be administered in March 2011. This is a nationally known survey and we have the opportunity to add questions to it. The committee is still in the process of reviewing what questions they want to include in the survey.

Compensation reported that the committee asked Senator Willie Redmond to chair the committee for the remainder of the semester. The Provost wants to increase the number of students in the summer sessions and offer more courses for students in the summer. In the Handbook it says that a faculty member can teach no more than 2 courses in the summer. The committee wants to increase that. The committee is also going to look at large classroom compensation to be something that will be fair and equitable for faculty.


Senate Bill 11-A-1- Retrenchment Procedures- open for discussion- A motion to extend the length of time on item number 27 from two weeks to, within one month was made by Senator Stephanie Chamberlain and seconded by Senator Don Jung. Discussion followed. A vote was taken on the motion to change the time period of item number 27 and was passed. There was no further discussion and Chair Scott will bring the Senate Bill forward to the President and bring it back for a vote at the next Senate Meeting. Chair Scott paused before going on to another procedure for a report from Provost Ronald Rosati.

Senate Bill 11-A-2 – Academic Restructuring Procedures – open for discussion – A motion was made to change wording of page 4, step number 16, second sentence from “to hire” to “recommend hiring/recommend to hire” by Senator Don Jung and seconded by Senator Kevin Dickson. Discussion Followed. A vote to pass the motion was taken and the motion passed by an all in favor. Chair Scott will take the Senate Bill to the President to discuss changes and bring it back to the next Faculty Senate meeting for a vote.

Senate Bill 11-A-3 – Academic Program Review Procedures – Chair Scott is going to give more time for the faculty to review over these procedures and will bring the Bill back to the next Faculty Senate Meeting.

Senate Bill 11-A-4 – Addition of Advisory Committee – Chair Scott is giving the faculty senate more time to review with their department faculty.


Provost Ronald Rosati reported on the meeting with Academic Council. There was a proposal going forward about a merger of two departments in education, that proposal has been postponed until February 15, 2011. There will be a special Academic Council meeting on February 15, 2011 to go over that proposal and right now that is the only agenda item for that meeting. The reason that proposal was postponed was the Provost learned at the beginning of the week that they would be able to resolve the grievance by February 15, 2011 and have it work its way all the way through the process. They want to get the grievance resolved before discussion of the merger of the departments.

Provost Rosati reported that the computer science and physics merger proposal was approved as presented by College Council. The department will remain as independent departments with one Chair and one Administrative Assistant at this time. They will come back in a couple of years to decide on whether there is any further action that will need to be taken. A proposal to rename “Foreign Languages” to “Global Studies” was passed, which will eliminate certain majors and add a Bachelor of Science in Global Studies field. That proposal is going forward to the Department of Higher Education later on this week.

Provost Rosati reported on the new task force called the “University of 2020”, the contract for a new football coach, and the approved minor for special education. Provost Rosati also reported on summer school session changes. He said that they are changing faculty allowance of teaching summer school sessions. The University is working on the marketing aspect of how to attract new students that wouldn't otherwise come to this university. They are trying to attract online students, as well. A discussion on summer compensation for faculty members followed.

A report on winter intersession assessment was given and by the end of February they will make a decision towards next Winter Intersession. Provost Rosati reported on large classroom pilot learning outcomes assessment. There was not much difference in student learning between large and small sections. The University does not plan on adding sections.
A report on International Student Enrollment statistics was given. $2,000,000.00 in revenue comes to Cape Girardeau from China every year because of Southeast Missouri State University's International student population. A report on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was given. The University is over interpreting the regulations of the policy. If there are any questions refer parents to the registrar's office or the Chair of your department. CAP is being taken offline over spring break. Faculty will only have access to Degree Works after spring break. Students, faculty and staff will no longer have access after spring break. They will need to get all information off of that program by those dates. End Report.


There was no new business to consider.


Faculty Senate entered into Executive Session. The Senate passed Bill 11-A-5, recommending that Emeritus Status be conferred upon Harvey Hecht, Johnson Egbert, Thomas Wallgren, and Edward Leoni upon their retirement.


A move to adjourn the meeting was made at 4:51 p.m. by Chair Sophia Scott and seconded by Chair-Elect Kevin Dickson. ***

Approved February 16, 2011