Bill 11-A-24 Other Faculty Leave Procedures (Approved)

Bill 11-A-24 Other Faculty Leave Procedures (Approved)



Approved by the Faculty Senate
April 20, 2011


WHEREAS: The Professional Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate has studied the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Faculty Handbook, dealing with Professional Development Opportunities for faculty, and

WHEREAS: Consistent with the direction of the Board of Regents, the Committee has recommended clarification and updates, and has recommended separating the provisions of the chapter into separate "policy" and "procedures" sections, and

WHEREAS: The Faculty Senate concurs with those recommendations, and

WHEREAS: The content proposed below has already been approved by the Faculty Senate, the President, and the Board of Regents as part of Faculty Senate Bill 93-A-01,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Chapter 4 of the Faculty Handbook be amended by inserting the following procedures after the policy section entitled "Other Leaves":

Faculty Senate Bill 11-A-24 begins here.

Faculty Leave Program Procedures:

In all cases, it is essential that the temporary absence of a faculty member on leave not unreasonably compromise the quality of educational programs. The determination of the impact of the absence of a faculty member will be made by that person's department, as qualitative judgments regarding the program are most suitably made by those within that discipline. If an applicant's department agrees that appropriate measures can be taken to ensure that the absence of the applicant will not unreasonably compromise the quality of the program, the application can go forward. If the department determines that the absence of the applicant cannot be reasonably compensated for, the application will be denied and will not go forward.

Decisions regarding allocation of faculty resources among departments are normally made by the dean and the Provost. If they agree that sufficient resources are available to provide for overloads, part-time or term instructors, or other means the department feels necessary to reasonably maintain the quality of a department's program during the leave of a faculty member, the application shall go forward for action by the President and/or Board of Regents as necessary. It is understood that a lack of sufficient resources may be reason for a department to withdraw its approval of a leave application.

A faculty member applying for a leave shall be given a timely written response to that request from the appropriate individual(s) or group(s) considering the request. A faculty member applying for a leave to pursue a terminal degree must have a written educational plan approved by the appropriate parties in accordance with the requirements of the section of the Faculty Handbook on Faculty Professional Responsibilities.

Procedures contain portions of:
Faculty Senate Bill 93-A-1, approved by Faculty Senate January 27, 1993
Amended by Faculty Senate Bill 11-A-24, approved by Faculty Senate April 20, 2011, by President (date)

Approved by the Faculty Senate
date: April 20, 2011

Approved by the President

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