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Training Opportunities

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity will oversee development and dissemination of institutional education materials and training programs which inform the Southeast campus community members of your rights and responsibilities related to equal opportunity, affirmative action, discrimination, sexual harassment and related topics. If you or your program are interested in receiving training or scheduling a training session, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity at (573)651-2524 and we will assist you in coordinating or developing training opportunities.

Sexual Harassment

Southeast Missouri State University, including its officers and its employees, is responsible for maintaining a working and learning environment free from sexual harassment. The administration is responsible for making widely known that sexual harassment is prohibited both legally and by the University Anti-Harassment Policy, and that appropriate procedures for dealing with allegations of sexual harassment are available. Students, staff, faculty, and administrators should know that the University is concerned about such behavior and is prepared to take preventive and corrective action, and also that individuals who engage in such misconduct are subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may range from reprimand to suspension or dismissal. The severity of the action depends on the severity, frequency, or repetition of the violation.

University administrators who do not respond to sexual harassment complaints brought to their attention are in violation of this policy.

Reprisal or retaliation against an individual for making a complaint of sexual harassment, or for using or participating in the informal or formal complaint process, is a violation of University policy, and any such action is cause for disciplinary action.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is offered as mandatory training for any new University employees. Attendance will be taken and reviewed. If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, please contact Human Resources at (573) 651-2206 and we will assist you in making other arrangements.



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