Chapter 2

Section A. Sick Leave Policy

Faculty absences from classes due to illness or injury are to be covered by a reasonable and equitable distribution of the absent faculty member's duties to department colleagues. These assignments shall be coordinated by the department chairperson and shall be made on the basis of department procedures.

When it becomes necessary to cover the absence of ill or injured faculty for a period of more than three consecutive weeks, persons providing class coverage shall receive some form of compensation: prorated overload pay if the person is already assigned a 12-hour load for the semester; a reduced load for the following semester; any other form of compensation mutually agreed upon by the chairperson and the faculty member.

Should it be obvious to the departmental personnel at the onset of the illness or injury that the absence of the faculty member will be lengthy and/or may likely continue to the end of the semester, the absent faculty member's courses should be reassigned to other faculty immediately, either to regular faculty or to part-time faculty replacements. Faculty members whose prolonged absences begin in one semester and carry over into a second semester shall have their loads reassigned from the beginning of the semester. When the absent member returns to full duty, the reassigned courses shall be returned to the regular faculty member and compensation for the replacement instructor paid on a prorated basis.

In any consecutive 12-month period, a faculty member can utilize up to three months of sick leave with full pay and an additional three months at sixty percent pay. Sick leave may not be used to extend the normal nine month assignment; however, if a faculty member has a summer teaching contract and has begun to teach under that contract, he/she will be eligible to use sick leave during the length of that summer contract. If a faculty member is on sick leave at the conclusion of the spring semester but does not have a summer contract or cannot begin the summer contract, sick leave payments will cease at the end of the normal contract year. If the faculty member is still unable to resume his/her teaching duties at the start of the next regular academic cycle, sick leave benefits will resume. Unused sick leave in any regular academic year or summer session cannot be credited to a succeeding period. All days missed due to illness or injury are credited as sick leave in any academic year. The sick leave policy complements the long-term disability insurance plan offered through the fringe benefit program, which goes into effect on the 181st day of the disability period.

Approved by Faculty Senate, Bill 83-A-02, April 1983 Approved by Board of Regents, April 1983 Amended by Faculty Senate, Bill 86-A-09, October 22, 1986 Approved by Board of Regents, December 1986 Revised Benefits Office 1/93