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Snow Removal

Snow Removal photo.


Facilities Management personnel are responsible for the removal of snow and ice on the campus walks, driveways, handicapped ramps, parking lots, and steps to buildings. All areas, including River Campus, are important and should be cleaned up as quickly as possible, however the following priorities should be followed:

Priority List

  1. Building and handicapped entrances
  2. Shuttle bus routes
  3. Sidewalks (equipment will be assigned by zone)
  4. Normal Street
  5. Henderson Avenue
  6. College Hill
  7. University School for Young Children
  8. Woodlawn Drive
  9. Circle Drive
  10. Cheney Drive
  11. Myers Drive
  12. Towers Circle (entrance and exit to Towers)
  13. River Campus
  14. Cottonwood
  15. Catapult, Crime Lab and 725 Broadway
  16. General Services III
  17. Wildwood (May change subject to occupancy and event schedule)
  18. University Receiving/FMSC
  19. Parking Lots (see attached)
  20. Sidewalk snow removal will be accomplished by dividing the campus and equipment into five zones. The employee will work to clear a path the width of the tractor blade throughout all sidewalks in his/her zone. Upon completion of the initial path each employee will widen all sidewalks to their complete width. (See equipment schedule)


Grounds Supervisor

  1. Review requirements and procedures with the University Police for notification of Grounds personnel when snow removal will be required.
  2. Review procedures for snow and ice removal with the supervisors so that all drives, parking lots, walks, steps, handicap ramps, loading areas, and crossings are cleared to traffic prior to 7:30 a.m. if possible.
  3. Review the procedures with Grounds personnel, as to how and when the personnel will be called in and who will call them if weather conditions develop during the night. University Police Shift Commander will determine if the Grounds supervisor will be called or not. One inch of snow accumulation and/or ice or freezing rain causing hazardous driving conditions will be used as a general guideline by the University Police Shift Commander.
  4. When a call from the University Police is received indicating that conditions are hazardous the Grounds Supervisor will evaluate the conditions and call the necessary personnel and equipment operators to report to work.
  5. The Grounds Supervisor will notify the Facilities Management Director with the status report of the road conditions and action taken.

Facilities Management Director

  1. The Director will notify the Vice President for Administration and Enrollment Management with a status report of the road conditions and action taken. The Director will update the Vice President as conditions change and make recommendations toward the closing or delaying of classes at Southeast Missouri State University.

University Police

  1. If snow and/or ice have been predicted during the night and conditions are predicted to continue, the University Police will call Facilities Management personnel.

Manager Grounds, Custodial, Support Services and Fleet

  1. Review all procedures for snow and ice removal with the Grounds Supervisor and all Assistant Supervisors for Custodial Operations.
  2. The Manager will use Custodians on both shifts to see that snow and ice is removed far enough from entrances to all for access of University snow equipment to walks and driveways. Assistant Supervisors for Custodial will coordinate the snow removal efforts of all custodial staff to take care of steps, entrances, and ADA ramps.


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