Bill 11-A-22 College Level Professional Development Procedures (Approved)

Bill 11-A-22 College Level Professional Development Procedures (Approved)



Approved by the Faculty Senate
April 20, 2011


WHEREAS: The Professional Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate has studied the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Faculty Handbook, dealing with Professional Development Opportunities for faculty, and

WHEREAS: Consistent with the direction of the Board of Regents, the Committee has recommended clarification and updates, and has recommended separating the provisions of the chapter into separate "policy" and "procedures" sections, and

WHEREAS: The Faculty Senate concurs with those recommendations, and

WHEREAS: The content proposed below has already been approved by the Faculty Senate, the President, and the Board of Regents as part of Faculty Senate Bill 10-A-06,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Chapter 4 of the Faculty Handbook be amended by inserting the following procedures after the policy section entitled "College Level Professional Development Program":

Faculty Senate Bill 11-A-22 begins here.

College Level Professional Development Procedures

A. Each college, school, and Kent Library shall maintain a Faculty Development Committee, composed of one (or, at the discretion of the unit, two) representative(s) from each department within the unit, such representatives being elected by the full-time faculty in each department.

B. The Faculty Development Committee shall recommend to the faculty of the unit a membership rotation plan for the Committee, as well as a procedure to be used for allocation of the available funds. The allocation procedure may consist of:

1) an allocation of the funds on a per capita basis to each full-time faculty member in the unit,
2) a competitive application process incorporating criteria and priorities, or
3) some other procedure.

The initial membership rotation plan and allocation procedure shall be effective once approved by a majority of unit faculty voting in a unit-wide meeting, by mailed paper ballot, or by electronic ballot. Annually, the Committee shall review the unit procedures and submit to the faculty any suggested revisions, subject to the required majority approval, as above.

C. One-tenth of the total amount allocated to the college, school, or Kent Library for the fiscal year shall be designated for use by the dean. These funds will be used at the dean's discretion to support
development activities for faculty members of the unit, and shall be listed in the annual reports, as below.

D. For units that use a competitive application process, the dean shall receive applications and forward them to the Faculty Development Committee. The Committee shall evaluate the applications in accordance with the approved procedures, and shall submit its recommendation to the dean regarding the funding level. The dean will consider recommendations to fund proposals in a timely fashion. If approval is granted, the dean will provide for the appropriate disbursement of the award. If approval is not granted, the dean will provide explanation to the committee. If there is substantial disagreement on the awarding of funds, the matter will be referred to the College Council for final dispensation.

For units using a per capita allocation, the funds shall be available to faculty members in the same manner as the departmental-level faculty development funds.

E. Within two months of the end of each fiscal year, the dean will compile and publish or distribute (in printed or electronic form) to the faculty of the college, school, or Kent Library a list of recipients of all development grants awarded, purposes, funds expended, and the remaining balance of all available funds.

F. Information concerning the unit procedures, funding periods, and/or applications shall be made available through the dean, department chairpersons, or members of the Faculty Development Committee.

G. Unit procedures and criteria that were in force at the time of the approval of this policy, and that are not in conflict with it, shall remain in force until revised according to the provisions above.

Procedures contain portions of:
Faculty Senate Bill 87-A-02R, approved by Faculty Senate Apr. 1987, by Board of Regents May 1987
Faculty Senate Bill 10-A-06, approved by Faculty Senate Mar. 24, 2010, by Board of Regents June 22, 2010
Amended by Faculty Senate Bill 11-A-22, approved by Faculty SenateApril20, 2011, by PresidentApril, 2011

Approved by the Faculty Senate
date: April 20, 2011

Approved by the President
date: April, 2011
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date: February 19, 2013