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Boiler Plant, Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing

Electrical Crew

Kameron "Chase" Bonner Lead Electrician
Tyson Suhre Electrician
Walter Totton Electrician
Ketih Uelsmann Electrician


Alan Cook HVAC Mechanic Lead
Floyd Anderson Pipefitter/Welder
Michael Blechle HVAC Mechanic
Joshua Laws HVAC Mechanic
Doug Rubach HVAC Mechanic

Plumbing Crew

Robert Claar Plumber Lead
Treasa Benn Plumber
Travis Glueck Plumber
Troy Tyler Plumber

Boiler Plant Crew

Michael Schnurbusch Boiler Plant Manager
Rick Crisler Boiler Technician I
Danny Garrett Boiler Technician II
Mitch Halbert Boiler Technician I
Wayne Hall Boiler Technician I
Eric Hammock Boiler Technician II
Rob Hendrix Boiler Technician I
Kingsley Mainer Boiler Technician II
Roger Morrow Boiler Technician I
Ken Rivet Boiler Technician I
Jordan Seabaugh Boiler Technician II
Derek Zerbe Boiler Technician II

Maintenance Technicians

Dane Baker Maintenance Technician
Travis Brashear Maintenance Technician
Lance McClellon Maintenance Technician
Ethan Shrock Maintenance Technician


610 Washington Ave.
Facilities Management
One University Plaza, MS 7750
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701