tesol courses

TL110: Basic Composition for International Students. 
Development of basic writing skills necessary for success in EN100 and EN140.  Combines classroom work in small groups with lab work in individual tutorials which meet for 30 minutes per week.  Placement based on score on the University ESL placement tests.  (3)                                                               

TL425: Materials and Assessment for ESL Classroom.
Materials development and adaptation for the ESL/EFL classroom; development of a variety of assessment measures.  Prerequisite: TL585. Offered Summer only. (3)

TL525: ESL/EFL Learning and Teaching.
Basic theories and methods of teaching ESL/EFL. Includes work with ESL students and description of personal theory and method of ESL teaching.  Prerequisite:  EN140; any 200-level literature course.  Offered Fall only. (3)

TL530: Practicum for TESOL.
Provides students with practical classroom experience in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  Pre or Co-requisites: TL525; TL585.  Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer. (3)

TL585: Methods and Techniques for TESOL.
Introduces student to techniques for teaching ESOL. Includes curriculum development, class observations, and hands-on experiences. Prerequisite: TL 525 or consent of instructor. Offered Spring only. (3)

TL601: Research Methods in TESOL.
An introduction to methods, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of original research in language, teaching, and composition.  Course may be offered through several delivery modes (on-campus, Web-based, hybrid, etc.). Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Offered Spring only. (3)

TL620: Approaches to the Teaching of Grammar.
Structural, transformational, and traditional approaches to the teaching of grammar. The class will be concerned with the ways in which they differ, and the underlying theories (philosophies) that gave rise to each approach. Offered Fall only. (3)

TL625: Materials Development and Assessment Tools for TESOL.
Advanced course in the analysis and preparation of materials for teaching ESOL and the basics of test development in ESOL. Prerequisite: TL585. Offered Summer only. (3)

TL630: Special Problems in TESOL.
Professional seminar which focuses on current issues in the Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign Language.  Topics vary from term to term according to the interests of the students.  Prerequisite: TL625.  Offered Fall only. (3)

TL648: Foundations in Linguistics.
A foundation course which uses Chomsky's generative paradigm to provide students with the skills needed to conduct basic linguistic analysis.  Primary focus will be linguistic analysis, particularly in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.  An on-campus course, which is also offered as a multimedia online course.  Computer literacy and email access required. Offered Fall only. (3)

TL650: Approaches to Second Language Literacy Instruction.
The course introduces current approaches and research-supported practices in teaching reading, writing and academic literacy to nonnative English learners with an emphasis on the development of an informed personal approach to teaching second language literacy to targeted second language learners.  Offered via the traditional; classroom, ITV, and Web-enhanced. Offered Fall only. (3)

TL652: Computer-Assisted Language Learning.
An online course which introduces the most up-to-date methods for integrating current computer technology into a classroom with nonnative English learners.  Emphasis on students' development of a technology-integrated curriculum plan for the classroom.  Offered Spring only. (3)


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