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Documents Committee Webpage Ideas

Based on the survey of faculty and on our discussion, the documents committee proposes the faculty senate website be redesigned to the following format:

Splash Page features title and recent group photo of senate on steps of Academic

Seven “Buttons” on the splash page:

5-year Academic Calendar (link)

Calendar of Faculty Senate Meetings (link)

About Us
clicking this button will lead to a page with these titles that link to pages with the information
Letter from Chair with photo and contact information
Senator Listing by Department (includes photo and contact information)
Staff listing (includes photo and contact information)
Committees (description of duties, list of members and contact information foreach)
GRFC (link)

searchable pdf link
html (current set up)

Actions Pending
Bills for Review
Resolutions for Review
Last Approved Minutes
Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

Current Studies and Reports
Compensation Study
Southeast 2020

links to bills, resolutions, minutes and committee reports organized by year and chair

We feel that this layout will keep the website streamlined and senate-specific. Maintenance should be relatively easy, as the items which need to be most frequently updated are the items sent prior to each senate meeting. Duplication will be avoided as we provide links to things that are provided elsewhere on the Southeast site rather than reproducing them. While there was some interest indicated on the survey for faculty-specific newswire items and a faculty notables section, the committee ultimately decided that the amount of upkeep, the risk of a faculty member or department feeling neglected and the possibility of redundancy outweighed the interest in these items.