Faculty Senate Bill 06-A-01 (APPROVED)

Faculty Senate Bill 06-A-01 (APPROVED)

BE IT RESOLVED: That the section of the Faculty Handbook relating to "Class Attendance in Developmental Courses" (Chapter 3- Faculty Professional Responsibilities: Teaching and Classroom Practices, pp. 156-157) be deleted and that the "Class Attendance Policy" (p. 156) apply to all University courses:

Class Attendance Policy in Developmental Courses

SoutheastMissouriStateUniversity is committed to the academic success of

its students. It promotes the accomplishment of this end in part by providing

tutors, skill development laboratories, academic advisors, and developmental

courses. While all of these elements are important, the developmental courses

are specially designed to assist students who have demonstrated shortcomings

in mathematics, reading, and writing. These courses are offered to assist

students who might otherwise have difficulty in making the transition from

high school to college. Also, similar developmental courses are offered to

assist international students. In either case, the ultimate purpose is the same--

namely, to enhance the probability that students will achieve academic success.

Developmental courses are extremely important in assisting students who

have not demonstrated the prerequisite skills necessary for academic success

at the college level. While grades may not be reduced on the basis of attendance,

experience indicates that success in these courses is greatly diminished

by poor attendance. Attendance is essential if students are to receive the

expected benefits of these courses. Therefore, attendance is required at all class

meetings of developmental courses.

To ensure that these expectations are met, students, faculty, and staff members

assume extraordinary responsibilities. Students have a responsibility for properly

notifying faculty members as to their reasons for not attending class. Since

faculty and student development staff members share common goals in assisting

students with their educational progress, faculty may involve these staff

members by reporting absences to the StudentDevelopmentCenter. Upon the

recommendation of the faculty member, a student with more than three inappropriate

absences may be suspended from class by the college dean and have

a grade of "F" recorded. In a case where attendance is a continual problem, the

Dean of Admissions and Records may suspend and disqualify the student

from further enrollment at the University.