Chapter 3

Section E. Service

Faculty Senate Bill 12-A-2 begins here

Service is identified in the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Policy as one of the “critical areas” in which faculty can make a contribution to the University, the community, and the profession, and by which they are judged for purposes of tenure, promotion, and merit. Service to the University may take many forms including, but not limited to, academic advising, membership and leadership on committees, sponsorship of student organizations, providing student recommendations, and participation in commencement exercises. Faculty members should consult their departmental Promotion and Tenure criteria to understand how service is construed in their own department.


Commencement exercises are held two times annually--in the winter and spring.
Approved by Faculty Senate Bill 12-A-2 February 1, 2012, Reviewed by President February 2, 2012, Board of Regents approval March 23, 2012
Faculty Senate Bill 12-A-3 begins here

Procedures Regarding Full-Time Faculty Attendance at Commencement Exercises
  • Each faculty member is expected to attend one commencement exercise a year
  • Each department is expected to have approximately one third of its members present for each exercise.
  • Department chairpersons are responsible for scheduling the distribution of faculty among the winter and spring exercises.

Amended by Faculty Senate Bill 12-A-3 approved by the Faculty Senate Feb. 1, 2012 and by the President Feb, 2, 2012, Posted for 15 Day Review February 2012