Chapter 7

Section F. Guidelines for Users of the Copy Center

The following guidelines have been formulated to assist in the orderly and efficient operation of the Copy Center. It is hoped that the statements which appear below will assist those who wish to make use of these services by informing them of the policies and procedures which govern their requests.

The Copy Center in Parker Room 105 offers services such as copying, binding, laminating, stapling, folding, foam board mounting, etc. A wide variety of paper sizes, weights, grades, and colors are available. Parker 105 also serves as a transaction point for printing services from one of the University’s contracted vendors.

The Copy Center accepts work from students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

Authorization for Printing

Costs for University work will be charged to index numbers provided at the time of the request. The Copy Center accepts jobs brought into the center, through campus interoffice mail, and through email addressed to Requests should include an index number, quantity, and delivery instructions.

Requests for personal printing and copying jobs can be purchased with a credit card, cash, or check at the time of pickup.

Requests by student organizations for printing and copying can be charged if a completed voucher is provided from Campus Life & Event Services or may be purchased with a credit card, cash, or check at the time of pickup.

Printing and copying services by external organizations may be charged to departments or offices on campus if approved by the financial manager. An index number must be provided to the Copy Center. Reimbursement is the responsibility of the department or office charged.