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TESOL TA Job Description

The English Teaching Assistant has full responsibility for teaching EN100 English Composition or working 10 hours in the Writing Lab while also teaching a course in the Intensive English Program.

When teaching EN100, the TA must produce a syllabus for the semester, following the guidelines of the departmental syllabus. This syllabus is distributed to all students in each assigned section on the first day of class. The syllabus is to be approved by the Supervisor prior to the first day of class. In addition, the TESOL TA maintains the course Moodle page which contains the Daily/Weekly lesson plans so that the students have access to information about the work projected for the week and what has happened in terms of units, segments of the textbook and all other written assignments. The Moodle page includes fully described assignments that the TA has developed for each unit. And finally, the Site contains additional information that the TA has deemed necessary for the students to learn and do well in class.

The TESOL TA has full responsibility for conducting each class, explaining the objectives for each unit assigned from the text, developing activities that enable the students to take responsibility for their own instruction/learning. The result of this classroom instruction is the tasks assigned when the study of each unit is completed. The TESOL TA has full responsibility for evaluating each assignment, responding to the student’s performance, and providing a final assessment. In the case of the composition class, each student will have multiple drafts (first, second and final) of assignments. Each is to receive appropriate comments to assist the student in improving their writing. Each evaluation must be fully responded to with written comments and a final assessment, all coordinated to the criteria for each assignment.

The TESOL TA must use the Moodle system to inform the students of their standing and attendance records at all times. And the TESOL TA has full responsibility of determining each student’s achievement at the end of the term.

Finally, the TESOL TA must meet with the Supervisor a minimum of eight times each semester, allowing a determination of the TA’s progress as a teacher and to map strategies for improvement of instruction:

  • Confer with supervisor to examine student evaluations and grade assignment profiles from the previous term.
  • Confer with supervisor for discussion of self-analysis of a videotaped class session.
  • Arrange a classroom observation.
  • Confer with supervisor for a post-observation discussion.
  • Provide supervisor with graded papers for two conferences (one early in the term and one later) on responses and grading techniques.
  • Confer with supervisor, providing a self-analysis of teaching performance at the end of the term.
  • Confer with supervisor to discuss the summative evaluation to be sent to all appropriate administrators.

The TESOL TA must produce self-evaluation documents for the appropriate meetings, creating a Teaching Portfolio that represents the activities and development of the TA as a teacher.


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