Faculty Senate Bill 06-A-09 (APPROVED)

Faculty Senate Bill 06-A-09 (APPROVED)

Approved by President January 9, 2007

Revision of GRFC Guidelines and Policies

WHEREAS: the Grants and Research Funding Committee (GRFC) requests that the submission procedures be updated to require electronic submissions of proposals and,

WHEREAS: the office of Sponsored Programs has been renamed office of Grant and Research Development and,

WHEREAS: there was a policy conflict between the Faculty Handbook which allowed grants for program development and the accepted GRFC policies which prohibit such proposals,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the attached revisions of the GRFC guidelines be accepted and that item #3 on page 182 of the current Handbook under the heading of Research Funds be changed from "Research projects that may lead to program development" to "Research programs which promote further professional development".

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: the GRFC committee will provide the Documents Committee with an electronic copy of the corrected GRFC Guidelines document.