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Enrollment Management

What We Do

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success is dedicated to building and maintaining a rich learning environment supporting the academic and personal success of all students at Southeast Missouri State University. We . . .

  • recruit students with the potential to take advantage of the many avenues to success that the University offers
  • help new students adapt to the college environment through orientation and transition programs
  • assist students in registering for classes and give them convenient online access to their academic records so that they may effectively plan their progress towards graduation.
  • provide a secure, supportive and fun residential environment for those students who choose to live on campus
  • encourage students' academic and personal development
  • offer academic support services for a diverse student body
  • provide opportunities for leadership development, community service, recreation, and participation in a multitude of student organizations and activities
  • assist with career development and job placement for students
  • facilitate student development in each of the eight dimensions of student wellness: physical, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, environmental, social, emotional, and financial
  • support student intellectual development as defined by the goals of the General Education program

We are here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact any of us if you think we can be of assistance.


Academic Hall 138
Division of Enrollment Management & Student Success
One University Plaza, MS 3500
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701