Non Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments

Bill 13-A-06 - Revising "Non Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments" to establish a policy section (Approved)



Approved by the Faculty Senate
February 13, 2013

BRIEF SUMMARY: This bill specifies the policy portion of the existing Faculty Handbook section on Non Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments (Chapter 2, Section D.3).

REVISING "Non Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments" TO ESTABLISH A POLICY SECTION

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate recognizes the changing climate in higher education where year-on-year reductions in state education funding have combined with significant increases in student numbers to necessitate all institutions of higher learning to adapt to financial pressures, institutions of higher learning across the state and the nation have shown a trend of increased use of Regular Non-Tenure-Track faculty (RNTT), and

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate recognizes Southeast Missouri State's position of financial strength relative to many of its sister institutions in Missouri and that this strength is in part due to current hiring practices, and

WHEREAS the current percentages of Regular Non-Tenure-Track (RNTT) and Tenure-Track (TT) positions are the result of changes which have occurred gradually and in response to financial pressures rather than as the result of open discourse on the makeup and culture of the University as a whole,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: subject to the passage and approval of both this bill and its companion bill establishing a corresponding "procedures" section, Chapter 2, Section D.3 of the Faculty Handbook be amended by replacing the existing content with the following "policy" section (to follow the companion "procedures" in the Handbook):

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments - Policy

In the increasingly complex educational environment, in order to provide flexibility in faculty staffing, there may be a need for faculty who are appointed to non tenure-track status. These would include, but are not limited to, faculty who teach remedial and/or introductory courses and for which a terminal degree may not be required and faculty at the regional campuses. Non tenure-track faculty positions will be limited to no more than twenty five percent (25%) of full-time faculty in the University.


Action Date
Introduced to Senate 1/30/13
Second Senate Meeting 2/13/13
Faculty Senate Vote 2/13/13
Board of Regents Approval 4/10/13
Posted to Faculty Handbook