Senate Bill 07-A-11 Remove Obsolete Language from Handbook (RESCINDED)

Senate Bill 07-A-11 Remove Obsolete Language from Handbook (RESCINDED)



RESOLVED: That the section on page 183-184 of the Faculty Handbook relating to "Specific Services" (Chapter 3- Role of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, pp. 183-184) be deleted and that a link to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RGD) Procedures and Guidance Manual be referenced. The section to be deleted is as follows:

Specific Services

Technical assistance provided by the office spans each step of the funding process. Upon request, potential funding sources for a particular problem or topic can be identified. Those entities' grant application materials and guidelines can also be retrieved. Assistance is provided in as many facets of the application's preparation as desired, including budget construction, typing, editing, formatting and copying. The office will also help faculty make sure that University guidelines are followed and the proper administrative review is conducted. Mailing of the proposal and the monitoring of its review by funding agencies are also provided. The office will aid faculty in making arrangements to meet with the officials of funding agencies when those officials request such a session.

Information management assistance provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, the search for potential funding sources, and the monitoring of important regulatory and legislative events which may have a significant impact upon both grant-seekers and funding agencies. The office communicates that information through its quarterly newsletter, grant alerts, campus news outlets, and personal contacts with faculty.

The Office Research and Sponsored Programs helps faculty develop their skills and knowledge of fund-seeking in a variety of ways. Periodically, the office sponsors skill-based workshops which feature knowledgeable parties from other universities, government, philanthropy, or business. Issues of the newsletter will contain an article on some aspect of grant-writing or fund-seeking. Finally, the office director is available for personal consultation on topics related to research or grant activity.

Rationale: This deletion needed as the section above is obsolete. A link to the RGD Procedures and Guidance Manual would provide current, accurate information.